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  1. 67GTOnut's thread about modifying his M&P by removing the magazine safety had some comments about the legal ramification of using a modified (removing a safety) firearm in a home defense situation. I've also read some similar posts about trigger work on a firearm. The only way I can see removing the safety would make a difference is in a unintentional discharge situation. Your opponent can bring up anything in court. As long as your attorney is equipped to counter it (convincingly to the jury), it wouldn't affect the outcome of the case. The fact you removed a safety could be brought up to show you had a disregard for safety. How the removal of a safety affected the final outcome is what your attorney has to focus on. Removing a magazine safety has a tactical reason but is doing so worth the explanation you may have to present in court? Back in the 80s I had a S&W M59 I carried at work and removed the magazine safety. Now almost 30 years later, I wouldn't dos so. Just avoiding something else to explain away.
  2. Uh oh! I don't want a wall hanger, I bought it to shoot it ... can this be heat treated correctly now and made shootable? No wonder he sold it:angry: No. It can't be heat treated, the Army tried that long ago.
  3. I'm not a fan of +P or +P+ moreso in semi-autos. I will use +P in K frame or larger revolvers or +P+ in 357 guns. Semi-autos are designed to work in specific pressure ranges. Guns will take the excess pressure from +P or +P+ for some time but my attitude is that if you feel you need 357 SIG velocities...get a 357 SIG.
  4. The dealer said "it's not legal in NJ unless the criminal is firing HP bullets"...Now, I'm not exactly sure this is correct...nor am I qualified in the art of determining whether a gun has HP ammo loaded...is anyone into the art of mind reading? I'm going to say some of the things that already have been said but in a different way. 1. No where will you find something that says its okay to use HP ammo for home defense so don't bother to look. 2. It is legal to possess HP ammo in your home. 3. Your HD gun is legal and loaded with HP ammo. 4. A situation occurs when the use of deadly force is justified in your home and use your gun loaded with HP ammo, the shooting is 100% okay, justified etc. you will hear nothing about your HP ammo 5. Use your gun loaded with HP ammo when it isn't justified you will be charged with using the gun and using HPs.
  5. I like Accurate 2230. It's a ball powder and meters through a measure accurately. I've been using it for over 20 years so I obviously am satisfied with results. It also works well in 308 Win and 30-30 and I've also got decent results with it in 30-06 (although I prefer A4064 for that caliber.
  6. I would consider some form of optic that allows for a decent amount of magnification... guns aren't fun if you can't hit anything.. lol this way things will be dialed in for YOU.. A low or no magnification would work as well. Optics would put the target and sights (crosshairs) all on one plane. There would be no need to align front sight, rear sight, target, the scope does that for you. This would seem to be the easy answer.
  7. I'm just kinda boggled that a DEMOCRAT proposed this... but oh wait.... it's for the money... nevermind. No one has seemed to chime in on the politics involved here. This Senator is from a predominantly Republican district. A quick check of his voting record shows he never saw a tax he wasn't in favor of or a tax cut he was against. If he wants to be re-elected he needs to champion a conservative cause. He throws this out, votes for it if it comes to the floor, knowing it won't pass, and can say he's for gun rights. if and when NJ becomes a shall issue state this guy will take credit for getting the ball rolling. Many are fooled by this and champion this guy as a 2A activist because he does this and owns two guns? Doesn't Feinstein, Boxer, and/or Pelosi have a carry permit?
  8. Does anyone know of any gunsmiths or anyone else qualified to zero in rifles? I have several in need of such a setup, and I do not have the stands or expertise to zero them in, 2 at 50 yards and 2 others at 100 yards. Too many variables for someone else to zero in your rifles as has been said. Could you perhaps try to achieve a "mathmatical" zero by reviewing the pertienent caliber's ballistics data, then matching a 50 or 100 yard zero's anticipated point of impact when aiming at targets only 15 yards away? For just about any cartridge the difference bewteen 15 and 50 would be negligible. Have you fired the rifles at all? Can you hit a target at 15 yards with the 22? You might do better if you see an opthamologist or optometrist that undersatnds how you need to focus when shooting and have diffrent glasses made.
