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  1. I thought that it might be interesting topic to share the peculiarities of the carry experience as it would seem that a good portion of us are new to this. One thing that was interesting for me was carry location on the body. My initial plan was to carry at around the 4 o'clock position. This was ok but not totally comfortable in a few situations like driving a car. So then I switched to appendix carry. Much better, Very comfortable. This presents a problem though. My loaded gun is pointed in the general direction of my leg and my junk. I'm sure most of you would agree that this is really a bad idea. So in the interest of carrying comfortably and not wanting to have to worry about shooting my junk I have decided for now to carry on an empty chamber. I know carrying on an empty chamber is frowned upon by some but as a beginner I feel comfortable and safe this way.
  2. Warren County issues permits today. Received a call from the court house and went there and picked up my permit. Dated 12/19/2022. Took about 90 days in total. There were a few others there picking up their permits too.
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