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  1. You don't need a video. Field strip the rifle as per TM 9-1005-249-10, the military manual available free lots of places on line. I've used ARs, M16s, and M4s for over 40 years. The only extra advice I can give is lube everything so it's shiny, not drippy. Lube the cam pin so it's drippy. Stay clear of anyone who claims you need to periodically strip it totally down to individual parts or what some call detail stripping. The only time you need to take any gun totally apart is when it's broken. I've used these rifles in some absolutely horrible environments and alaways found I can clean it all out just by field stripping.
  2. It's the same. S&W doesn't want to put "SIG" on one of their guns. Not unheard of. "38 S&W Special" is the proper name of the caliber. Colt and everyone else marks their guns "38 Special". Same deal for 32 H&R Magnum, 44 Remington Magnum, 45 Auto Colt Pistol, etc etc
  3. do u think its something i shud consider? chk out their membership fees (in the SHOP tab) any suggestions? thoughts? My concern is if the ACLDN would be around. They could collect a lot of memberships, be around for a while and then dissolve. I think you'd be better off shopping for a liability policy from a bigger insurance company. There are companies that write liability policies for LEOS and I imagine they would for a private citizen dependent on his/her training and situation. I'm not a fan of prepaid legal services. If their lawyers were that good they'd be out getting $1000 a hour.
  4. You're talking applaes and oranges here. The Glock 18 will have been compressed and released 50,000 times. If you lock back your slide for an hour and reease it its only been compressed and released once.
  5. Outside of what's already been said VA is a Open Carry state so you might want to pack a holster. Check http://www.opencarry.org/va.html for the laws. No permit required to OC in VA but I've read some places will hassle you especially in the DC area,
  6. since most kids had no idea the letters and numbers stood for anything. and they still don't
  7. No. The first letter of your last name and 4 numbers are a soundex code, next 3 numbers ?, next 2 represnt your middle initial, last 5 dob and eye color code.
  8. where I don't have to feel compelled to attend meetings, work hours, pay for unworked hours, clean up, etc etc. There is no requirement at CJRPC to attend meetings, contribute work hours, or do anything but pay your dues and shoot and clean up after yourself. If you come to 4 meetings $50 gets knocked off your dues. So many work hours and you get so much knocked off your dues. Recruit new members and get $50 a piece knocked off your dues. I believe there is no limit of the dues credit for recruiting new members. After the initial startup costs (not that high when I joined) you can have no dues if you work at it a little.
  9. It would depend on what I'm shooting and how long (timewise) you'll be at the range. I'd say much over 200 rds an hour of any caliber is just sending lead downrange. You're not getting much training value if you're shooting 500 rds an hour. Quality of practice is much more important than volume. if you're fatiqued, you're not getting full value of your practice.
  10. GRIZ, the bolt is the one item I in fact would say yes, give me the SP MPI tested bolt every time. I think I have said it before on this forum but the people I really look to are the trainers in high round count classes. They are the ones that have a front row seat to whats holding up and whats not. Shane45, I was one of those trainers in high round count classes before I retired. Those I were involved in or have personal knowledge of involved Colts and Rock River. Colt has the features and Rock River doesn't according to the chart. Most of my experience has been with literally hundreds of Colts (maybe more) in the high round count arena and included semi and full auto fire. The only bolt related problem I saw in Colts is rapid wear of the cam pin if it wasn't lubed properly. This is based on at least hundreds of Colts not a small sampling. Everyone is bound to turn out a bad one once in a while. I've seen crappy guns from all the "quality" manufacturers. My personal knowledge of Rock River is the DEA model (the DEA model not the civilian version) which is semi only. It did have to pass a rather grueling test procedure before it was adopted. I respect your opinions and experiences and it's good you found what works for you. There are very few things that are absolutes, including what I say.
  11. Some reading 4 U http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key= ... utput=html Those spreadsheets are interesting but you need to ask yourself "do I need a shot peened bolt" or a "M16 style bolt". I said I have been using these rifles since 1968 and most of them M16s or M4s. The civilian rifles I've owned and/or handled the most are DPMS (I own 2) and Bushmaster. I have found no differences in actual performance and durability between them. A friend of mine who has placed in the top 3 several times in service rifle competition swears by a Rock River with a Bushmaster barrel. I don't know anyone who knows more about ARs and M16s than him. He also chnages barrels every 3000 rds as he feels the accuracy drops off for competition use at this life. 99.9% wouldn't see the difference between 3000 or 10000 rds. I am very satisfied with my DPMS. One has a heavy stainless barrel which addresses the corrosion issue as well as a chrome chamber and barrel. An easy suggestion is to get a Colt, you have all the features (although there are others that also have them) and they have made more than anyone else AFAIK. I saw your response regarding a 308 but the best one I've shot is a DPMS. It will shoot groups inside all the competition's (including M14 style rifles) and is as reliable as they come.
