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  1. "excessive barking" sounds pretty subjective? I'm not sure what the Lakewood ordinance says but this is the reason I've seen ordinances that say something like "dog barked for 5 minutes out of 15. Go to City Hall, the library, or you may find the specific ordinance says. If your dog never hits this criteria I wouldn't worry about it. Document (written record should do) of date, time that the "neighbors complain. Research the city ordinances (usually much better defined than criminal statutes) about harassment. Tell the guys complaining that you intend to sign a complaint agaisnt them for harassing you if they keep it up. Also they usually require a lower standard of proof. If the guy is always calling the police that would provide additional documentation. Testimony from your neighbors would also refute the false claim. Part of the reason for my post was to give you an idea - you can video your dogs and PROVE that they are NOT causing a disturbance. I don't think this would help you as all your adversary has to say is "of course he would tape the dogs when they are not barking". The burden of proof is on him not you.
  2. Also, based on some highly publicized cases since 9/11, make sure you have your Firearms Purchaser ID and any paperwork proving ownership(even though not legally required). COPIES of that paperwork. It may get seized from you. There was a man transiting through Newark from Idaho to PA who was accosted and charged with all sorts of stuff for having a pistol in NJ. The case was eventually dropped but who knows if the man ever got his gun back. As long as you're following TSA regs I wouldn't worry too much about the PA Police hassling you. The incident you mention was settled out of court. I don't know what the settlement was but it was very expensive for the Port Authority and I'm sure they have fully educated everyone regarding TSA regs and FOPA.
  3. Steyr AUG is listed as Steyr AUG on the banned list so it looks like as long as they call it an AUG you can't have it in NJ. I used AUGs for over 10 years as an LEO. I was initially impressed with them but as I gained experience I discovered most of the problems they had. I (and the agency I worked for) went back to the M16/AR.
  4. A friend on mine grew up in Bergen County in the 50s and 60s. When he was a Boy Scout he used to strap his 22 rifle to his bicycle, ride to the police station to pick up the key to the range in the basement of the school, and reverse the process when he was done shooting.
  5. In my thinking a 03FFL would but hey those aren't given out here either.... You can get a C&R FFL if you live in NJ but it does you no good as the state says all guns have to go through a NJ licensed dealer. I remember reading a psot somewhere that a guy in NJ was applying for a C&R and BATFE tried to talk him out of it.
  6. People seeking an exemption from the law would appeal to the State Police and explain in writing why they should be allowed to buy more than one gun a month. The big problem with this is it gives the NJSP one more thing to do that they shouldn't have to. The main reason the Firearms Unit at NJSP is slow responding at times is they are way understaffed. The politicians apparently like to keep it that way.
  7. What do you think of the 3032 Tom Cat by berretta? Not a great gun to teach someone to shoot. I'd say get a a 22 as others have.
  8. GRIZ

    Rossi .38

    Every used Rossi revolver I've seen had timing issues. A few dollars more buys a Taurus if you're on a budget. I've had good experiences with Taurus revolvers for over 20 years.
  9. Easy to take apart but you need a special tool to remove the firing pin to completely take down the bolt.
  10. GRIZ

