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  1. Does NJCSD realize that they are becoming the party that makes all gun owners look like nut jobs? I am all for the 2a and reasonable gun control, ie criminal checks, FID card, mental history checks, but also believe in no permits, no limits to firearms...... the tacticts some people use is no better than the obama scare tactics, is it that hard to just ask for help?
  2. downloaded? what was there to download? it is just a search engine unless I missed something else.
  3. Are they doing reruns? missed it.
  4. I am interested in taking up Trap shooting. All I know is that I shot it once before with a double barrell shotgun. My question is, what is the big different between double, over/under, or just a straight single for trap?
  5. aeromaks


    welcome matt.
  6. I really shocked my best friend when I told him I am applying for an FID. Avid Obama supporter, was wondering why i was prepparing for civil war. lol. but slowly he is coming around to it, and even asked me to take him to the range. Anyone have any stories like this? Does your extended fam, best friend, close relatives know you own firearms?
  7. As a new firearms owner I have to say, this sets everyone's image back. I am around his age, and anyone who read this story, will not look at anyone else the same way at other young guys himself. To the greater extent, its like what many people do after any bad events, a pitbull bit a girl, that means all pitbulls are bad, a young driver caused an accident, all young driver are bad.
  8. great topic.. I can field strip the firearm, and basicly break it down, and replace parts. my brother, eh, dunno, hasnt field stripped any i dont think. Dont have machines to make own parts.
  9. Welcome bud. Tom's River? I take it you shoot at ShoreShot or BA?
  10. that is correct. I believe one of the former employees and a few others decided to buy out Harry's gun department. The employees came over from there. The employees there, I find are hit or miss. There is a younger guy there that is a top notch, LEO? another one or two middleage gentleman are good. Also ran into a few there that didnt really know much... but at least they admitted it. :?
  11. This place looks interesting. Passed by it a few times, well, the signs. Planned opening Sept 09. There is nothing on the ground yet. http://www.monroesportscenter.com/
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