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  1. So, my father passed a few months back and left me all of his firearms. The total lot is 12 long guns and 10 pistols. What do you folks recommend I look at in terms of brand/size etc? I own 2 pistols so far and plan to purchase more guns going forward as my father passing has thrust me back into the gun market. Thanks in advance for any anecdotal advice or suggestions!
  2. I have it . Please can you send me a text 406-838-6781. Thanks.
  3. What is the best Mossberg 590 mounted light? I am looking at the Streamlight TL Racker Thanks
  4. Some years back my best friend and coworker for 25 years married a woman who just about destroyed him mentally and financially within their 18 months of marriage. It was horrific to watch. He took off of work for weeks at a time and stopped communicating with me at one point. I told him if he didn't return my messages or answer the door I was going to call the cops to do a welfare check. He called me back (fully drunk) and told me what was going on at the time. He nearly lost his job but pulled himself together, came back to work and filed for divorce. Last year one of the best workers and most reliable guys in my department started having attendance issues. When I sat him down to talk about it he showed me some texts from his Wife. Vicious, rambling accusations that were hard for me to believe to be true of the guy. I asked if he needed a leave of absence to work things out. He said no, and resigned. Said he just couldn't continue working due to the stress. Two kids under 10 years old and he walked away from a secure, $75K job with full benefits. Nothing I said could convince him to stay. Up until being laid off from my previous job in 2016, my right hand man and I had worked there together for 10 years. He still works there, and has been with the company for 33 years. I heard from a friend that he'd been out on medical leave for three months, and he was asking for my phone number. He called me last week, just to talk. Said that his Wife of 20+ years had disappeared, along with all of the money in their joint accounts. She will not contact him, and he's filed for divorce. Absolutely devastated and says he feels that his life is over (he assured me that he's not suicidal). I wish I could do or say something truly meaningful to help in these situations but it feels like watching a friend bleeding badly, and there's nothing I or anyone else can do to stop it.
  5. I’ve seen mostly positive reviews of the SUB2000. I’ve always been kinda leary of Kel-Tec because of quality control issues they’ve had in the past. Has any of y’all owned a SUB2000 and what did you think of it?
  6. Hey all, I am looking to get into 3 gun this spring and have a couple equipment/training questions. First, the rifle/optic: I got a blazing deal on an LWRCI-DI Competition rifle, but now need an optic, preferably one to match the quality of the rifle so I am not looking to upgrade later. I know I am most comfortable with FFP optics, as I am coming from a precision rifle background, but there are a lot of LPVOs out there and I am not sure what will work best. 1) What max magnification should I be looking for? 6,8,10? 2) (related to above) What distances will I be looking at with NC/SC/VA competitions? Shotgun: I currently have a Mossberg 590 20" with the 10 round magazine setup. I know semi-auto is much preferred, but how far behind the curve will I be with a pump? I'll invest in a semi later if I catch the bug for 3 gun, but for now would like to stick with the 590 since its what I have. Pistol: I have an M9A4 that I was going to use, but have recently decided to offload my PPQ .45 and, once I do, was thinking about an FN509 or P320 variant. Would these be better choices over the M9 on a technical level? The obvious answer here is "whatever you shoot better and are more comfortable with". Overall questions: 1) Are there any good outdoor ranges within maybe 45 mins of Raleigh that provide a good training environment? 2) What are the best ways to train in each of the three disciplines? 3) Any commonly overlooked items/facets of the sport that would prove beneficial? 4) Is there any chance that I am able to train enough to be halfway (or quarter) decent in my first match? Thanks in advance for any advice. Getting into competition seems to be a daunting task, but I am really looking forward to it!
  7. Hi Forum, I'm new here.
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