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  1. I was shooting my Ruger No. 1 yesterday at 50 yards and the Remington 180 grain cor-lokt seemed to be disintigrating or tumbling before hitting the target as evidenced by targets with the appearance of buckshot hits and lengthwise holes. what powder? what charge?
  2. +p+ seems like a solution that is easier and more effectively solved by different calibers. I agree with this. I use +P in K frame size revolvers and +P+ in 357s. I have fired some +P and +P+ in Glocks with no negative effects. If you look at the ballistics you aren't gaining a lot in velocity. It also seems to me that auto pistols are designed to operate in specific pressure ranges. Exceeding that range can only increase wear on the gun. To those who say use a stronger recoil spring they are ignoring at least one fact. I think the engineers who designed the gun figured out what weight spring to use, If you replace say a 16 lb spring with a 20 lb one that slide is going to ram back in battery with 25% more force than the gun was designed. Something has to give eventually. If you feel you need a +P+ 9mm I'd say buy a 357 SIG.
  3. Doesnt matter how old it is. It WILL come up. I would include it. I know of an incident where the guy was arrested in 1956 but there was no conviction (he was released and not charged). This was about 1996 and it still came up on a criminal history check.
  4. The knife laws in NJ are like many of NJ laws regarding weapons. They are open to interpretation. Outside of switchblades, ballistic knives, etc you need to be able to explain you had it for a lawful purpose. under circumstances not manifestly appropriate for such lawful uses as it may have is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree. Most pocketknives will not get you in trobule but strap a Bowie on your belt and you better be ready to demonstrate "a lawful purpose".
  5. This looks like a nice trick for the range but i wouldn't rely on it in a fight.
  6. My guess would be a double load of a fast powder. This is one of the reasons you are better off using slower powders with magnum loads. It's easy to double or even triple charge a case with Bullseye and impossible without it overflowing if you're using W296 or 2400. Another cause is everyone has to have a progressive press. Pull the handle 50 times and I have a box of ammo. This is sometimes done with little or no attention to quality control. Usually what happens when a revolver blows depending on how much pressure is there; first the cylinder blows next the front of the top strap gives way lastly the rear of the top strap snaps off That must have been a dozer of a load with enough pressure to send the round into orbit for it to break like that. It was a way overloaded case (fill a 44 mag case with bullseye for the same result), more than just a bullet stuck in the barrel, or a combination of several things. I am not a fan of hot loads. If I need more than a 38, I'll use a 357, more than that a 44 Mag and then a rifle.
  7. GRIZ

    NJ Legal?

    PK90 attached a very fine source for that (BATFE) but I'd keep a copy of the BATFE letter and printout from the website in case you are ever questioned on it in NJ.
  8. Persons with temporary protection from deportation That's from the MVC website as one of the documents acceptable. If ICE picks up an illegal and that's all they have done (not committed a crime, etc) the only thing they can do is release him on a $1500 bond pending the hearing which may be months away. This may constitute "temporary protection from deportation" as far as MVC is concerned but I'm not sure.
  9. Any handguns must be transferred through a FFL Being his dad is in PA all guns must be transferred through a FFL. Long guns must be NJ compliant and can be shipped to a NJ FFL or the transfer can take place at a PA FFL. If you're going to PA anyway to see your Dad this would be the easiest way. You need your NJFID card in any case. Handguns (also must be Nj compliant) have to be shipped to a NJ FFL and you need a pistol permit for each. If there is more than one you're most likely hard pressed to get this done before one handgun a month goes into effect.
  10. GRIZ

