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  1. This pretty much answers the question.
  2. This statement displays you have little understanding of how politics works. Trump spent his first two years getting the Republican establishment accepting him THE WORLD IS NOT THERE TO PLEASE SNIPER!!! Trump will show his colors in his 2nd term. A POTUS can't go all out in the first term. He has to worry about the 2nd term. When that comes, he can do what he wants.
  3. Not because of Trump but because of Murphy and Sweeney.
  4. You are correct. So many people here don't know how government works according to the COTUS.
  5. The way to get states to accept it is tie it to some Federal money like they did the 55 mph speed limit. Democrat states will accept it. However, states like NJ wlll add more restrictions. Currently, if you have a carry permit in NJ, the only no carry places are schools and courthouses. Someone like Murphy will undoubtedly add bars, gatherings of more than 3 people, and other bs. These are the things that will be fought in courts. Don't blame Trump because he respects the 10A. He's proven this throughout all this rioting bs. Don't blame Trump because he follows the COTUS. As an add to, there is a lawsuit in Federal court regarding Murphy and Grewal's refusal to recognize LEOSA for retired LEOs that live in NJ. Murphy and Grewal will lose.
  6. I've seen a variety of different Glock 19 magazines over years. They all work to my experience. The tubular protrusion going through the trigger guard is not a safety issue. There is also a Ridge of plastic that covers the front strap. If the Glock somehow becomes loaded in the box the only way you would get the gun to discharge in the box is to put it on edge and smash the box with a sledge hammer. Not likely. The tubular protrusion was actually designed into the box. The Austrian Army wanted the guns stored in a box and secured. The box was designed so you would stack the guns in their boxes on a rod and then put a lock on the top of the rod. All the guns were secured with the rod going through the trigger guard. Heard this from a Glock rep about 25 years ago.
  7. Same situation though out the country. Gun and ammo prices are crazy. No common ammo available.
  8. Even where you can carry a gun pepper spray makes a lot of sense. You are more likely to encounter a less than lethal confrontation.
  9. Easy to do on a pump. If you're carrying the gun in your trunk have it empty, safety off, action open, loading gate pushed down. Drop your first round into the action and close. You are ready to fire that first shot. Then load up magazine.
  10. Im not a Gen expert but the checkering on the frontstrap and backstrap make it a Gen 2 IIRC.
  11. The agency I worked for switched to Glock about 1998. They came in the Tupperware.
  12. Reagan almost died being shot with a 22. The DC Metro officer and Brady were one shot stops with the same 22. I'm not advocating carrying a 22 for a primary SD weapon. However, I used to tell people during firearms training if they could put a 22 in the eye socket 100% of the time that's all they needed to carry. But they couldn't, I couldn't so we need to carry something bigger. Often said but hard to achieve in real life, shot placement is what stops.
  13. There was a TV show back in the 70s where the male lead shot himself in the head (off camera) with a blank killing himself. The wad in the blank had sufficient velocity to penetrate his skull and into his brain. I can't remember the names of the actors or series.
  14. Carrying is one thing and at home is another. As I said earlier smaller guns are more convenient to carry, as long as you can shoot them well. There is no reason to use anything less than a 38/357 or 9mm for home defense unless a 22, 25, 32, or 380 is all you have. No matter what caliber you're using you shoot until they stop. That's the point of SD shooting.
  15. Any person to person transfer where both parties live in different states, even an immediate family member, must go through a FFL. The only exception is inheritance under federal and NJ law. Don't know about other states.
  16. For what I do day to day now I not only feel comfortable carrying not only a 380 but also a 32 ACP or 32 S&W Long. All give "adequate" penetration. If I'm going into a "more interesting" area I'll carry a 38 special or 9 mm. This is got nothing to do with concealability. Concealing a full size service pistol is really not much harder than concealing a smaller gun. It got to do convenience.
  17. Educated guess? Lighter slide may be cycling too fast.
  18. If you want to shoot clays, ask someone like @Zeke. He's into that.
  19. A pump action 12 GA is not "punishing". It depends on what the shooter is willing to endure. I know a 4-10, 85 lb woman who will shoot 100 rds of OO buck, have a bruised shoulder, and will say "it is what it is", and fluff it all off. Use low recoil 00 Buck for two reasons. First, it gives you less recoil. Second, I have found low recoil to pattern tighter. Full power 00 will tend to doughnut past 15 yds. You can hold dead on and at 25 yds with full power miss your target. Using low recoil, you'll hit your target with 3-5 pellets or more. If you use low recoil at close ranges, even 8 pellet, your target will swear it was hit with 9 pellets of full power. I have a Chinese 320. Only fired a few hundred rounds but it has worked 100%. Not as smooth as an 870 but it works fine. Shotguns tear up paper targets quick. I only use them for patterning. For practice I start out with 4-5 rds of low recoil 00. I use gallon jugs from water, milk, detergent. I continue my practice with skeet or low powerloads. Finish up with 4-5 rds of 00. Compare your accuracy. Repeat if needed. If you shoot 20-30 rds a week the 320 should do. If you shoot 200-300 a week get an 870.
  20. GRIZ

    CZ 75B and +P+

    IMO, if you feel.you need +P+ in 9mm you should be using a 357 SIG or 357 Mag in a revolver. +P+ gives you 100-150 fps in a round already going 1100 fps. Nothing to be gained IMO.
  21. If you can get the smaller pins out with the firing pin, the pins and/or the holes are worn out.
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