  9. the range is off of massachusetes av. in lakewood. its the long dirt road you can see after the fire watch tower. and sorry for no caps, my shift keys are broken That's the old gravel pits that everyone used to shoot at up to the late 1970s or so. I used to go there on weekends and there were a lot of people shooting there. The police range was there with a sign that said keep out and as long as you kept out no one bothered you. The Lakewood PD would come by and as long as you had picked a good backstop they didn't bother you. I was out of the state in the late 70s and early 80s and when I came back they had no shooting signs there, only the police range. I was told that there were some guys shooting rifles (M1 carbines I heard) from the hip and some rounds went through someone's door some distance away. That was the end of shooting there. Make a generous donation during election season and see how things change lol. This I'd NJ pay to play baby! I don't think this would work as there is a lot of liability in owning a range. Even if you sign liabilty waivers there are plenty of ways someone can sue if they got hurt. There is also the problem that unless you have it manned by a RO during shooting hours someone will shoot up the target frames and other amenities. Another problem is periodic lead recovery which isn't cheap.
  10. I live the reliability of a revolver mixed with the stopping power of the .410 shell. That's kind of over rating the 410. Not the caliber I'd pick for a fight. I usually advise people to get a 4" 357 revolver (S&W, Ruger, or Taurus). It's about the best all around handgun you can get and about the most versatile. Wide range of power levels available in factory ammo and if you master a DA revolver everything else is easy. Not too big to conceal but big enough to shoot easily.
  11. GRIZ

    Rossi Ranch Hand

    The AW issues in NJ law apply only to semi-auto handguns. Not a semi auto, no stock (designed to be fired from shoulder), or detachable magazine it's legal.
  12. Van Drew said the $500 annual fee — up from $20 every two years — would mean "tens of millions" of dollars in new state revenue. To reach the $10 million mark, 20,000 people would have to shell out the $500. $500? So like a lot of other things you can do something if you have enough money like be mayor of NYC or a NJ Senator or Governor. I have no problem with the state charging me to register my car, make me pay for a driver's license, etc etc all of which are money makers for the state but this $500 goes no where with me. How about a $500 fee to practice your religion, speak freely, or make the government get a search warrant to search you home?
  13. With regard to false documentation...etc. I don't think you have been to China. I haven't been to China in some time but have seen and dealt with false documents from just about everywhere. I am well aware that once you get out of the US, Canada, and Western Europe everything, not just import/export, gets done with a bribe. Bribing someone overseas to get something done has nothing to do with filing a false declaration by the importer. Money laundering is money laundering and from what you described there is nothing to blame on the Chinese only "your agent", who may be Chinese. There are plenty of people in prison in the US, who belong there, who are there because they "were only doing business the way they do" in and with other countries. The averg income I posted is text book. It is an avg of all incomes. It will be skewed higher by the JP Mogans and Rockafellars of the day. I'm not taking time to research your claim but all of which shows you really need to select what type of figures you choose if you want to truly represent something. As a CFO I'm sure you are aware of how numbers can be juggled.
  14. Hypothetically, If I buy a product from China that costs $1, I will have my agent in China record the cost as $8 on the invoice. I then sell it for $10 in the US and show a profit of $2 to the IRS. Meanwhile my agent in China wires $6 to my bank account in Germany or some other country and keeps $1 for himself for his assistance. As CFO of an import/export firm you know there are several felonies being committed here starting with overvaluation on the Customs declaration to money laundering. To suggest that all companies operate like this is very misleading to insinuate this is how US business works. The average income in 1913 was only 15k. 15k a year in 1913 made you pretty rich. The Vice President of the US only made 12K in 1913. Most people were lucky if they made 2K in 1913. Your basic information is very incorrect.
  15. I detail strip every 5000 rounds , I enjoy taking them apart and reaasembling. That said I also only detail strip my 1911's . If that makes you happy fine. What I'm saying is there is no reason to do so if the gun is field stripped and properly cleaned on a regular basis.
