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  1. GRIZ

    Medical Marijuana = No Permits

    I don't know if he was suffering from a medical condition. All I know is when he was going in he was acting like a heroin addict needing a fix. His relief after lighting up was like a heroin addict getting the rush. No reefer madness just relating what I saw. Not comparing it to heroin but that's the way he acted.
  2. GRIZ

    2019 NJ anti-2A agenda

    That's because NJSP knows keeping an ammo log is meaningless bs imposed by the legislature. Ammo logs never prevented or solved any crime.
  3. GRIZ

    Medical Marijuana = No Permits

    I think the real cause of the opiod problem is the people who they are prescribed to not the doctors. I have been been prescribed a variety of opiods for pain for different medical conditions over the years. WhIle the prescription may say 1 every 8 hrs for pain I never took it that often. I only took it when it really hurt bad. I had a demerol on demand drip after one surgery. Don't know if they still do that. If it really hurt and I used the demerol. If not I didn't. I never used any opioid other than prescribed for severe pain. If it didn't hurt that bad I just sucked it up. I never had any withdrawl. I think the current opiod crisis is the result of our kinder more gentle society. People feel they shouldn't hurt at all and keep popping the pills. There are people with addictive personalities. JMO. I was sitting outside a "green cross" store in Colorado. Oddly enough waiting for a NICS check to go through at a gun shop next door. This guy parked near me and he was jonesing like a heroin addict. He walked into the weed store and came out in a minute or two. As soon as he got outside he filled his pipe and deeply inhaled. His reaction of relief was similar to a heroin addict feeling the rush when mainlining. Physically addictive? Psychologically addictive? Don't know but this guy was addicted AFAIC. He smoked the pipe, refilled it, lit up, got in his car, and drove away blowing weed.
  4. Precisely. I taught shooting for the largest target available. If the bad guy is behind cover but not using it properly and you have a foot, knee, elbow, or gluetus maximus sticking out, shoot that. Sure to get their attention. The article says she shot him in the leg. It also says she said, "I'm not here to kill anyone". No where does it say she shot him in the leg because she didn't want to kill him. Did I miss that?
  5. GRIZ

    Medical Marijuana = No Permits

    @Greenday I can argue your rewriting of the Drug Schedule but I'll address your more moronic statements. If you get caught "smoking some weed to relax" you are not a felon. I worked in law enforcement well before you were born and usually simple possession got you a fine, no jail time other than how long it took you to make bail. Now many jurisdictions just give you a summons. More on that later in this post. There is a big difference between "knocking back a few beers" and smoking weed. If you have so many beers over a certain period of time you know how much that affects you. As I said earlier there is criteria established for blood alcohol levels that make you impaired. No such criteria exists for marijuana intoxication. If you go to the "medicine" store in Denver and decide you're going to try the more potent Katmandu Kush. There are many varities that have been developed to give you the biggest kick. You have no idea what it's going to do to you. I know what 2 beers does to me. That's a big difference. Crime and marijuana? Police in many recreational marijuana states are just as busy chasing street dealers. Why are they still in business? They can provide weed at lower prices than the stores. There is also the myth that legalization will result in lower crime. Contrary to what many say prisons are not filled with non-violent drug offenders. Do you think that gang member who sold your friend some weed who sold it to you will give up a life of crime if it's legalized? If marijuana is legalized do you think the marijuana dealer will reform, get an education and become a scientist for NASA? Or will they just find some other crime to get involved in? If the street dealer is an illegal alien Governor Murphy wants to pay their tuition. The won't have to deal with student loans.
  6. GRIZ

    Medical Marijuana = No Permits

    People dying from alcohol poisoning is not common. Those that do often is because of their own stupidity like "watch me chugalug this 1.75 of vodka". How many people have died because a driver was stoned? We don't know because there is no way to determine how much THC is too much. No way to determine if they smoked last week or 10 minutes ago. Whilst there is no one I heard of dying from an overdose of THC there are undoubtedly people who died from doing something stupid while stoned. Just like people who died while doing something drunk.
  7. GRIZ

