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  1. This is the correct answer. It's a permit to carry a handgun.
  2. One point I haven't seen anyone discuss. Many have talked about wanting to carry hollowpoints, carry normal capacity magazines and other issues. A better argument is for national reciprocity. I'd rather carry a 10 rd magazine without hollowpoints in another state. The fact is most states have no magazine or hollowpoint laws. If the 2A applies outside your home it should apply if you travel outside your state. National reciprocity, using the 14th Amendment should be the next argument. Murphy, who has no clue, is waiting to see what Hochel gets away with. As it is just about all the reasons to go to NYC are gun free zones. I expect a lot of that to be changed. National reciprocity is the most important fight IMO.
  3. I'm qualified by NJSP to do RPO quals. I don't do it for money. I qualify other certified by NJSP instructors. No headaches. Just qualify guys I know that can shoot.
  4. @JohnnyB I really don't know. I looked on some sites and asking price was $2500-5000. Whatever you do DON'T CLEAN IT UP. Original finish is everything.
  5. Either is good. I got through a war with M193. Buying a box or two of hollowpoint 5.56 wouldn't be a bad idea for HD and limiting penetration.
  6. Our system, as flawed as it is requires politicians and judges. All of them are not bad.
  7. I have a little bit of dealing with courts. If a superior court reminds a decision to a lower court, they're saying, "you screwed up on this, look at it again".
  8. You have to develop the entire hand not just the trigger finger.
  9. But he's not building muscle in the rest of his hand. That's why his trigger finger gets worn down. But wtf do I know. Been using ARs since 1968 and been a firearms instructor since 1976.
  10. You can't sue politicians on how they vote, judges how they rule. If you could you wouldn't have anyone become a politician or judge. Qualified immunity.
  11. I think most of the new gun laws.will be eyewash so the liberals can say they're doing something.
  12. You're talking keyboards. No resistance. What's the press on a piano or keyboard? Wtf are you doing 500 trigger pulls in 3o minutes? Seems to me your just sending lead downrange.
  13. All thus microstamping crap. MD had microstamping. After a bunch of years the MDSP asked the legislature to revoke the microstamping law. Over the years it was in effect it had solved zero crimes. MDSP said they could use the money for things that produce results. But liberals like eyewash.
  14. Maybe you need to build up your hand and finger muscles. Get a hand exerciser. Do it both ways (vee up by your trigger finger, vee down by your pinky finger). You can do this whilst your driving or on the train or bus commuting or watching TV. Before long you will see results. This will help your handgun shooting too. Sport specific prep. Several hundred rounds? Is this a casual range session? If so you're more concerned with sending lead downrange than developing your technique. A friend of mine (a true precision shooter) and I meet up several times a year. I worked with him. We spend 5 or 6 hours at the range. Intermixed with shooting (usually rifles), bs, and reminiscing. We go through 200-300 rounds over 5-6 hours.
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