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  1. GRIZ

    desert eagle 357

    I had a friend that had one in 357. Heavy and very accurate. The tolerances were so tight it would start jamming after about 50 rounds. If you took it down and cleaned it, it was good for another 50 rounds. It was still doing this after 500 rds. Nice gun but limited utility in my opinion.
  2. I bought one last year at Dick's. They had them on sale for $89 with the plastic stock and it came with an inexpensive but usable 4x scope. I've had no problems with it and it shoots about as good as any other semi-auto 22 with any ammo I've tried.
  3. Use a pencil to mark your progress, a small brass flat head punch, and small hammer and you can get the same results.
  4. That's a different thing. You(as NJ resident) cannot legally purchase them in AZ without them going through a FFL. That means you would have had to get the pistol permits. He's talking about Blackpowder revolvers which only NJ and another state I can't think of right now treat as firearms. There is nothing stopping you from buying a blackpowder revolver in another state. I'm not sure about bringing it back to NJ though.
  5. GRIZ

    HD gun value?

    I agree it doesn't make a difference to me if I had to use a $200 gun or a $2000 gun as long as I'm alive. I don't own a $2000 gun anyway. I'm rather practical when it comes to gun buying and have never reached $1000 buying a single firearm. There is no need to spend $2000 for an effective defensive handgun although a lot of people think so.
  6. Does Cabala's in PA have a selection? Cabelas has a fair selection of holsters but I think they are overpriced.
  7. Both of my references, one a retired NYC cop and one a cop in my town and both said they were never contacted. Go figure. I don't think contacting the references is a requirement. Until I moved to where I live now my references were never contacted. Now the PD sends them a questionaire that they need to fill out and return before my permits will be processed.
  8. GRIZ

    Hi point carbines?

    I have one in 9mm for 4 years. I paid about $100 less (dealer's price) at the time. They are ugly, look and feel cheap but run 100% with factory mags. Stay away from the aftermarket 15 rd mags. I never got one to run more than 2 rds without feeding problems. Mine shoots about 5" groups at 100 yds with any ammo I've tried. I shoot only a couple hundred rounds a year through it. It is a pain to field strip and I usually clean the bore and wipe out the big chunks after shooting. Clean it totally about once a year but it has never malfunctioned. For the price everyone ought to have one.
  9. A subsequent post by the Chief Operating Officer says "CMP will not ship a M1 Carbine to NJ". Based on this CMP will sell you one at the store or ship it to you at an out of state address but not to NJ. Bringing it in to NJ will create problems for you.
  10. An AR is semi-auto, has a pistol grip and the ability to take deatchable magazines. The pistol grip is one of the "evil" features and you can only have one. No flash surpressor, threaded muzzle, folding or telescopic stock, bayonet lug, or grenade launcher. Don't compare NJ laws to CA laws. Each is different in there own respect and thinking it's compliant with CA laws can get you in trobule in NJ and vice versa. Permanently blocked means that. One way is to cut the magazine down. If you were to weld a block inside the magazine (not on the floorplate) I think that would meet the criteria. the argument could be made that the welded block could be removed so the only sure way I can see to stay out of trobule is to have mags that were originally made to only carry 15 rds.
  11. I checked with the Chief Operating Officer of CMP and his response was not to New Jersey and can be found here http://www.odcmp.org/new_forum/topic.as ... 57񥿃. The law states "M1 carbine type". That covers all "types" of M1 carbine. See Title 13 chapter 54 here. http://njsp.org/about/fire_ag2.html The NJ AG has also the "substantially identical" guidelines. You can read those at the same link Removing the bayonet lug would not even be needed if "M1 carbine type" were not listed in the law. This is the same as there is nothing you can do to a Steyr AUG to make it legal in NJ. FFLs I've talked to have told me they could order any kind of M1 carbine as long as it was being transferred to a LE agency. I have also heard of a dealer who ordered AO carbines and sold them until the NJSP found out. They were all returned and no charges were filed. When NJ passed their AWB there were only a small number (a few hundred) that were registered. I guarantee there were more than few hundred out there. The way to argue this law would be the comment made by the Supreme Court in Heller about the right to have firearms "in common usage". However, if AWBs in other states were overturned I'm sure NJ would put up a big fight in the courtroom. After all they'd be fighting it with our money not their's.
  12. GRIZ

