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  1. Picked up my permit yesterday, total time 6 months 9 days. No restrictions as to gun I can carry. I guess electronic permits are a thing in the future, I got paper. Money order was never cashed, so I couldn't use that as an indicator. Overall it was a straight forward process, just no info in between the wait time. Trooper wasn't bad to deal with. Applied at Totowa State police, Non resident. I hear the wait times are getting longer(dropping off application requires signing a wait list) hope this helps someone.
  2. Everyone I know who applied at the state police level, did not get a case number. Not saying your wrong.
  3. Thanks for the email tip, I have emailed them in November, prior to them changing the process. I re-emailed them last week, hopefully this time they have my application and can offer me some info. They didn't lose my app, confirmed recently by the investigating trooper, however it may have worked its way to the bottom of the pile after a followup call. I am always polite, in any case, it's possible that over worked cops don't appreciate follow up calls.
  4. The point of the new law is to eliminate paper permits, at least at the State Police level. Anything can be counterfeited, however cops have a way of verifying if a permit is active.
  5. Instead of a paper permit, you would get an image of it sent electronically. Washington DC does this now. You would have to show the cop the image on your phone (keep it charged up). I guess you could print it and carry it as well(don't know that for a fact)
  6. I have a feeling that will affect when I get my permit, once FARS is sending out E permits I think things will move a little faster. I hope!
  7. Has anyone received a electronic permit yet from the State Police? I am curious to know if they have made any progress since taking the court out of the process.
  8. My understanding is that your application will not got to the court if it wasn't sent before 1/1/2023. After January 2023 its all up to the NJSP. Question for you, he contacted you about the signature or informed you after you followed up?
  9. I would give them 6 months before contacting them, just my two cents. I know these are constitutional rights and we shouldn't concede to delays. However, until the courts impose a timeline we are at their mercy. Also we are in uncharted water, now that the state police is in the process alone. I am curious to know if they are going to issue the license electronically or call for a pickup.
  10. Applied 7/22 as a non resident at the Totawa Barracks, finger printed the same day, follow up email 60 days later. My buddy applied two weeks after me and never followed up(I was called as one of his references). As of today I am still waiting, my application miss the court cutoff and will hopefully be determined by the NJSP. My buddy received his permit at the court on 1/19/23(was told he is in the last 20 people processed in that court). I have followed up 3 times total (each time extremely courteous and polite) , received short grumpy emails each time, money order still uncashed. Conclusion, Totawa NJSP does not like people asking about their status and will further delay your permit each time you contact them. I will not follow up again till end of March. In March I will consider contacting his superior/consul. I have permits from NYC(premise) NJ (FOID), CT, DC, PA, MD, UT, FL and a Canadian Restricted and Unrestricted PAL(possession and acquisition License).I have no criminal history. Any advice the forum can offer, will be greatly appreciated.
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