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  1. This is a reminder of how the liberals see things. 1st Amendment means you can do anything. Even if it insults, is inaccurate, a lie, etc 2nd Amendment is outdated, means we should restrict firearms, etc etc If we want to fight for the 2nd we have to put up with the 1st.
  2. Most of my rifles are C&R come to think of it Garands, a few Mausers, an Enfield or two, and some others.
  3. I don't think these guns are guns in NYC (witness the brouhaha over the black powder gun recently in the press), and I don't think they are guns in NJ. Can someone show actual law proving or disproving this? A member of NYPD (knowledgable in firearms) told me BP guns of all types in NY are not considered firearms if you don't intend to shoot them. Essentially, curios. If you intend to shoot them all firearms laws apply. Sounds screwy but it is NY.
  4. call Taurus, they will just send you one.
  5. GRIZ

    CMP Garand

    As others have said just follow the link and fill in the blanks. The club requirement can also be met if you are active duty, reserves, or national guard, VFW, American Legion, etc. The most common route most guys seem to follow who have a hard time meeting this requirement is joining the Garand Collector's Association for $25 a year. The first time I sent my stuff to CMP I sent them everything as I had multiple ways to meet the requirements. After really learning what's required and accepted all I sent them to renew my elgibility (required every 2 or 3 years can't remember which) is my military ID card which serves as proof of citizenship (commissioned officer), firearms training, date of birth, club affliation (USAR), and my NJ FID.
  6. GRIZ

    Open carry in pa

    I new it was legal to open carry in pa,but I did not know that a non resident could also. Keep in mind there is no law in PA that says you can open carry. What makes it legal is there is no law that says you can't open carry. There are very few state laws that apply to residents only. If you go to VT or AK you can carry concealed without any kind of permit. Before you go doing something with guns in any state you need to familiarize yourself with that state's laws.
  7. With all those permits out there, how are they going to stop you? When the copy of the permit goes to the NJSP they will be able to see the dates of transfer. I imagine enforcement will be the NJSP's responsibility as there is a matter of jurisdiction. If you live in Hackensack and you buy the gun in Cape May the "offense" will be committed in Cape May. Cape May PD, Cape May County Prosecutor's Office, or NJSP would have jurisdiction.
  8. Rather than have someone try to define if it's a muzzle brake or flash hider my ARs have nothing on the muzzle. If the AR you're looking at has a flash hider (surpressor) it might have a bayonet stud too. NJ legal ARs have a pistol grip so that's the only "evil feature" they can have. Unless you're getting a super deal you're probably better off just buying an AR that's already NJ compliant.
  9. tbtrout has the right idea but I'd like to add one caveat. Sprinkle it liberally on the grass. Be sure it's spread out. Powder will dry out if you wet it and lose very little in its ability to burn. If you just dump it in one spot someone may drop a lit cigarette there and a half a pound of Bullseye will give a good flash. If you choose to burn it do what we do in the artillery. Lay a long trail of powder rather than one pile. It will minimize the flash and be safer. Lay a trail maybe 1/2" wide on something that won't burn (dirt or concrete), light one end with a match or better yet a barbeque lighterand it's always a good idea to wear some goggles for eye protection. It will burn fast so make sure everyone is out of the way before you light it. I wouldn't try giving it away as knowledgable handloaders don't really want to depend on what may be in an unsealed can of powder.
  10. GRIZ

    Sawed off

    That makes sense, so 18 1/4 it is. And 26 1/4 inches in length. I wouldn't cut it that close but that would be legal.
  11. GRIZ

    Sawed off

    I went to Caso's today and they said the legal length for a barrel is 16 inches. Does anyone know the exact lengths for stock and barrel? Legal length for a rifle is 16". 18" forr a shotgun and either needs to be at least 26" overall. You're better off adding a little to both as coldsolderjoint did.
  12. GRIZ

    Taurus Revolvers?

    Taurus are cheaper than Ruger and S&W but they aren't as cheap as say Hi-Point and Larcin. Don't confuse price with quality. Taurus is light years ahead of Hi Point and Lorcin as far as quality. I would rate Taurus quality along with S&W or Ruger when it comes to strength, durability, or engineering. The triggers are just not as nice as a S&W or Ruger.
  13. if you were to buy that stock and did not pin it before bringing it home and/or installing, you could be looking at prison time for having an assault weapon. If it's not a pistol grip stock and the stock is the only "evil feature" then it would be legal in NJ. Check NJSP.org.
  14. Excellent price. I paid $440 for a new one about a year and a half ago and that was a great price then.
  15. If the gun was 'willed' to you, you can legally drive, pick up the gun & drive back home, just as you stated. This is true but somehow I don't feel that's the case. If the revolver is part of the estate what does the will say? Anything specific about who it belongs to? If so that person can take legal possesion of it. If not and the executor is liquidating the estate and you can get the gun the gun has to, at the very least, a DE FFL. A FFL can accept firearms shipped or delivered to them but some insist that it come from another FFL (a NJ FFL in this case). In short if the gun is not left to you in the will it has to be transferred to you via a DE FFL.
  16. GRIZ

    Taurus Revolvers?