    15 Round AK Mags

    Thanx for the instructions. I thought that this could be done with AR magazines and next time I go to my friends house in PA for a weekend I'll try it.
  13. When I I got permits back in Jan, I had to state my employer , but the employer wasn't notified I know you have to put your emplyer down on the application but the way I was reading that post is that they notify your employer. Never heard of that. IIRC the NJSP website only requires your fingerprints once (and they assign you a SBI#) but they allow local chiefs to call their own shot on that. They used to require fingerprints with every pistol permit application. NJSP said we only need them once in the late 70s or early 80s.
  14. tbtrout, can you tell me where there is a requirement to notify your employer? I've never heard of this???
  15. What I find really odd is that the M1A (modified) is permitted and yet the M-1 Carbine is not??? Very strange logic. Most restrictive gun laws are written by people who know nothing about guns. It's like you and I writing laws for brain surgery.
  16. The CMP doesn't give a hoot about NJ laws. And yes they will ship you a M1 Carbine. I beg to differ mauser. CMP requires you to send a copy of your NJ FID before you buy any rifles. The decision was made not to sell M1 carbines to NJ residents after much discussion on the forum when they annouced they were going to sell them. You would need the "Assault Weapon Permit" which I don't think anyone has in NJ. So even if CMP would sell them to NJ residents you'd be in for some serious trobule if you got one. The only legal M1 carbines in people's hands in NJ were those that were registered before NJ's AWB went into effect. It doesn't make a difference with or without pistol grip any "M1 carbine type" is illegal in NJ (other than those mentioned above). Legal in CA but you can only have 10rd magazines. You can legally own the 15 rd magazine in NJ but not the gun.
  17. You can reload berdan primed brass if you can find the primers. You can also convert berdan primed brass to boxer primers but it is a lot of work. I think either option I've l;isted just isn't worth it.
  18. GRIZ

    Proper Cleaning

    I use bore cleaner and clean out the inside of the slide, frame, etc. To clean out the bore cleaner I use Brake Kleen in the red can. It's the same as Gunscrubber but 1/3 the price. I went to a Glock seminar a few years ago and Glock endorsed using Gunscrubber. Keep in mind that after using Brake Kleen or Gunscrubber the entire pistol is absolutely dry. It may turn the slide grey but all you have to do is wipe it down with lubricant and it's black and shiny. To lube I use CLP. A small drop in the mechanism in the frame. While not really needed I use a small brush and brush down the inner frame, slide, barrel, and recoil spring and guide with CLP. You can't miss lube points as you lube everything except the face of the breech where the firing pin comes out to strike the primer. I think this makes the gun easier to clean next time as carbon and gunk fall on lubricant which is on the aprts not directly on the parts. This has worked for me for years. PS Using the Gunscrubber or Brake Kleen removes any need or desire to detail strip a gun. too many guns get screwed up taking them totally down and putting them back together. I been a Firearms Instructor for over 30 years and the only reason I ever saw to take a gun apart was when it was broken. Too many have a fascination with deatil stripping.
  19. Everytime I shoot with very few exceptions. A clean gun is a happy gun and a happy gun will take care of you.
  20. I've been reloading for about 35 years. What happens is you do save money but you spend just as much reloading and tend to shoot more. It used to be some calibers were not economically fesaible to reload, like when you could get a case of 1000 Portuguese 7.62 NATO for $90. Current ammo prices have changed that.
  21. That's a pretty broad brush. I've done IPSC, PPC, and High Power rifle.
  22. Favorite? Hard to pick one but if pressed I'd pick an AR. Between the military and working as a LEO I've had one just about continuously since 1968 M16, AR15, or M4. I've undoubtedly shot more 223/5.56 through ARs than any other rifle.
  23. My best shooting Garand is a Field grade I picked up at the CMP North store. It's a real mix of parts 1942 receiver, VAR barrel that measures a 2 at each end, Beretta oprod, and just about every manufacturer represnted in all the other parts. The wood is all walnut that cleaned up pretty good and it shoots 1 1/2" at 100 yd with Greek HXP (that is if I do my part).
  24. Welcome aboard tankcommander. Those are some big guns on tanks but I used to shoot M110, 8" howitzers and M107 175 mm guns. Kind of hard to hit something moving with artillery though. I got to shoot the main gun on a M48 once (90mm?). I'm also retired from Active Army, Guard, and Reserve spending most of my time in artillery. I recently picked up a Mosin Nagant (1943) in really nice condition.
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