    Chiappa Firearm

    My problem with this revolver is how do you use a two handed hold? It would seem if you parked your weak hand index finger on the trigger guard as many do your finger is ideally located to be damaged by the muzzle blast. I think Mythbusters proved you can sever a finger with the cylinder/forcing cone blast from a 500 S&W.
  11. What I would do is squeeze the trigger, hold it, drop the muzzle back on target, release trigger to rest, then squeeze again. What you're doing is fine. After doing this 300-500 times you will learn it and after 3000-5000 repetitions it will be muscle memory. You will find as you go on that you'll be letting the trigger reset on the way down after recoil so when the muzzle comes back on target you are ready to squeeze again.
  12. Just curious Tony...how do you go to Cabela's via Three mile Island?
  13. The best way is to take her to a rental range and shoot various handguns and let her determine what she wants. I tend to recommend DA revolvers, K frame or larger, for new shooters as manaul of arms is easier and if you master the DA pull on a revolver everything else is easy. A semi auto would also be good but whatever...let her decide. 22s are cheap to shoot and easy to learn on and are way better than an umbrella in a SD situation.
  14. This has been out for some time. A couple of years at least. I thought I had some of the recalled 4064, called Accurate and they confirmed I did not. Good idea to post as powder has a long shelf life and someone may have some of the recalled stuff.
  15. But there is no way anyone is gonna convince me that they are at this moment going forward a well oiled machine. These policies and bureaucracies are dooming us to failure. 71, I can guarantee you that I won't try to convince you and agree with these sentiments exactly. Many good agents are retiring well before their mandatory age to get out because it has gotten so bad. great idea, but terrible execution A concise, well stated comment.
  16. This is correct the department that was/is one of the biggest failure before or since 9-11 has now decided to let all who seek asylum go on the promise they will return for a hearing !!! You can't blame the agents for the policies that the appointed officials come out with. The agents would just as soon go out and round up anyone they could. There are several big problems that the merge of Customs and INS caused. The biggest was they took the investigative functions ,Customs Office of Investigations and INS Investigations, and formed ICE and put the inspectional functions of Customs and INS into CBP (and threw in the Border Patrol and Air and Marine Branches of Customs). This is the same as having the patrol and detecive divisions of a police department in two diffrent agencies. The Customs Service was a pretty well run machine. Problems? Sure but one of the better run Federal agencies. INS had maintained it's reputation as mismanaged and very subject to political whim. Combining the two agencies was something discussed for a long time but 9/11 made it happen. The execution of the merge was all wrong and the incompetents in both agencies fought for their survival (pay grades). Many of the guys that became Federal Air Marshals did so to get out of what they were doing (good and bad).
  17. I don't think terrorists might stage attacks to help implement a gun ban. If they stage attacks it will be to kill people and incite fear. Liberal politicians would use such attacks to push for a gun ban.
  18. SBI checks are coming back in 7 to 10 days. This may be true if they send the check to NJSP when it is received but I suspect some police departments send them out for "gun permits" only once a month. A friend who recently applied for a permit had to come in for a "gun safety" lecture by the deputy chief. This lecture is only available one hour a month. His references had to have the questionnaires witnessed and notarized.
  19. Probably just stick with the non corrosive to make life simple. If I find some corrosive surplus really cheap (hasn't been for awhile) I'll take advantage of it.
  20. Garand ammo has a pressure curve designed to prevent damage to its action. It will work fine it a bolt gun. If its corrosive nothing cleans better than water although Hoppe's #9 or old GI borecleaner will wotk. To see how different things work on corrosive salts see: http://www.surplusrifle.com/reviews2006 ... /index.asp
  21. Actually there were a bunch in the new shipment the cmp got. They are sorting through all of them , and supposedly going to divide the unissued ones up between north and south so collectors have equal opportunity to get them. I think any unissued Garands will most likely end up in the CMP's auction as has been done in this past. Be sure you have all the documents before you get out there. Your NJFID card is one of them. If you don't fit into one of the club affliations (which include VFW, American Legion and many others) you can join the Garand Collector's Association which counts for $25 I think. I use my NFID and military id card which covers: club affliation.............US Army Reserve Firearms Training........military proof of age..............dob on card proof of citizenship.....commissioned officer An advantage to going to the store is you can pick out a nice field grade and save a little money. If you go on a saturday it will be crowded moreso if they have new stuff on the floor. I've always went on a weekday and at most there were 4-5 other people in the store. A disadvantage of going to the store is they may not have what you are looking for and you made the trip for nothing.
  22. I was shooting my Ruger No. 1 yesterday at 50 yards and the Remington 180 grain cor-lokt seemed to be disintigrating or tumbling before hitting the target as evidenced by targets with the appearance of buckshot hits and lengthwise holes. what powder? what charge?
  23. +p+ seems like a solution that is easier and more effectively solved by different calibers. I agree with this. I use +P in K frame size revolvers and +P+ in 357s. I have fired some +P and +P+ in Glocks with no negative effects. If you look at the ballistics you aren't gaining a lot in velocity. It also seems to me that auto pistols are designed to operate in specific pressure ranges. Exceeding that range can only increase wear on the gun. To those who say use a stronger recoil spring they are ignoring at least one fact. I think the engineers who designed the gun figured out what weight spring to use, If you replace say a 16 lb spring with a 20 lb one that slide is going to ram back in battery with 25% more force than the gun was designed. Something has to give eventually. If you feel you need a +P+ 9mm I'd say buy a 357 SIG.
  24. Doesnt matter how old it is. It WILL come up. I would include it. I know of an incident where the guy was arrested in 1956 but there was no conviction (he was released and not charged). This was about 1996 and it still came up on a criminal history check.
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