    Medical Marijuana = No Permits

    There are medical uses for hemlock and arsenic too but you can't buy them OTC. ER visits in states like CO are up from people who smoke the potent weed sold in "green cross" marijuana stores.
  8. Keep in mind that (last I looked) 90%+ of the people shot in a gunfight survive. Does that mean failures on anyone's part? With this in mind remember that if you get shot that doesn't mean you're going to die. Read my post above where the good guy was shot in the mouth by the bad guy.
  9. GRIZ

    Medical Marijuana = No Permits

    @Ray Ray being an alcoholic is also a disqualifier. I see no problem with him being denied. I think the benefits of medical marijuana are overplayed and exaggerated. Arthritis is one of the ailments marijuana is claimed to help for example. I can name maybe a dozen drugs used to treat arthritis and I'm sure there are many more. None of them work and marijuana does? I didn't just fall off a cabbage truck. I think "Gun Owners for Legal Marijuana" doesn't help our cause. It can only be used against us.
  10. No where does anyone say "shoot them in the leg". A few have said shoot to stop. Gunfighting is not shooting at a stationary silhouette on a range. Both you and your target are often moving. What you aim for isn't necessarily what you hit due to this. At 2 mph an object moves about 3' per second in .25 second that's 9". That's a big difference when you're trying to hit something moving. Any hit on the bad guy that makes him stop is a win. Yes, he may be hit in the leg, arm, hand or wherever but decides he doesn't relish the possibility of being shot again and gives up. Someone mentioned she had time to plan her shot. I don't think so. That rarely happens. Gunfighting is not hunting from a blind or walking the USPSA course of fire dry to figure how you'll engage the targets. Gunfighting is right here, right now, react. One needs to plan well before you're in a fight. When that fight comes instead of saying, "OMG!!! What am I going to do!!!", you say, "I knew this would happen some day and I know what to do". This woman managed to stop this bad guy with one shot. She did a good job.
  11. I'll simplify what @High Exposure said. You shoot to stop not to kill. That's what self defense is. Shooting to kill is murder. Deadly force is justified when someone is doing something so bad they have to be stopped right now. What they are doing is so bad it doesn't matter whether they live or die. Many times when the good guy draws and the bad guy sees his gun he stops. That is a win. There are times where the good guy draws, fires, and misses. The bad guy stops. That is a win. If it's a one on one confrontation you shoot until the bad guy stops. 1 shot, 3 shots, or 10 shots. Whatever it takes to stop him. If the bad guy gets hit and goes down but still has his gun with the ability to shoot you keep shooting until they stop. Just because the bad guy goes down doesn't mean you're not getting shot. I have personal knowledge of an incident where a LEO shot a bad guy 6 times with a revolver. All were good hits. When asked why he shot the bad guy 6 times the LEO's response was, "that's all the bullets I had in my gun". My agency used to teach a technique for close range that works. You start shooting as soon as the muzzle is pointed at the bad guy. Now you may hit the bad guy in the foot or leg with your first shot but that will get his attention. You continue to shoot as the recoil brings your gun higher. Does this work? Someone from the agency I worked for was shot in the mouth by a bad guy with a 380 at a range of about 10 feet. That was the only shot the bad guy got off. He knew he was hit but give him a lot of credit for staying in the fight. The good guy drew and started firing when his gun was pointed at the the bad guy. He hit the bad guy in the thigh, the hip, and in his liver and the BG was down and out of the fight. He quickly bled out from the shot to the liver. The good guy recovered fully and went back to work. Point shooting is both an art and a science few people learn. USPSA, IDPA, or any type of shooting is good practice but it is not gunfighting. The shooting skill is only about 5% of gunfighting. 95% is between your ears. Many of the people I know that prevailed in a gunfight were only mediocre shooters on the range. This woman did a good job IMO.
  12. GRIZ

    Help ID Garand Barrel

    I have a field grade I picked out at CMP''s North Store. Springfield receiver, VAR barrel, and mostly Beretta parts. It has a Danish Crown cartouche on the stock. It's my best shooting Garand. VAR barrels are known for their accuracy.
  13. There seems to be more compliance in Boulder than there was in NJ when they passed the AWB. Boulder with a population of about 100,000 has approximately 350 registrations. NJ with several million had about the same number registered.
  14. GRIZ

    S333 Double Barrel handgun

    This firearm seems like something that was done only to prove it can be done. It is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
  15. GRIZ

    Help ID Garand Barrel

    Picture doesnt work. Could be an Italian or Danish barrel. Both are good.

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