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  1. Agreed. Carrying in cars should have nothing to do with a firearm on a public road. But that was NJ argument and NJ included that as a “sensitive place.” NJ legislators seen it as if you are in a vehicle on a NJ highway and road are considered government property. That restricted you to carry in the car on government own property in this case highways and roads. Even with a PTC, NJ expected you to follow Federal regulation while traveling which is gun in a case separated from the ammunition. Judge Bumb overturned that portion as there wasn’t no historical law for that and the plaintiffs proven that wasn’t reasonable based on NJ carjacking stats.
  2. Oh ok. I thought the new law restricted PTC holders to carry in cars as the state argued that highways and roads are state property and the injunction overturned that portion of the law (well at least stopped it for now.)
  3. I agree. I wouldn’t open carry even if NJ allows it officially. Right now when the new law kicks in open carry is speculative. Also, it’s just something allowing criminals to see my firearm while open carrying. It a high probability they will attempt to take the gun even if it is in a level 3 holster. Definitely don’t want to be part of a NJ DA investigation and possibly getting my PTC revoked as they look for any excuse to do it.
  4. Congrats on getting the PTC. Hopeful the 3rd Circuit don't overrule the injunction to carry (meaning more sensitive place like the whole state of NJ). It is unbelievable that the highways and streets are included where you can’t carry, since the state own those roads as part of the new law. Smh.
  5. Hi Mrs. Peel. As much I love visiting family in NJ, but I cannot do that to myself and live there lol. I live in West Virginia. Also, I'm originally from Philly and still visit my brother and aunties who lives there. Being a pro2a guy who loves carrying; especially, in Philly, I often cross the state line and go to places in Cherry Hill, Camden, Atlantic City, and northern NJ. I hated not carrying my firearm when in NJ. So, I applied for the NJ PTC on November 4, 2022 and found this forum to follow any updates with the new laws and timeline to received the permit. What better place to do that other than here. It is nice meeting you.
  6. Hello everyone. I’m a new and just joined the forum. I came across you guys some months ago when I submitted my NJ PTC in November. I’m part of the MDshooters forum as well. Nice to meet everyone and glad that you guys are here and help me navigate through the NJ PTC process and timeline.
  7. Hello everyone! I’m new on this forum and live in West Virginia. I been watching this topic (forum) since submitting my application for the NJ PTC. As an update: Application submitted to Woodstown NJSP Troop A (Salem County) on Friday 11/4/2022. References called on 2/10/2023. Received call to pick up permit today 3/30/2023. Long process paid $50 and no court since the application submission.
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