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  1. Not sure if this is true but I have heard of forcing cone issues (cracking and erosion) in S&W .357 revolvers from using bullets lighter than 125g That's with k frame S&Ws and it applies to anything lighter than about 140 gr.
  2. Federal law says he can purchase a long gun in any state. NJ is more restrictive and says you must be a NJ resident. Unless he establishes NJ residency (driver's license, NJFID, etc) he cannot buy any gun in NJ. He can go to PA and buy a long gun. Any legally acquired firearm can be kept at his residence as long as it doesn't violate any NJ law (like the Assault Weapon law).
  3. It all depends on the kid. I was a LEO so both my kids can't remember when Daddy didn't carry a gun. My oldest daughter was shooting a 22 when she was 4. My youngest never had any interest whatsoever. Both would never touch a gun unless they had permission from when they were about 3 on. My oldest daughther would get upset if a kid pointed a toy gun at her.
  4. It will work in either gun. The point of impact will be lower if you're shooting heavier bullets. Velocity will be higher than heavier bullets, expansion much more dramatic, and penetration probably less. No reason not to use it in either gun.
  5. 15rd 5.45 mags would seem to be a "designer" issue. The 5.45 just hasn't taken the shooting world by storm because of limited (although cheap) ammo styles and lack of reloading components. This compounded with the fact that most states that have magazine limits have made it 10rd to comply with the now defunct federal AWB. NJ is the only state with 15 that I now of and not excatly enough gun culture in the state to entice a manufacturer to tool up for 15rd mags. Your best bet is to make your own and in order to do so legally you need a friend in PA to receive the magazines and give you a place to work on them.
  6. I need to hear the rest of the story (there is always more) before I pass my judgement.
  7. USAA generally serves only active and possibly retired/former military as I recall. Active/reserve/retired military officers, FBI, and Secret Service Special Agents only. Once you get it and you fall out of one of the categories you can still keep it as can your children. A few years ago they were threatened by NJ that they would have to take all these high risk drivers if they didn't insure more drivers in the state. They asked for referrals from their policy holders for friends who were good drivers and easily met their quota as required by NJ. This is one of the things that keeps their rates low. They also give you a rebate every year depending on how many claims they had to pay which is (to my recollection) at least 10% and one year it was a little over 25%. In addition they start a subscriber's savings account where they take some of these excess earnings and deposit it in their bank. Even with these rebates their rates are lower than anyone else's and these rebates make it even less costly.
  8. No one beats NJ Manufacturers ...... price is great, customer service is awesome. NJ Manufacturers is close to USAA's prices and service. USAA generally only serves a restricted clientele though.
  9. El Al flies direct to DC. I believe he went to NY first to hear what Queen Elizabeth had to say. There were most likely a Secret Service detail on the plane with him to DC.
  10. It would be a physical deformity. You would be able to see it and feel it as you pushed a patch down the bore. It appears you did didn't do any damage. I've fired hundreds of thousands of rounds and had exactly one squib (on a factory load). Maybe you've had yours. Just remember to check things out if you're at the range and something doesn't feel right.
  11. I've belonged to CJRPC for a few years. Undoubtedly one of the best ranges in NJ. Specifics about their ranges: 1. 300 yd high power rifle, centerfir erfile only 2. 200 yd multi-purpose, anything you want to shoot There have been issue about rounds going over the berm there so there are rules regarding target height relative to shooting position on these two ranges. Not as complicated as it sounds 3. Trap and Skeet, I don't do it but you just need to checked out on the equipment before you can. 4. Indoor pistol range, open 24/7 5. Pits, these are under renovation but basically 50-75 yd, shoot anything except centerfire rifle. This is where I shoot the most. 6. Archery range and shotgun patterning range. 7. Outdoor pistol range set up more for the bulleye shooters. Naturally it gets a bit crowded on weekends. Being retired I usually go during the week. Simple rules not hard to comply with. Every weekend there is some type of match.
  12. There was always a Lakewood PD range there conspicuously posted no trespassing. I don't know who owns the land there. There was no problem until their were people who didn't ensure their rounds were going into a suitable backstop
  13. Midway says no to shipping ammo to NJ You can't blame Midway. There is nothing illegal about shipping ammo to NJ but many companies are reluctant to ship anything firearm related to NJ because of NJ's cockeyed laws which are always open to the NJ AG's interpretation. If you remember recently CMP was told they can't ship rifles directly to the purchaser in NJ. CMP and it's predcessors had been doing this for about 100 years and for at least the past 30 under present NJ law. All of a sudden the new AG felt she was the only one who interpreted the law correctly and now CMP has to ship to an FFL. This was just about an overnight thing and wasn't publicized in NJ let alone evry other state.
