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  1. Do not try to determine a case based on a statute. That is done only after reading case law on the subject. I agree with you on that. The statute says: No person shall sell, give, transfer or assign or otherwise dispose of a handgun to a person other than a licensed or registered retail or wholesale dealer unless the buyer or receiver possesses and exhibits a valid permit to purchase. The problem with case law is that it can change. An example was the 2 cases a few years ago with 2 LEOs caught with unregistered assault weapons. In one case the judge said the LEO needed to register it and the other judge said the LEO had to. I don't think it went through the entire appeals process but resulted in both cases being dismissed. Rather than have the Supreme Court make a decision or the legislature clarifying the law we wound up with "Attorney General Guidelines". Kind of like letting the executive branch make the law. I'm sure if you supplied a handgun to someone and they used it to commit a crime the court would see that as a "give, transfer or assign or otherwise dispose of a handgun to a person".
  2. Never been there but what is the membership fee?
  3. tbtrout is correct. I have a Stevens 5100 (made in the late 40s I think) that has no serial number and that's the way it gets recorded on the COE or 4473.
  4. But I am not there to temp transfer to my wife. So if she uses it.... It's illegal. Correct? Or am I misunderstanding our criminal friendly laws Technically you are probably correct. The scenario you describe would make it very different. We're saying it's a clean shoot, no questions, the BG was armed and in your house; I don't think there is any prosecutor that would pursue an illegal transfer case. Keep in mind that the firearm, if acquired while you were married, would also be considered in a property settlement if you were to get divorced. So she kind of owns it too. If she were to use the firearm to commit a crime there is no doubt the prosecutor would go after you too.
  5. Well, there is a reason why we have the highest car insurance rates on average in the nation... The reason we have the highest car insurance is because the state took the worst parts of the no fault and "it's your fault" (for lack of a better term) systems and made that the state's insurance system.
  6. Jim Flynn's Truck Repair, Rt 31 North, Glenn Gardner. (908) 537-6446. Great guy. Another vote for Jim. I got 2 DPMS ARs from him for a great price. The downside to doing your own build is you really have to be sure about your parts suppliers as the quality of components varies. The AR is not hard to assmeble but I doubt there are many "home builds" that rival the quality of a fcatory build. That's my opinion and I could be wrong.
  7. That's an advantage of living near the ocean. Light snow doesn't stick as the ocean keeps the ground warm enough to melt it. Heavy snow and it's as bad as anywhere else.
  8. I would think it easier to make a list of those towns that don't have a no discharge ordinance.
  9. Remington used to sell a metal topfolder. They are dangerous in my opinion. It worked but you had to spend a lot of attention to your cheek weld. If your cheek wasn't tight to the stock it would whack you bad. We had people at work get cuts and even a broken cheek bone from these stocks. They were all eventually replaced with conventional wood stocks.
  10. can I store firearms in a self-storage facility? Every self storage facility I've ever been to says "no firearms or ammunition". The best way I think is to store them disassembled as has been suggested and locked up. She has to realize that the guns can't be fired when they are in pieces. ps Remember that a valid NJFID holder should only store there guns at there actual address that there driver license and NJFID card have on them. I don't think that is correct. If it were not legal Ray's wouldn't have had the secure storage. I think they got out of it as it wasn't profitable. If you own a shore or mountain house it wopuld be legal to store them there also (not a good idea if you're not going there for a while).
  11. First, I am not a fisherman. However, being a bit aware of the industry I can guarantee a few commercial fishing boats can take a lot more fish in a day than sport fisherman do in a week. As bbk says it's all about control. The liberal socailist mindset is the government has to control your daily life as much as possible with rules, laws, regulations, and of course taxes.
  12. I'd just look at a gunshop that has a lot of used guns, they have to get them from somewhere. The problem trading is a dealer will only give you about 50% of the value of your gun most of the time.
  13. GRIZ

    30 06 M2 Ball Ammo

    Just adding a little to what usnmars said. M2 was adopted in the 1930s to reduce the range of military 30-06 ammo (that's another story). The faster powders (usually IMR4064 or faster) used in M2 give a faster pressure rise than slower powders. This is what makes the Garand work, pressures in a specific range. Slower powders would give a pressure peak later on and thats what bends op rods. The receiver can take it, the gas system can't. Dimensions of 30-06 and M2 are the same. M2 Ball just denotes it is FMJ ammo. Federal makes a specific load safe for the M1 but expensive. Greek HXP is much cheaper and very good.
  14. I take it all back just read "a semi auto version of a full auto" is not welcome in NJ.
  15. http://www.czechpoint-usa.com/products/vz-61-scorpions/sa-vz-61-scorpion-blued-frame/?PHPSESSID=8bee0d1b037337f4148dd4cc593c144c Weight of the pistol with loaded 20 rd mag is 3 lbs (48 oz) and the state says 50 oz. The practicality is questionable. The auto version is easy to control (little bullet a lot of weight) but the 32 acp is not a rhino roller. 32 acp ammo is not cheap. However, we all have things that are not practical and this is America so if it floats your boat...
  16. GRIZ


    I am a us surplus newbie... but what would make this unsafe to fire? Andy has the right answer. BTW, I usually shoot the Greek ammo from CMP, which I bought for my Garands, in my '03 as opposed to hotter loads The 03 will take hotter loads but I also use the HXP from CMP. More than enough energy to punch paper.
  17. GRIZ


