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  1. On 10/19/2020 at 6:13 PM, Sniper said:

    That's exactly what I said above go back and re-read it.

    A few posts earlier you were blaming Trump.

    So, since I'm pissed that Trump hasn't done what he promised, I should immediately vote for Biden/Harris? Really?

    You're sounding as ridiculous as your friend above. Here's a hint, I'm not voting FOR anyone this year, just like the last few election cycles.

    So you're of the type that doesn't vote, just complains. That's ridiculous.  Voting is like public transportation.  You get on the bus that takes you closest to where you want to be. Voter apathy is one of the reasons we have some of the problems we have.  Others on the forum say they'll hold their nose and vote for Trump.  If you consider yourself a conservative but vote for a third party candidate you're only helping the liberals.  If you vote for Trump you'll get some of what you want.

    You don't have to vote but you give up some credibility when you complain.  You do nothing to help solve the problems.

    Yes or No question. Has Trump bloviated that he was going to protect our 2A Rights the last four years? What has HE done positive for us in that regard?

    Second part of the question, have any of our Federal 2A Rights been infringed on the last 4 years?

    Where did I say what I post has any impact, but thanks for agreeing with me that Murphy passed unconstitutional laws...

    I said they MAY be.  Don't put words in my mouth as you always try to do.

    And that's something YOU should be concerned about and fighting above instead of bothering me with your nonsense.

    What nonsense?  You're the one who doesn't vote and try to help change things.  You seem to be willing to let everyone else do the work while you just complain.  


    Nobody can hurt my feelings, I have extremely thick skin. But his childish attacks get old because he's either pissed he didn't think of what I post, or extremely jealous of what I've achieved, and he hasn't. You can decide which one it is.

    What you've achieved?  Did I miss something like you've walked on the moon? I'm sure you've achieved something but I don't remember you mentioning anything someone would be jealous about.

    I'm rarely, if ever, wrong. Just because he and you don't understand what I post, and it goes over your collective heads, doesn't make me wrong.

    You always used to blame everyone's reading comprehension.  Rarely, if ever, wrong?  Go back to the quote  @USRifle30Cal posted.  Insecurity?



  2. 2 hours ago, Pew Pew Plates said:


    I am not an enfield expert, however, I can say with certainty the stock is unique to the Jungle Carbine.  The buttplate is different and the wood has a cut for the sling attachment on the side which is integral to the buttplate.

    Have you identified if it is a real one or not?  The easiest "tale" is to look if there are the proper lightening cuts on the trigger guard forward of the magazine where the screw passes through it.  There are also cuts under the upper handguard as well, among other "tales".



    This pretty much answers the question.

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  3. 4 hours ago, Sniper said:


    The Senate has been more on his side then the House. So, why did the more hostile House vote for National Reciprocity, but the Senate punted, and won't even consider it?

    Sure, you can blame the Senate for not voting on it.  The POTUS can't do anything until they send the  bill for his signature.  Read the COTUS.

    Ha.... that's some funny stuff, right there.

    Funny stuff?  You did it again! That's how politics works.  Unless they are committed to serving just one term every politician starts running for their next term before they're sworn in. You want to please the people who voted for you and win over those that didnt.  If the office has term limits you dont have to schmooze voters your last term.  If Trump displeases you so much vote for Biden.  You know for sure what President Harris is going to do.  You can also move to a state with Kanye West on the ballot or write in yourself.

    WOW...News Flash... States pass unconstitutional laws.... Who would have thunk that??

    You're amazing!!

    You apparently blame Trump for what the Democrats have done in NJ.

    Unconstitutional laws?  They may be but Sniper declaring them so on a gun forum has no impact.  No one has sucessfully challenged NJ gun laws for over 50 years.

    There are adults having a discussion here. I already told you, your forum is at this link, where the children hang out:


    That was childish.  The quote by @USRifle30Cal must have hurt your feelings.  Prove me wrong by showing a link where you admitted you were wrong.


  4. 3 hours ago, Sniper said:

    The system is so screwed up. I never would have figured I'd see the day where I can legally carry, at last count, in either 35 or 36 states, but can't carry in the state that I've lived in for the majority of my life.  :fool:

    It's FUBAR.

    This statement displays you have little understanding of how politics works.  Trump spent his first two years getting the Republican establishment accepting him 


    Trump will show his colors in his 2nd term.  A POTUS can't go all out in the first term. He has to worry about the 2nd term.  When that comes, he can do what he wants.

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  5. 18 hours ago, diamondd817 said:

    It will never get to his desk. Not even if we had the house too. And just say it did, States such as NJ, NY, etc, will cry States rights, bla, bla, bla, something, something, and tie it up in courts for years. You are never going to be able to carry in NJ, accept that fact.

    The way to get states to accept it is tie it to some Federal money like they did the 55 mph speed limit.  Democrat states will accept it.  However, states like NJ wlll add more restrictions.  Currently, if you have a carry permit in NJ, the only no carry places are schools and courthouses.  Someone like Murphy will undoubtedly add bars, gatherings of more than 3 people, and other bs.  These are the things that will be fought in courts.

