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  1. Unless your involved in an incident, who is going to search you? Off duty LEO's have no restrictions and they also drink, discrimination at its best towards legal gun owners. BTW, those carrying illegally will still enter!!!
  2. So who exactly is going to search you? Willowbrook sign says firearm sniffing dogs on premises! Are they searching off duty cops etc. Most diners now serve alcohol another stupid restriction!
  3. No sign, good to carry! Who is going to search you even in the mall? The restrictions are BS in my opinion. But if it isn't posted feel free to carry. Costco ok also!
  4. Shrink it a little, make a copy, laminate it, good to go! Put copy on your phone. Send a letter complimenting this officer to the Chief.
  5. Government buildings are restricted under the law. Private property like malls etc. have to post signs! But really, how many people read signs going into a store. Willowbrook Mall has signs stating they have firearm sniffing dogs on the premises. That's a good one!
  6. Waiting for 3 months for pistol purchase permit! Former LEO, clear record and have a CCP. This is unbelievable and all they tell you is they are backlogged. How long does it take to do a check on a person that's been fully checked out? This is with a fully staffed records bureau also!
  7. And the gang bangers and low life's are carrying guns and knives! They could care less about the posted signs! BTW the security there unarmed. Unless police are on the premises!
  8. Add Willowbrook Mall to the list with signage stating there are firearm sniffing K9s on the premises! That's a joke. Only time I saw a k9 in Willowbrook was at Christmas with Sheriff's officers!
  9. Only in New Jersey! The wait time is also a disgrace. Waiting 3 months on two purchase permits. CCP took 5 months! Totally unacceptable! Other states a few days at most.
  10. Exactly! So the earlier permits that list the carry weapon are still in force because its a court order! You are 100% correct!
  11. But not if you have an earlier permit signed by a Judge with a weapon or weapons listed on that under restrictions. The new statue pertains to permits issued after the December court ruling.
  12. Make a copy, sides. Laminate it and you have a spare! It's only paper. My picture was printed to the ID not glued on.
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