    The bore is perfect and the part numbers match. If "the parts match" means they all have the same serial number then this may not be all original. AFAIK when they left the factory the only sn was on the receiver. Those that went to foreign countries were serial numbered on parts as is practice in many countries. If the barrel is 1913 and original then this falls into the category of a low numbered 03 as schutzen says and is not safe to shoot.
  18. GRIZ

    If 1911 is soo great

    I like 1911 the most. People always say it is the best among all. If that is the case, why not the millitary and LE all use it as their primary carry? It does comes with different sizes and calibers after all. The 1911 is a great combat pistol and will be around in one form or another for another 100 years at least. Why is it not used by Law Enforcement. Some of the answers have already been given; more recoil, more training required etc. The best way I heard it put was by Massad Ayoob and I will relate basically what he said. The 1911 is undoubtedly one of the best combat pistols in the world. The fact is most LE use a pistol not for combat shooting but as threat management tool. A DA auto (in one form or another and this would include striker fired guns like Glocks) is a better threat maangement tool and also requires less training than a 1911. Available in all calibers as well. As far as military use, the US always crammed the NATO calibers down the throats of NATO countries. 30-06, 7.62 NATO, and 5.56 NATO all became standard calibers in small arms. 60 and 81mm mortars. 105 and 155mm howitzers. At the same time every NATO country used the 9 mm parabellum while we used the 45 ACP. Other things like track shoes for tanks and other repair parts are also standardized in NATO including tactical terms (STANAGS, stanard agreements) It was decided we needed to adopt the 9mm in order to better meet the threat of the Russian Bear (remember this was the early 80s). Going to a 9mm was not considered an issue as far as stopping power as pistols are usually carried by people who only need it for defensive purposes, people not directly involved in fighting with small arms due to job or rank. If you're fighting you're supposed to use a rifle. One consideration was converting 1911s to 9mm. This idea was scrapped as the military had not bought any 1911s since 1945 and they ranged from hardly used to worn out. In fact there was a shortage of handguns in the US military and the 1911s were supplemented by S&Ws, Colts, and Rugers from WWI to the 70s. The first round of tests were won by SIG. They were tenatively adopted and SIG even ran ads at the time with the SIG across the American Flag with a banner something like "choice of the world's finest military forces". Pure Politics; The US Military 1911 in .45 ACP was replaced by the(cough, cough) Baretta 9mm ,so the USA could place missiles in Italy and European countries in the early 80's. (The Italian pistol contract sealed the deal for the missile placement It wasn't pure politics though Bill. The Russians were worried about the Pershing missile we had in Germany. They were mobile, they couldn't keep track of where they were, and in order to reach an arms agreement the Russians wanted them out. The Reagan administration knew we had much more capable cruise missiles in the inventory which would accomplish the same as the Pershings but the problem was where to put them. Italy was the answer and as Bill stated we bought Berettas in return. The Russians could think they won and we still had the same capability. The missiles in Italy could do the same mission as the Pershings. They could also do a lot more damage than 45s vs 9mms. New tests were conducted and they were won by Beretta (who was #2 in the original test). There was also a side benefit. Beretta had to expand a plant in MD, creating quite a few new jobs without anyone in the US laying out the cash. I apologize for taking up all this space but it wasn't a simple answer. I like the Beretta, have used it, but in a 9mm I'd prefer a Glock (not around in the early 80s).
  19. I have always used Colt or GI magazines with no problems. The 8 rd mags that came with my PT1911 also work well. I do have some crappy aftermarket mags made only God knows where. They work most of the time and I still use them for practice as the malfunctions they induce are good training. Floor plates are painted red so I don't mistake them for service magazines.
  20. how are those compared to the 10/22? I have both. Col. Mortimer's evaluation is good but I'll throw in something else to consider. If you use it as a utility gun a wood stock will get beat up (guns are tools). The plastic stock is going to look better 10 years from now. The camera industry learned this in the 80s (try to find a metal body camera today). I got my Plinkster last winter when Dick had them for $89.00 including an inexpensive scope. Accuracy is about equal and I've had zero problems or malfunctions with the Plinkster. As far as durability I won't be able to give you my opinion for about 25 years as that's about as long as I've had my 10/22.
  21. I'm a retired LEO and I've carried a gun for over 35 years. I really don't see the point in these IWB holsters with all the clips, snaps, etc. I just don't see what you gain with all that crap stuffed in your waistband. I've always used the minimalist IWB, the suede or leather with a clip or a strap (or two) and maybe a thumbsnap. IMO Milt Sparks makes the best IWB with the steel lining which keeps the holster open so you can reholster without two hands (one to hold the gun and the other to hold the holster open). They are expensive though.
  22. This is a reminder of how the liberals see things. 1st Amendment means you can do anything. Even if it insults, is inaccurate, a lie, etc 2nd Amendment is outdated, means we should restrict firearms, etc etc If we want to fight for the 2nd we have to put up with the 1st.
  23. Most of my rifles are C&R come to think of it Garands, a few Mausers, an Enfield or two, and some others.
  24. I don't think these guns are guns in NYC (witness the brouhaha over the black powder gun recently in the press), and I don't think they are guns in NJ. Can someone show actual law proving or disproving this? A member of NYPD (knowledgable in firearms) told me BP guns of all types in NY are not considered firearms if you don't intend to shoot them. Essentially, curios. If you intend to shoot them all firearms laws apply. Sounds screwy but it is NY.
  25. call Taurus, they will just send you one.
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