  16. When was the last time it was detailed stripped and cleaned thoroughly? Just be careful with the tiny sear spring and lever that are designed for Gold Cups they are easy to lose! ask me how I know I guess you gave the first reason I don't suggest detail stripping on a regular basis. If you are not 100% sure of what you're doing you can (and eventually will) lose parts, assemeble incorrectly or even damage your firearm. I can understand one wanting to detail strip to see how the gun works but there is absolutely no need to do so on a regular basis if the gun is cleaned properly after shooting unless the gun is broken. I have a Combat Commander I got slightly used in 1975 that worked fine, carried it as a duty gun for a few years, and the first time it was detail stripped was when it was rebuilt in 2000 after over 20,000 rounds. If I lock back the slide and release it with the lever, the hammer falls to half-cock This is a hammer, sear, trigger issue. This is what my Combat Commander started doing when I had it rebuilt. The lighter the trigger pull you want the more likely this is going to happen sooner. I like a 4-6 pound trigger on a 1911. If you "need" less of a trigger and you're not using the gun only for serious competition you're using trigger pull as a crutch and need to work on your basic shooting skills.
  17. Are small-base dies still recommended for ammunition being used in semi-auto firearms? Anybody had any issues using just regular full-length dies? Are small-base dies even still offered? The people want to know. I've been loading 308 and 270 with Lee dies and 223 and 30-06 with RCBS standard dies for semi autos for about 35 years with no problems. I did try 223 small base dies about 30 years ago when I was told I "needed" them and only had stuck case problems with the sizing die (yes the cases were lubed properly).
  18. are those mp5 new jersey legal? are they considered rifles or pistols i dont know? MP5 is specifically listed as a assault weapon in NJ. There was a semi auto variant made sold as a pistol that became illegal in NJ when they passed the AW law. Any sbr or full auto version would also be illegal in NJ.
  19. Because Asbury Park turned them down. More lost revenue for NJ. I think they would have done it in NY anyway. One issue was that the state used to offer 20% of the production cost (200k on a million) which can seriously help defray the filmmaker's cost. Christie cut this from the budget. NY offers 30%, 300K on a million plus Brooklyn is where the company's main production facility is. They would have had a bunch of people commuting from NYC to Asburylosing 2 1/2 to 3 hours daily or spent a lot more keeping the production crew in hotels. Reda this in Sunday's asbury Park Press.
  20. Matthew Casazza, 32, of Hoboken, was initially arrested on Aug. 29 after he was seen firing a gun out of the sun roof of his car After doing this, being charged with possession of an AW shouldn't surprise anyone.
  21. GRIZ

    Ammo type for HD

    Birdshot vs. Buckshot is an eternal debate. No one is going to shrug off a chest full or birdshot... but, it won't put someone down the way buck will. It's definitely something to think about. Your pattern from a cylinder bore barrel (no choke) is about an inch per yard. Slugs can work but you have a good deal of penetration. Birdshot can work but remember it lacks penetration. Hit a refridgerator, steel door, or something else hard and the shot will ricochet. Buckshot is a better comprimise in my book.
  22. A Henry Lever Action .22 can hold 15 rounds of .22LR, but 21 rounds of .22S ... It then has the capacity for more then 15 rounds. NJ Legal? I believe the reason it's legal is that the AW laws apply to semi-autos.
  23. If you get a .223 Saiga, get a 20" barreled version. .223 has very neutered ballistics out of a 16" barrel as it was never designed for that length of barrel. You also lose a lot in a .223 "AK" as the main advantage of that caliber is long range accuracy, which goes out the window when you fire it from a Saiga. I have a 223 Saiga with the 16" and I wouldn't buy a 20" based on my experiences. You're loosing maybe 150-200 fps with milspec ammo going from a 20 to a 16. You'll still have sufficient velocity at 200 yards for the jacket to fragment which is what gives the most damage in a FMJ. I have fired several 16" and 20" 223 Saigas. All the 16" shot about 3" at 100 yd with just about any ammo. The 20s shot 4-6". This you can attribute to more barrel whip (we have all seen the slow mo video). The 16 is stiffer than the 20. Just my experience. Based on a limited sampling I grant you.
  24. The NJ AW law was passed before the federal law. It went into effect May of 1991. The federal law went in in September 1994 and it was pushed through Congress as the Democrats wanted it through as they saw the handwriting on the wall and their impending loss of congress to the Republicans. They were able to do so by putting an expiration date on the law.
  25. Why doesn't a politician create a law that has driver's licenses expire on the same day a visa expires? That would be possible but that would have to be a condition to recieve federal funding like the 55 mph speed limit, 21 yr old drinking, .08 drunk driving etc. Driver's licenses are state issues and visas are federal.
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