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  1. The law only protects the firearm--high capacity magazines or hollow point ammunition are still off limits for off duty officers carrying in other states. That depends on who is interpreting it and as the law is relatively new there have only been a few test cases. If there is no law regarding hollowpoints or magazine capacity in that state, say Pennsylvania, off duty and retired officers can carry any kind of ammo they want in any capacity magazine. If there is a law regarding magazine capacity or hollowpoints, like NJ, that off duty officer may or may not be in violation depending on how a judge interprets LEOSA. Some will contend that LEOSA only covers "the carrying of the firearm" but if you read the entire law it covers a lot of other things. The law says: SEC. 3. EXEMPTION OF QUALIFIED RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS FROM STATE LAWS PROHIBITING THE CARRYING OF CONCEALED FIREARMS. (a) IN GENERAL.
  2. The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA aka HR218 when it was a bill in the house) allows active and retired LEOs to carry anywhere in the country (including Puerto Rico, Guam, and any place else owned by the U.S. There are not many restrictions. Google LEOSA for details. In their own jurisdictions LEOs carry with statutory authority and don't need carry permits.
  3. Apparently it is not bullpuckey in Ocean County. The post I quoted was from Bayville and the incidents I'm aware of were in Ocean County. This may be a county by county thing as someone mentioned Camden Co stopped taking firearms. When I was a municipal police officer (left 1978 to go to a federal job) we kept all guns in our evidence room. I had an incident where a girl took her father's car after he had come back from hunting in PA and he had left his rifle in the trunk. He went to take a nap and she took the car without knowing the rifle was still in the trunk and got in an accident. The rifle was found in the trunk along with other hunting stuff when we were inventorying the car to be towed. I took her and the rifle home and lectured her father about leaving the gun in the car and left it at that. But that was me and in the 70s.
  4. They were taken by the township police & turned over to the county. Not sure if local police are capabale/willing to hold onto firearms for any period of time. All guns that come into police custody for whatever reason get turned over to the Prosecutor's Office for dispostion.
  5. I would strongly consider shipping it to yourself by UPS or Fedex, or through a local FFL to an FFL at your destination. There is too much that can go wrong between NY and NJ firearms laws. Don't know about UPS but FEDEX won't let you ship a gun to yourself. A FFL at your destination can't transfer a gun to you unless you are resident of that state. I'd drive.
  6. Okay a dealer can possess the gun and only transfer it to a LE agency with the evil features. The magazines must be permanently (means welding or shortening) limited to 15 rds. Pinning isn't going to get it. Stock swap is easy. It would seem you could buy a NJ compliant firearm easier. What kind of rifle is it?
  7. Going to a FMJ would help but Shane has it right.
  8. That's at least $100 less than any new one I've seen. I don't have a lot of experience with Kahrs but the NYPD guys I know were impressed with it. It is about the only non-big name pistol authorized for off duty by NYPD last I looked. Good deal!
  9. No Comment! Just the kind of thing that needs to be remembered in November! Federal judges are appointed by the president. It would be interesting to research who appointed the judges that came to this decision.
  10. We should all call in about gun control reform, during ask the Governor. Christie needs to attack fiscal issues first. That's everyone concerned. Gun people in NJ are another special interest group not something that concerns everyone. Let him get the money stuff on it's way to be straightened out before he does something positive for gun owners.
  11. GRIZ

    SKS Question.

    SKS okay. Any with any kind of detachable magazine not okay. Specifically listed as an assault weapon.
  12. never been in any trouble but had a brain fart and decided to hold up a gas station Come on, deciding to hold up a gas station is much more than a brain fart! Did the kid plea bargain? Was he prosecuted as a juvenile or adult? We all did stupid things, some we might have been arrested for, but armed robbery is far from being a playful youth. I remember a few years ago a bunch of guys were "fooling around" pulling up in their car and shooting people with a BB gun. They all got 3 years and deserve it AFAIC. Most add on charges can be negotiated away with plea bargaining. It all depends on what the defendant's record is and how strong a case the prosecution has.
  13. 10 years seems a little extreme, unless one of us were on the jury, lmfao.. if all they were prosecuting him for was that, seems a bit harsh, why not just take his FID and guns away? that is harmful enough. Under the system in NJ he will probably be out in 4 years or less. It looks like Morris County made the case and there was no reason for ATFE to prosecute. No reason to steal cases form other agenciesThere is more than enough of this stuff going around. If he was making 20 the US Attorney's Office most likely would have taken the case. The fact is even though he was convicted in a NJ court he could still be tried in a Federal court. PS If he was moving them across state lines ATFE would probably have done the case as Morris County has no jurisdiction in anything he did outside of NJ. I can guarantee there was an ATFE agents riding along on this case.
  14. He made a plea agreement and sentencing is usually part of it. As long as he agreed to plea guilty to the aggravated assault the other charge will be dropped. Not unusual. speeds things through the system.
  15. GRIZ

