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  1. Trust me I know. I was a Fed. We didn't go out to eb force state laws. Sometimes some one would question our authority and fail the test.
  2. You are correct it doesn't have to be a "flag". Tie on a red tshirt.
  3. Red flag on the end of the kayak should cover you. I see guys who routinely have stuff hanging out more than 5 1/2 ft (contractors, plumbers, etc) hang that red flag out. They would know.
  4. IIRC, Title 39 (MV Statutes) say if the overhang is more than 3 feet you need a flag.
  5. Can't see why not. Hang a flag on the end of the kayak.
  6. Not nervous, at a heightened sense of awareness.
  7. What are you willing to pay for an as new Shockwave 12 ga? You can PM me.
  8. It's not MRE if you had to add water. 30 days? With 4 people that's a week. 2 people 2 weeks. If you can afford it and that will meet your needs go for it. 25 year guarantee? Will the supplier or the company that produced it be around in 25 years? When you crack it open in 8,9, or 10 years during a food shortage and find its gone bad do you think they'll send you a replacement when you're starving? I still think canned is a better option and more economical for most people. Most canned food I've seen recently has a 3 year shelf life.
  9. No, the USCG will operate where ever they are needed. During Vietnam they operated off the coast. You want the premier service for Search and Rescue, you call the Coast Guard. The USCG has operated worldwide wherever there is a mission for them for years. A friend of mine in the Coast Guatd spent some time off the west Coast of South America on a drug interdiction mission recently. Later he was assigned to a new cutter in Hawaii which patrolled most of the Pacific. 100% correct. They can also board foreign flag vessels in international waters with permission from that government. Some countries have given blanket permission to board any vessel flying their flag on mere suspicion of drug smuggling activity. USCG can also board stateless vessels (not flying a flag or displaying a home port) anywhere.
  10. I don't know where this came from. You can legally open carry in FL if you are engaged in fishing, hunting, or camping. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.floridatoday.com/amp/1639218001 If you're going into international waters firearms possession is dependent on the laws of the country the vessel is flagged in. You'll need to come to port sometime and then the laws of other countries and different states come into play. For example if you go from FL to the Bahamas you can have pistols and shotguns on your boat but you have to keep them locked up in port and you can't take them ashore. https://bs.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/boating-in-the-bahamas/
  11. A LE agency doesnt need a ssn to look for a dl.
  12. Long gun yes in NJ with a FPID. If you intend on going in other state's waters check their laws. Your non-NFA AR I'm not sure about. It is a "firearm". Check the statute. If the statute says "rifle or shotgun" I wouldn't in NJ. Also check other state statutes wherever you're going.
  13. Gyms and senior centers.
  14. @SW9racer he made you take it out of the water because it was an unregistered power boat with the little trolling motor. If you rowing, paddling or sailing it you'd have been okay.
  15. GRIZ


    @Zeke see me for your needs. Family price for you.
  16. GRIZ

    Next pistol

    You've told that story before but still good to hear it. When Austin was on The Boulevard in Kenilworth I overheard a conversation. He had the price of a standard action job listed as $35. This was when a really good job paid $10,000 a year, you could buy a new car for under $3000, and a Model 27 S&W cost $185. Someone commented "that's a lot for an action job". Austin responded, "$5 for the labor and $30 for knowing how". He used that line often.
  17. GRIZ