  14. GRIZ wrote: with out right to bare arms? Bare arms? Griz was quoting the OP.
  15. Do the firearms to be inherited have to be specifically left to a named person in a will? This is an issue in Federal law. If the person and gun or guns are specifically mentioned in the will they can be shipped to the heir in another state. If not they must go through a FFL.
  16. A 22 is a relatively low pressure round. It is possible there is no ring in the barrel. If there is a small one you might want to see how the gun still shoots. Sometimes there is no effect on the future functioning and accuracy of the pistol. Me? I'd replace the barrel.
  17. GRIZ

    Home self defense

    so im talkin to this guy today (who supposedly knows "things" as i was told) and among other issues discussed he tells me: No to both questions. As long as there is no safety issues there is nothing illegal about keeping a loaded shotgun in the house or using 00 Buck. This guy has no idea what he's talking about if this is an example of his extensive knowledge.
  18. Possibly the strange feeling round was a squib stuck in the bore and the secind round shot it out? Hard to say. Check the barrel to see if there is a ring inside which usually happens when this occurs.
  19. I have noticed that many towns have these signs posted. I am assuming this is their way of screwing with out right to bare arms? I don't think it's some Communist plot to interfere with our 2A rights but a matter of public safety. Remember rifle bullets easily go 1 1/2 miles or farther. Yes some of it is anti-hunting but that is what people in those places wanted. Some will remember shooting in the gravel pits west of Kimball Hospital in Lakewood in the 70s. All went well, the police used to cruise by but not bother anyone until neighbors a mile away started getting rounds hitting their houses. Haven't been abl eto shoot there for years I am not saying that if you live in a development that you should be firing off rounds on your .25 acre plot but what is with this law? Varies town to town. Does that mean you can't shoot in your basement if you wanted to? (Did this growing up .22 with a small trap) Varies town to town Does this mean you cant defend yourself in your own home? Of course not. Even in NJ you have no obligation to retreat in a lethal force situation. What if you have a lot of acreage? We shot outside growing up too. Does this mean you can't shoot then either? Depends on the town Basically is this just NJ screwing us over? Reason? Don't know if it still is but being the most heavily populated state you tend to see these ordinances more here. Outside of hunting laws there is no state law regarding the discharge of firearms near buildings. That's pretty liberal at 1/4 mile (I could be wrong on that). You will find similar laws in most gun friendly states like VT, PA, TX, etc. These laws are established by towns not the state.
  20. One of the problems of "overcleaning" is wearing out the crown of the barrel. Mostly on rifles that have to be cleaned from the muzzle. Use of a proper cleaning rod and bore guide will minmize this. Some advocate using a bore snake all the time but I don't feel you can get the bore totally clean with a bore snake. Let the solvent do the work on the bore and don't try to muscle it out with a bore brush or other abrasives.
  21. Logic, however, tells me that shooting it dirty increases wear on parts that make friction contact, and that's not something I want to do. I agree with you on this but don't think you will measurably shorten the life of your 1911 by doing so. I have never felt the desire to do this to a gun and have run 500-600 rds through a 1911 with no malfunctions. If you want to do your own torture test go for it. As you have stated, I would fire several sessions first to ensure the gun is broken in before you do your test. As far as Glocks go, I remember reading an article by Peter Kokalis. At that time he had run 170,000 rds through his Glock 17 with no cleaning and no malfunctions. If you wanted to do this with a Glock it would obviously be a very big investment in ammo.
  22. AFAIK you would need to have you NY Pistol Permit before you bring the gun into the state.
  23. Hernandez was repeatedly arrested along the U.S. side of the border near downtown El Paso, not far from where he was killed, but was never charged with a crime by federal prosecutors. This is a common problem on the Mexican Border. Dopers routinely use juveniles to run loads of dope, They'll work for less and also don't have much to worry about being prosecuted as a rule. There is there is no mechanism to prosecute juveniles as juveniles in the Federal system. I knew of one case in Southern California where the Asst US Attorney (one of the best I ever worked with) did prosecute a 16 year old for running a load of cocaine through the CA juvenile system. The only way he was able to do this was he acted as the prosecutor. The offender only got 18 months in a CA Juvenile Facility.
  24. You don't need a video. Field strip the rifle as per TM 9-1005-249-10, the military manual available free lots of places on line. I've used ARs, M16s, and M4s for over 40 years. The only extra advice I can give is lube everything so it's shiny, not drippy. Lube the cam pin so it's drippy. Stay clear of anyone who claims you need to periodically strip it totally down to individual parts or what some call detail stripping. The only time you need to take any gun totally apart is when it's broken. I've used these rifles in some absolutely horrible environments and alaways found I can clean it all out just by field stripping.
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