    Best Home Defense Rifle

    A shotgun will take care of most of the long gun requirements in a HD situation. If you feel you need a centerfire long gun I'd first look at a pistol caliber carbine. We all know it doesn't have the power of a rifle cartridge but your accuracy level skyrockets with less worries of overpenetration. I have a Hi Point that shoots 4-5" at 100 yards and about all of us would be hard pressed to do that with a handgun. The Hi Point is cheap, looks cheap but at least mine works 100% with factory mags. Beretta, Ruger, and Marlin all make nicer carbines but they don't work any better than the Hi point. The next step up would be a Saiga in 223. I may get flamed for this but there are few situations where you're going to need more than the 10 rds that comes in the standard magazine with either of these. Another thing you need to consider is range really isn't that much of an issue for a HD weapon. 50 feet is a long shot in a HD situation as a rule. You're going to need to justify why that bad guy at 50 or 100 yards is a threat to you (he may be but that's usually not the case).
  11. Although I can't stand Hanks and Spielsberg's politics I have to give them a lot of credit for doing Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. Maybe someday they will do something that shows Vietnam Vets weren't a bunch of baby killers and war criminals.
  12. Most all club applications have had a requirement to have a FID though. This is a defacto background check as far as the club is concerned.
  13. There was some other reality show a few years ago that took some celebrities, sent them through the police academy and they actually became police officers. This is probably the same thing. The exception is that Seagal brings something (his martial arts knowledge) with him.
  14. Fiat left the American market in the early 80s. Fiats through the 70s were built with cheap Russian steel. Fiat also had rather poor build quality and many times the insides of fenders and other body parts weren't even painted. All this led to the bodies rusting out within a couple of years.
  15. I don't know if this still holds true as it was what was taught when I was in the police academy some time ago (like 35 years). We had the motor vehicle law section taught by a NJ Highway Patrol officer (which indicates how long ago this was). He told us the options you have when you find someone committing a MV violation is: verbal warning, written warning, summons, or arrest. I can remember seeing driver's license extracts which lists "written warning" next to a violation. The police department I worked in never bothered with written warnings just verbal, summons, or for the more serious violations or out of state people from places there was no reciprocity(everywhere now), arrest. AFAIK a written warning only becomes official if the officer turns it in.
  16. Not you are really dating yourself... I bet few remember those rounds. i actually used them for a while. I used them too. The first time I ever saw Super Vel was at LZ Dottie in Vietnam (that's where LT Calley operated from). A new lieutenant had a S&W Model 19 and a few boxes of Super Vel.
  17. dum dum was a fabricated word made up by the media. Not so. The term comes fron the Dum Dum Arsenal in India near calcutta where the British did research on expanding bullets (hollow points and soft points) in the late 1800s. Dum dum became a term applied to any expanding bullet. The 95 jsp in 9mm parabellum is not a new idea. In the 70s several manufacturers put out lightweight bullets when the big manufacturers starting making hollow point handgun ammo after seeing the success of Super Vel in the 60s. There seemed a race to see who could develop the most expanding bullet. I remember trying RP 95 gr JHP 38 special. IIRC this load became the #1 stopper in the FBI "computer man" ammo tests beating 357s and 45s. Super Vel made a 90 JHP I recall. Super Vel was getting all the big LE contracts and RP, WW, Federal, and others all wanted a piece of the action. Super Vel couldn't compete with the big boys and went out of business. The lightweight (90-100 grain) expanding bullets expanded well but lack penetration. It took a few more years for some to realize you needed a balance of penetration and expansion to get a reliable SD round. The possession of hollow points in NJ is an add on charge. I can remember when police would arrest some drug dealer who had ditched his gun and dope and only had the ammo in his possession. Arrests for "hollow points" only were stopped.
  18. 500 is kind of steep unless the gun is minty as far as I'm concerned. A little more gets you a new GP100.
  19. Last moving violation was 1974 in Hightstown for 40 in a 25. It was a fairly open area and not posted. State standard (then anyway) is 25 built up areas and 50 in open area. Researched it and open area was (may still be) defined as less than 50% of the frontage of the roadway is houses or commercial buildings excluding garages, shed, and barns. If less than 50% its 50, more than 50% 25 mph. I went to court and brought this up to the judge. The police officer said they had measured "between the houses" and it was something like 50 feet built up. I brought up the fact that the road curves so the distances would be longer at the curb or frontage of the roadway than it was between the houses. The judge gave me two weeks to prove my point. I measured using a transit to establish the 90 degree angle from the house to the roadway and marked the curb and measured it with a tape. I came up with about 100 feet in my favor making it a 50 mph zone (I was doing 40). I brought this all back to the judge who then said he would have to consult with the city engineer. A week later the court sent me a letter saying the judge found me guilty after "consulting with the city engineer". Quotes as they were the judge's words. I did a little more research and found that the judge violated court rules as the judge had used whatever the city engineer had said to find me guilty. I wasn't given the opportunity to cross examine the city engineer. I notified the court that I was going to appeal the decision based on violation of court rules. I got a letter witin a few days saying the judge reversed his decision and found me not guilty. Not sure of the legality of this but I had a letter saying I was not guilty and no points and no fine so I went along. Maybe because it was my last ticket it just so happens to be my longest ticket story. Thanx for persevering.
  20. Could someone really do that? Buy some cheapo guns show up and cash in? On another forum a guy posted he went to different buy back sites and wound up with a couple thousand dollars in gift cards.
  21. There were more people killed (2974) on 9/11 than at Pearl Harbor (2350). At Pearl Harbor nearly half of the deaths (1177) were on the Arizona.
  22. But if someone goes to the municipal court, pays the fine, or whatever, unsafe driving, or reduced speeding.... where does the money go, state or municipalit When I left municipal law enforcement to go to the federal government 9late 70s) my understanding was all the fines went to the state. State Statute, the state gets something on the order of 80% of the fines. This was probably changed to give the cities incentive to see more tickets were written. One municipality, Wayne IIRC actually replicated the entire moving section of title 39 (MV code) except for DUI in it's town ordinances so they kept all of the money generated. The city I worked in (in the 70s) didn't have all of Title 39 replicated just the parking provisons. They did have nearly all the Disorderly Persons offenses in the old 2A replicate in the city ordinances in most cases offenses were more clearly listed than in 2A. Anyone remember 2A:170-1, Failure to Give a Good account? As to the comment about driving on the autobahns in Germany you need to take a driving school that require a road test of 8 hours minimum. This costs you at least $300 if you are not from the EU and if you are a new driver about $1500. You need a lot more training and education to get a German driving license.
  23. I'm very skeptical of the photo with the 7-35 in the lower left corner. True that was done then and usually on sheet film. The 4x5 Graphic was mainstay of pro photograhpy at that time. One would use opaque spotting ink to number the negative for filing purposes. Another way would be to scratch it in with a stylus but this would turn out black in the print. I've bought some old negatives at times with catalog numbers that would be visible in the print.
  24. Bonus points if you can identify the rifle in Pick7.jpg. I certainly can't heh. Looks like a 1903 Springfield. The M1 carbine's final design was not completed until Dec 1941. There is no gas cylinder and that rules out the Garand. The Army was not fully equipped with the Garand at the time of Pearl Harbor and when the Marines invaded Guadacanal months later, they were still using 03 Springfields. I've read many Marines "found" Garands later on after the Army arrived there.
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