    Beretta 950 .25cal

    Um, what else they got? Good question. Let us have first crack at what else they want ti get rid of.
  16. I would never eat anything out of that water, especially things that stay on the bottem like crabs or fish. I grew up in Elizabeth and used to see guys swimming in the Arthur Kill. Never really cared to go swimming in water that smelled bad. One of the ways they determine how polluted water is is by the free oxygen level. 30 years ago the free oxygen level in the Arthur Kill was ZERO. Nothing could live there. I ran into someone from NOAA at work about 15 years ago. They were colleting water samples and catching fish. They told me the water there was getting better and evidence was there was fish living there. She didn't say she would eat the fish. Maybe in 50 years the Kill might clean itself up but not in my lifetime.
  17. GRIZ

    Beretta 950 .25cal

    I have one for over 25 years. Totally reliable and very accurate (if you take the time to use the sights) pistol. I have several 25s and it's my favorite. No it's not a magnum or 45 but no one wants to get shot even with 25.
  18. The cop said it was problably from a fishermen's tackle box. btw, it's not a lake, it's the Kill Van Kull That's a brave fisherman who'll eat anything caught in the Arthur Kill. The gun has probably dissolved if it was thrown in yesterday.
  19. the only thing that exploded were the scuba tanks If the safety in the valve works correctly they would just blow the air out thru the valve. I had one fail in my Mother's basement, it blew stuff around but no explosion. Scuba tanks are designed to split if the safety or valve doesn't go and the big danger there would be all that air added to the fire. Mythbusters did a thing where they sent a cylinder much larger than a scuba tank through a brick wall when the valve was knocked off. Not that I'd like to get in way of a scuba tank with the valve knocked off. Newer tanks hold higher pressures so I imagine more potential of damage. There was a lot of ammo in the WTC when it went down and I saw some of it. All lead bullets melted out of the case and left the primer intact. Rounds going off don't pose a lot of danger as the pressure is released very early and there is no barrel to contain it. The velocity doesn't get very high and although it can break skin (you only need 4-500 fps) the big danger is if your eyes are unprotected. I saw ammo cook off more than once in Vietnam but small arms ammo does travel far. It sounds scary though. The most dangerous military ammo was powder for 155s, 175s, and 8" artillery. If the powder gets hot enough to cook off it blows the cap off the powder canister and creates a very unguided rocket. I witnessed this on more than one occasion. I believe fire codes require a wooden magazine for smokeless powder commercially. That way if the powder goes if will just split the wood instead of making shrapnel.
  20. I remember going to the old Ray's when it was on the other side of Rte 22. It was a lot smaller and was mostly guns and accessories. For those of you who don't know that place burned down and it was quite a fire. Regardless of what kind of insurance coverage he had you have to give Ray credit for starting all over again and on a bigger scale. He was high priced but there's few places I've been with the selection and stock Ray's had. Need dies for some oddball caliber? Ray's usually had them. Need 50,000 rds of 40 S&W? Pull your truck around back. I became well acquainted with Ray's son in law and a few of the staff and can only say good things about them. rscalzo is right about the connections Ray's son in law had and knew people in just about any line you can think of and was always willing to share info. I went to Ray's for nearly 40 years. In all that time I only bought two guns there and got good deals on those. Most of my personal purchases were accessories, ammo, or reloading stuff. I worked most of my career for a federal agency so our guns, ammo, and a lot of other stuff was issued centrally. I only spent a few thousand dollars of the agency's money a year at Ray's but they always treated me good. They even offered to loan equipment at times to try out knowing I couldn't buy it there. There were many times I'd be in the area and stop in to see what was new and bs if they weren't busy.
  21. Welcome to the mystery of NJ's Firearms Laws. The legislature seems unable to write a firearms law that can be understood and need "Attorney General's Opinions".
  22. Possession of over a 15 rd magazine is a crime in NJ. It would be illegal to have an over 30 rd AR mag in a Remington 7615P as it's made to fit a semi auto. Same for the AK mags.
  23. These most likely are for the Office of the Inspector General where they do criminal investigations. 27 shotguns is not a lot but I'm sure they don't have that many investigators. Every department in the federal government has criminal investigators that have guns and badges, investigate crimes, and make arrests. For example, last I knew there were only about 50 in the Forest Service. EPA, Fish and Wildlife, Agriculture, and all the others have criminal investigators. 14" 870s are what most Federal Agencies are using. They are a little handier getting in and out of a car and in tight quarters. They do have significantly more muzzle blast than a 18" barrel though.
  24. IIRC, The only thing the C&R does in NJ is eliminates the requirement for you to pay NICS on every transaction. I understand the C&R also eliminates the one a month? Last I looked both are correct. Fortunately we haven't had any of the famous "attorney general opinions" in NJ since Christie was elected.
  25. Is this Romanian stuff steel case? Do you have the same issue with brass casr ammo? It may be the steel case isn't expanding enough to seal the chamber and you're getting hit by gas blow by. Try some brass case ammo and see if it happens. Are there any signs of headspace issues like primers backing out or the shoulder of the case gets blown forward a great deal?
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