  12. bryan, you have to consider the bigger issue. Ammo avail. I say get a 5.56 unless there is some specialized use you haven't mentioned. There are several "replacement" calibers floating around, some or all of them will be passing fancies. Ammo for any is expensive compared to 5.56. 5.56 will always be around. 5.45 is cheap but you also have to know it is corrosive. Not an issue with a bolt gun but a different animal with a semi auto. It will require good cleaning every time you shoot. As has been said there is no domestic source for this ammo at this time. This is also a consideration for 7.62x39 as all the inexpensive ammo is imported and availability can be questionable. I've used the 5.56 in M16s, M4s and ARs since 1968. It is not a long range knock'em down cartridge. However, I have no reservations using it for approprriate purposes up to 300 meters or so. Do you plan to have to take something out at 500 meters on a regular basis? If not the 5.56 will work fine.
  13. Check TSA website and website for the airline you're flying. basically, gun must be unloaded and locked in a hard sided container, ammo easiest to carry in factory box, and ammo can be carried in same container as firearm. Must check in at counter and tell clerk you have a firearm to declare in your checked luggage.
  14. Try waxing it with regular old Johnson's Paste Wax. Let the wax dry and wipe off. Let the dried wax stay in the lettering on the gun and it looks like you used one of those $10 crayons to make the lettering stand out. 2-3 coats is better.
  15. BTW what kind of accuracy can you expect from the generic .223 Rem 55gr? Ya know the cheap stuff... At most 2" if your're using a scope.
  16. Looks like we need "Attorney General Guidelines" on this.
  17. I belong to CJRPC. There are ROs on weekends when there is a lot of traffic. I usually go during the week and many times there is no one else at the facility. If you read the safety rules there the first person on the range is considered the RO. Never had any problem with this.
  18. At a meeting last year they voted NRA membership mandatory. The rationale was the NRA supports many programs run by the club so the club should support the NRA.
  19. I shot out my 1911 barrel. How many rounds did you take to do that? I have a Combat Commander since 1975 and am still on the factory barrel. I've shot maybe 20,000 rds but mostly lead bullets.
  20. All the barrels are stock GLOCK. Now the 26 was clean and the others were dirty. But all shots on the 26 were consistantly higher. Weird isn't it Not really. I've seen variations of 150 fps on NEW consecutive serial numbered guns. Variations of 100-150 fps are not unusual as you will find as you chrono more loads.
  21. Best that you leave an extra 1/2" or so in case you ding the muzzle there is a little bit you can cut off. Whilst (like that word don't get to use it much) you can cut a shotgun barrel down with a tubing cutter be very judicious in its use. Many wind up putting the equivalent of a full choke as they are in a hurry to get it done. Lightly score, 1/8 of a twist down do it again.
  22. I'm not talking about handguns specifically designed for target shooting like the Model 52 S&W here but guns suitable for carrying. The 1911 is one of the most accurate platforms around but have found my Taurus PT99AF (1988 vintage) extarordinarily accurate. My vote for the most guaranteed out of the box accuracy is a S&W K frame 38 Special of just about any model. The Model 58 was spec to shoot 1/2" at 50 yds. Every gun was test fired and if it didn't pass was hand fitted until it did. Wolfy are you talking the S&W Model 58 and if so the old one or the new one? To maintain that degree of accuracy in a standard handgun without a super premium price would quickly put a manufacturer out of business.
  23. This mimics 10 USC 311 which makes all males 17 to 45 members of the unorganized militia under federal law. It also defines who is expempt from militia service. Implications? Realistically, none. Since the Civil War there has been very few activations of state militias.
  24. I've had several and they all worked well. Not as sharp or glare free as a more expensive scope but they held zero. I have an older one that is a copy of the Colt scope that clamps to the carrying handle on a M16/M4. I used it on a M16 and M4 before I retired and fired many thousands of rounds with it mounted including full auto fire. The crosshairs are a bit fuzzy now but it is still usable. I don't think the scope was designed for the abuse I put it through but I still use it.
  25. I was reading and saw pics of a guy who's granddad worked at H&R during WW2 You sure that was a M1 carbine and H&R? H&R never made M1 carbines, they mae M1 Garands in the 50s.
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