    Don't blame Trump  because he respects the 10A.  He's proven this throughout all this rioting bs. Don't blame Trump because he follows the COTUS.

    As an add to, there is a lawsuit in Federal court regarding Murphy and Grewal's refusal to recognize LEOSA for retired LEOs that live in NJ.  Murphy and Grewal will lose.


  6. 9 hours ago, Bellasdaddy said:

    Just to follow-up on my original post. He did decide to keep and shoot the 19. The magazines do, in deed, seem a bit different than today’s variations. Aside from the 10 round limitation, the follower is completely flat. Also, I can see why Glock possibly discontinued the tupperware as there is a tubular protrusion that extends through the trigger guard which essentially violates the rule of keeping your finger off of the trigger unless intended...

    I've seen a variety of different Glock 19 magazines over years.  They all work to my experience.

    The tubular protrusion going through the trigger guard is not a safety issue.  There is also a Ridge of plastic that covers the front strap.  If the Glock somehow becomes loaded in the box the only way you would get the gun to discharge in the box is to put it on edge and smash the box with a sledge hammer.  Not likely.

    The tubular protrusion was actually designed into the box.  The Austrian Army wanted the guns stored in a box and secured.  The box was designed so you would stack the guns in their boxes on a rod and then put a lock on the top of the rod.  All the guns were secured with the rod going through the trigger guard.  Heard this from a Glock rep about 25 years ago.

  7. 15 hours ago, Sota said:

    if you're doing a shotgun (or more likely, a shockwave?) I'd think learning how to load single rounds through the ejection port and firing, on a smooth and consistent basis, would be faster and more useful than trying to load it fully up before engaging.

    Easy to do on a pump.  If you're carrying the gun in your trunk have it empty, safety off,  action open, loading gate pushed down.  Drop your first round into the action and close.  You are ready to fire that first shot.  Then load up magazine.

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  8. On 9/21/2020 at 9:23 AM, Old_Hunter said:

    The release of the Glock 19 was 1988, making it a Gen 2. If that came with factory ten round mags.,  it would have been post-1994 thanks to the AWB. That ushered in the era of “LE Only” magazines. 

    Im not a Gen expert but the checkering on the frontstrap and backstrap make it a Gen 2 IIRC.

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  9. Reagan almost died being shot with a 22.  The DC Metro officer and Brady were one shot stops with the same 22.

    I'm not advocating carrying a 22 for a primary SD weapon.  However, I used to tell people during firearms training if they could put a 22 in the eye socket 100% of the time that's all they needed to carry.  But they couldn't, I couldn't so we need to carry something bigger.

    Often said but hard to achieve in real life, shot placement is what stops.

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  10. Carrying is one thing and at home is another.

    As I said earlier smaller guns are more convenient to carry, as long as you can shoot them well.

    There is no reason to use anything less than a 38/357 or 9mm for home defense unless a 22, 25, 32, or 380 is all you have.

    No matter what caliber you're using you shoot until they stop.  That's the point of SD shooting.


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  11. For what I do day to day now I not only feel comfortable carrying not only a 380 but also a 32 ACP or 32 S&W Long.  All give "adequate" penetration.  If I'm going into a "more interesting" area I'll carry a 38 special or 9 mm.

    This is got nothing to do with concealability.  Concealing a full size service pistol is really not much harder than concealing a smaller gun.  It got to do convenience.

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  12. A pump action 12 GA is not "punishing".  It depends on what the shooter is willing to endure.   I know a 4-10, 85 lb woman who will shoot 100 rds of OO buck, have a bruised shoulder, and will say "it is what it is", and fluff it all off.

    Use low recoil 00 Buck for two reasons.  First, it gives you less recoil.  Second, I have found low recoil to pattern tighter.  Full power 00 will tend to doughnut past 15 yds.  You can hold dead on and at 25 yds with full power miss your target.  Using low recoil, you'll hit your target with 3-5 pellets or more.

    If you use low recoil at close ranges, even 8 pellet, your target will swear it was hit with 9 pellets of full power.

    I have a Chinese 320.  Only fired a few hundred rounds but it has worked 100%.  Not as smooth as an 870 but it works fine.

    Shotguns tear up paper targets quick.  I only use them for patterning.  For practice I start out with 4-5 rds of low recoil 00.  I use gallon jugs from water, milk, detergent.  I continue my practice with skeet or low powerloads.  Finish up with 4-5 rds of 00.  Compare your accuracy.  Repeat if needed.

    If you shoot 20-30 rds a week the 320 should do.  If you shoot 200-300 a week get an 870.

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  13. IMO, if you feel.you need +P+ in 9mm you should be using a 357 SIG or 357 Mag in a revolver.  +P+ gives you 100-150 fps in a round already going 1100 fps. 

    Nothing to be gained IMO.

  14. 6 minutes ago, raz-0 said:

    But how ro you get the pins out that are less than .45" in diameter? I don't think the slide catch will cut it either. 

    If you can get the smaller pins out with the firing pin, the pins and/or the holes are worn out.

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