    Next pistol

    @Cheflife15 I'll throw my 2 cents in regarding revolvers. I'm not as devoted to them as @Pizza Bob but still like them. I carry one for SD often. Most people are turned off by revolvers because the trigger is heavier that SA and striker fires semiautos. They're looking for instant success. Shooting a revolver DA is harder than most semiautos. You need to develop your finger and hand muscles to shoot a revolver well. Back in the old days I've found that people who spend a lot of time gripping something, a hammer or someone into martial arts, picked up a revolver quicker because their grip and finger muscles were developed. Roofers, before nailguns, had a really good grip. 40 hrs plus a week of swinging a hammer was how they developed it. Nonetheless, I've seen people who never fired a gun before be issued a brand new service revolver out of the box and in a week qualify expert. That included shooting out to 50 yards with a 2" 38 special. Many are intrigued with action jobs and light trigger pulls. There are 3 jobs those effect. Reliability, trigger pull, and function. A really light main spring will effect reliabity. A lighter trigger return spring effects function. When one gets more experience in revolvers you learn smooth is more important than light in a trigger. Renowned pistol erosion Jim Cirillo would say the best way to smooth out a trigger is to dry fire the revolver a 1000 times. Not only will you smooth out the trigger but you'll develop your hand and finger muscles. I see people brag about the action job they did resulting in a 4 1/2 pound trigger. Of course that's not reliable with all ammo. Austin Behlert, one of the most talented pistolsmiths of all time, used to do an 8 lb trigger that was reliable with all ammo. Maybe the guy who does the 4 1/2 lb trigger has learned a way to defy the laws of physics. A 4" 357 is about the most versatile handgun made. You can do just about anything with it. You can match the power level with a lit of semiauto calibers but you can't go lower than the semiauto will function. You can get an assortment of lower powered ammo for the 357 and that is a good place to learn how to shoot a DA revolver. If you learn to shoot a DA revolver well everything else is easy. Just my 2 cents.
  18. IMO, your kit is tailored to where you're going to hike. Going to hike well marked trails you're familiar with? Water and a pocketknife are enough. Poorly marked trails you've never done? Extra food, compass, map, signaling device, etc.
  19. Now for an opinion but IANAL. Don't take a handgun on your boat unless you can already carry. If you're a cop, have a carry permit, or covered under LEOSA you'd be fine in NJ waters. If you have an FID you can carry an unloaded long gun in NJ. Some people with an FID keep an unloaded long gun in their car. I would think the same would apply to carrying one on your boat. At least in NJ. When I worked in South Florida in the early 80s doing a lot of hoardings the first question I'd ask the captain was, "do you have any weapons aboard". If they said no I became suspucious. But that was almost 40 years ago and a different place.
  20. I do like my Taurus but my favorite 4" 357 is my GP100. @Zeke I don't have objectophilia.
  21. Not an easy answer to this question. There have been changes in the laws since I used to do this. I will make it clear what is history and what is still applicable. Don't believe that because you have living facilities on your boat makes it your "home" unless you truly live on it. Most states look at boats, campers, rvs, and motor homes as vehicles when they're moving and homes when they're stopped, tied up, hooked to shore power, etc. Now who's enforcing the law. The US Coast Guard has the broadest authority. They can board a US vessel anywhere in the world for a safety and document check. If they have suspicion you've been out of the US they can do a complete Customs search. No PC or warrant required. They can board foreign flag vessels anywhere with permission of the country they're reqistered in. USCG can board any vessel for various reasons out to 200 miles out. Customs and Border Protection, Marine Division can board your vessel out to 24 miles at sea and on any waterways that have access to the ocean for a safety and document check. They can board your boat if you're on the Delaware by the I80 bridge. If they think you've arrived from foreign or had contact with a foreign flag vessel they can do a complete Customs search. Once again no warrant needed. Most state LE agencies, including NJSP, allow boardings for document and safety check. I believe this also applies to local LE. Some NJSP were cross-designated as Customs Officers but I dont know if this is still true. Things get more complicated with state boundaries. Say you're in VA and going to find in the Potomac between VA and MD. You're open carrying (legal in VA) and launch your boat from VA. You don't go more than 50' from the VA shoreline. Think you're okay? NO! MD's boundary with VA along the Potomac is the low water mark on the VA side. The boundary doesn't go down the middle of the river as most do. So you can get arrested by MD LE. Federal agencies are not out there to enforce state laws. No Federal law about keeping a gun on your boat that I know of. However, if Feds find you in violation of a state law they can make a referral to a state agency. I know of an incident a few years ago where a guy was bringing his yacht down the East River. He was boarded by USCG and they found a handgun on the guys boat. He was arrested and charged by NYPD. I know this doesn't answer the question but gives you something to think about. One other thing. If you're boarded by any LE agency the first question you'll be asked is if you have any weapons on board. That includes spearguns, crossbows, or anything else. Now you may take the 5th but if you decline to answer or lie that will only make the LEO think what else you're hiding. LE agencies don't need a reason to board you. Just the fact you're on the water is reason enough. What happens after that depends.
  22. Get a military aviators kit bag. If your keeping it in your vehicle size doesnt matter that much.Keep it 4 season. You don't want to keep switching stuff out. You know this from CAP. Survival vest stuff may vary by region. If you have a problem acquiring an Avaiators Kit Bag PM me. I get food, water, shelter, armament all in a large Alice pack.
  23. FWIW, I got a cab of G96 throgh Amazon and it came with an ORM-D sticker. No hazmat fee
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