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  1. Got to handle these at the NRA show. Will be picking one up eventually once I can find a mosin that's a good shooter to drop into it.
  2. I brew a lot of light blondes (3%-4.4% on average) in the summer. They are great for sitting out in the heat. The idea of slamming back a bunch of 9.4% Russian Imperial Stout's on a hot summer day isn't to appealing.
  3. It is all in the works ;-) I plan to mount the CO2 bottle outside, so I will have room for 6 kegs going to 6 different taps. Just trying to decide if I want to paint the fridge up nicely or just punk rock it out with stickers and graffiti. My younger (lazier) punk side is leaning towards making it look mean.
  4. One on the left is good to go and delicious it's an American style Blonde, the one on the right an Irish Blonde should hopefully be ready in about a week (I'll pull one off early this weekend to see how it's doing). Also have about 24 bottles of Hefe and just put a batch of Russian Imperial Stout in the fridge (early unfortunately as it was supposed to age until July 8th in bottles, but after the 3rd one blew up I said screw it).
  5. You should have put a title like "Proof of how EASY it is to buy a GUN in NJ!" at the top. They would have probably let you put it on the table then. You have to remember these people aren't very bright in the first place and are obviously easily fooled.
  6. I have pro gun stickers all over my truck and haven't had anyone say anything to me. I also have pro choice, gay rights, anti-Obama, and anti-Bush stickers though, so I guess I don't get angry people as they are to confused what to think. I do get lots of paparazzi taking photo's of the back of my truck when stuck in traffic though
  7. agreed. Our rights are there no matter what. Saying they were "given" by any entity is fine if that's what floats your boat, but it doesn't matter if you think they came from God, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Buddha, or Ray Ray they are there no matter what. Demanding that they came from your own beliefs only segregates people and as usual waters down the argument to a point where it has zero effect (besides making those you are trying to debate have their eyes roll back into their head), not that it would have much of an effect otherwise here in PRNJ.
  8. Police ourselves. Call these people out for being poor representations. Let the antis know these people do not speak for all of us. Don't let any of the few nuts alone with a news camera and discourage them from giving a speech. One of my wife's main complaints about the pro gun people (she is reluctantly one of us because of this) is that we don't call out our own in public. If someone is acting the fool tell them. Hell there is a good chance those acting the worse are actually antis anyways, so give them hell for hurting the cause!
  9. Thanks for the link, I was thinking about getting a sight tube/thermometer combo put in as well and now that I know there is a good guy here in NJ it has been added to the master brewing tools want list. I'm transferring an American Blonde to the secondary tonight and brewing up an Irish Blonde tomorrow. It's nice to have Blondes around in the summer time
  10. I'm getting forced out into the garage this summer actually. Getting a bayou burner, thinking of adding a spigot to the brew pot, and building a couple temperature controlled cabinets for fermentation is the goal this year.
  11. I am looking to build a climate controlled cabinet this summer. I ended up scoring the 103.5 qt (25.87 gallon) pot at homegoods by dumb luck and the equipment acquisition has been rolling on since then. Building a mash tun out of a cooler I picked up as soon as I have time. I'm justify the new purchases as I am not buying any new guns while things are crazy out there, so I might as well spend my fun money on brewing supplies.
  12. Seeing some of those set ups make me want to go out and buy more homebrew equipment. Why can't I have cheaper hobbies? My kitchen while brewing up the Blonde.
  13. I haven't tried gluten free brewing yet, but I have some friends that can't eat gluten and want to brew up a batch for them eventually. I haven't looked into it to much yet, but here is a good resource for it http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f164/ Also my friends have a bakery in NJ that is gluten free in case you need a sweet fix. http://www.thecakeover.com/
  14. Noticed in a few other threads we have a couple of home brewers in our midst. What's everyone brewing up these days? For me: Currently in the primary I have a batch of Blonde Ale that after a short stint in the secondary soon will be kegged up and ready to go in about 2-3 weeks Hefe that is bottled and a week away from being cracked open Russian Imperial Stout that is bottled and will be ready around July 8th (damn things take 3 months to bottle condition, but they are going to be 9.3%)
  15. Have religiously avoided AB products since they willingly sponsored the sham of a "presidential debate" anyways. Not that I drink a lot of store bought beer. It's all about the homebrew
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