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  1. Hello, I’m attempting to pin a SOPMOD myself and I’m having some trouble. Would you be able to share exactly how you would drill through the release pin mechanism? I know the plunger inside is round and if I attempted to drill through as is, I’m assuming the bit would slide off to the side before starting to bite into the pin. Not entirely sure how to end up with the results that the other gentleman had posted before. I know I’m 7 years late to the party but I was hoping you could help me. Thank you.
  2. I’m new to a lot of this, and was wondering if you could help break down what you did to drill through the internal stock pin? With my current knowledge I’d most likely ruin the stock and drill around it, since it’s metal. I know this is years later but I have to give it a shot.
  3. Yes I was. He was completely wrong. Actually called me as I was on my way to show him.
  4. That’s what I’m saying. Unless I got shipped some modified lower or a fake, then I’m dealing with either blind dealers, or complete idiots. It’s the Colt M4A1 Prop of US model they made a few years back. I think they’re afraid of the markings but that’s too damn bad. It’s legal.
  5. FFL is giving me shit. https://ibb.co/Kb4FswG unless I was shipped the wrong lower, then from that picture they’re wrong.
  6. You mean your AFT sense? Nah just trying to see if my FFL is retarded. https://ibb.co/Kb4FswG that’s clearly not an m16 trigger pocket and unless the shop shipped the wrong rifle, they’re wrong. Gonna check physically tomorrow.
  7. FFLs are actually the ones giving me issues with it. But the receiver in question actually has a block there. Im heading in tomorrow to see for myself but I’m 98% certain they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Unless the company sent in the wrong lower somehow. It’s the Colt M4A1 US GOVT marked lower and all their new lowers are typically milled with the block. Picture in link. Am I wrong or can you physically not put a damn auto sear through that shit? https://ibb.co/Kb4FswG
  8. Do you guys know if owning a lower receiver with a m16 trigger pocket cut is legal here in NJ? I don’t see any laws against it anywhere. Just the trigger pocket with all semi auto parts and no pin hole drilled or sear.
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