    I own 3 Taurus revolvers (made in 1988 to 1992). A Model 85 (2" J frame size) and 2 K frame sized 357s (4" blue and 6" stainless). The only issue I had was the screw holding rear sight on the 4" worked loose while I was cranking off magnums and the rear sight flew off. This was partly my fault as I shouls have checked it. Replaced by Taurus free with a 2 week turnaround. I don't see anything wrong with Taurus quality (that goes for the PT1911 and PT99AF I own also). The triggers on Taurus revolvers are not as good as S&Ws or Rugers as a rule but are not something you can't work with. My 85's trigger is smoother than any S&W J frame of that era and the sights are a little better. I had a S&W Model 19 that was going out of time and suffering severe flamecutting after a few thousand rounds. I have at least twice as many rounds out of my Taurus 357s and still have no problems. Outside of some reported problems with the PT1911 (mine is trobule free) it seems to me that many of the complaints about Taurus being of inferior quality is very exagerated. I wouldn't hestitate to buy any Taurus product I felt met one of my needs or wants.
  17. GRIZ


    I'm not a fan of the 5.7. Limited number of guns available means it can die as quickly as it appeared. It may have some benefits to LE or the military but I can't see anything it can do better than conventional calibers.
  18. I saw 15 rd Magpul AR mags at Tip's the other day. $39.95 each! Ouch! Magpul doesn't have them listed on their website. Anybody else see these for less?
  19. Snub 357? If you're talking a J frame S&W the recoil is brutal. If you're talking a SP101 or K frame or larger it's not that bad. Remember recoil is basically a function of the total ejected mass (bullet and powder) vs the weight of the gun with a factor thrown in for velocity. I used to carry a S&W 640 (issued). At 24 oz I could still shoot 100% on a qual course with magnums but it wasn't fun. The recovery time was also longer. I carried the gun with +P+ instead of magnums a trade off between power and faster recovery time. All the power of a 357 does no good if you can't hit with it. There are those he men who "can handle the recoil" and shoot 12" groups at 10 yds. Accuracy and controllability are more important to me. http://www.handloads.com/calc/recoil.asp Go to this site, plug in the numbers and you can see for yourself. Felt recoil can be reduced by larger grips which spread the recoil over a lrager area. Larger grips also make the gun harder to conceal if that's a concern.
  20. I have a Taurus 669 I bought in 1989. Thousands of rounds through it and only one slight problem. The screw holding the rear sight in came loose while banging off magnums. Partly my fault as the gun was 10 years old and I should have checked it. Sent it to Taurus and got it back within two weeks. I own 5 Taurus handguns Made between 1988 and 2006. Many will say they are not up to a S&W or Ruger. The triggers are not as good but not anything you can't work with. I dpn't know about their polymer frame, striker fired pistols but their 92, 1911, and conventional revolvers are all fine in my book and excellent values for the money.
  21. Probably closer to 950 in a 4 inch handgun based on our experience. Handloading would be the way to go using a slower powder and testing on a chronograph. Checked my notes and this is right on the money. Most factory subsonic loads were about 950fps regardless of barrel length. The highest velocity was WW in a Glock 17 at 990 fps. In a MP5 they all ran a little over 1000 fps. Through a Marlin 9 those tested ran 880-950 fps. Of course you might get different results with diffrent firearms of the same make but it gives you an idea of what's really going on.
  22. We used the WW 147 grain loads in our MP5's after a recommendation from some local FBI firearm's instructors. They function fine in both the sub gun and handgun. I also found that the velocity stays about the same for 147 gr ammo from handgun to MP5. Lighter bullets will pick up 50-100 fps going from a handgun to a MP5 (about a 9" barrel) and 100-150 fps in a 16" barrel. 147 gr bullets are not recommended for use in 9mm carbines. The problem with 147 gr bullets in 16" or longer barrels is not that it will not make it out of the barrel but the bullet may slow down compared to a handgun. Manufacturers make subsonic to stay subsonic (<1100fps) be it used in a handgun or MP5. When you put another 6" or more of barrel to go through barrel friction can slow it down 50-100 fps from those I've chronographed.
  23. GRIZ

    desert eagle 357

    I had a friend that had one in 357. Heavy and very accurate. The tolerances were so tight it would start jamming after about 50 rounds. If you took it down and cleaned it, it was good for another 50 rounds. It was still doing this after 500 rds. Nice gun but limited utility in my opinion.
  24. I bought one last year at Dick's. They had them on sale for $89 with the plastic stock and it came with an inexpensive but usable 4x scope. I've had no problems with it and it shoots about as good as any other semi-auto 22 with any ammo I've tried.
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