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  1. Get a military aviators kit bag. If your keeping it in your vehicle size doesnt matter that much.Keep it 4 season. You don't want to keep switching stuff out. You know this from CAP. Survival vest stuff may vary by region. If you have a problem acquiring an Avaiators Kit Bag PM me. I get food, water, shelter, armament all in a large Alice pack.
  2. FWIW, I got a cab of G96 throgh Amazon and it came with an ORM-D sticker. No hazmat fee
  3. GRIZ

    Bald Eagle

    Excellent photographs!!!
  4. More later. Your quote and my response exceeded the volume.
  5. I let this sit for a week before responding. There are a lot of things people here are unaware or misinformed. LEOs give up a lot of rights when they take the job. So does anyone going into the military. LEOs and the military are supposed to be politically neutral. There are not only department regulations but laws that govern the conduct of LEO's conduct in political activities. The Hatch Act is the Federal law covers employees of the Executive Branch which includes all Federal LEOs and even state employees where Federal funds pay most of their salary. It is designed to prevent government workers from being involved in partisan politics. Using one's postion to endorse a political view is not allowed. I have seen this interpreted to include making a public statement even if they don't mention their government position. NJ has similar laws as do most states. These laws don't apply to officials in elected positions like Sheriff Bianco. His political position will be judged by his voters. There are those that say the laws and regulations should be overlooked in Anderson's case. I don't agree. When the laws and regulations are overlooked and LE can be involved in partisan politics we wind up with phony "Russian Collusion" dossiers used to get FISA warrants. We get an attempted coup by a rogue AG and a corrupt FBI Director. Anderson was given several chances to take the video down. His chief was trying to keep him out of trouble. Anderson decided to do what he did. He's losing his job as a police officer. He got a payday anyway. https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-officer-anderson/campaign/gallery/0 Over $436,000 in two weeks. Pretty good severance package. We'll see what he's going to do with it. Fight in court to get his job back? He violated regulations and probably some WA laws doing what he did so that seems like throwing the money away. Maybe he'll take a couple years off and sail around the world as he said he'd like to in his video.
  6. I looked at the 21, 30, and 36. The 30 is like the G19 of 45 acps. The 21 is a big gun. The 30? Not too big, not too small. I got the 30. Eventually I got a 21 and have gotten rid of it. Still have the 30. If you are in a position to use higher capacity you can use the 21 mags in the 30.
  7. Underdoggy, you apparently didn't read the first sentence in my first post. It was, "Contrary to what a lot of people think here this is the attitude of most police". That was agreement with what was said in the video in the OP. You've gone on to cut snippets out of my responses to throw a totally different twist to what I've written. I take exception to your efforts to portray me as something I'm not. Your character attack is so wrong as others on this forum who know me could tell you. I'll set that straight now. Police need to have a show of force at any demonstration. It's got nothing to do with power tripping. It has to do with maintaining order. The show of force is tailored to the level of the threat. I saw, in the past few weeks, some Catholic nuns were picketing the Supreme Court. There were a few police there. More to ensure the right to demonstrate wasn't interfered with rather than expecting trouble from the nuns. So yeah, that was a show of force. You probably didn't like that. You'd call that too much power tripping. If there's a demonstration where there is a likelihood of turning violent the police need to show up with more than a few cops. You should be ashamed of yourself. You've been making all these claims about rights but apparently only read parts of the COTUS that support your ideas. Your understanding of the COTUS and the system it establishes are seriously lacking. The police, part of the Executive Branch has no power to determine the constitutionality of a law. That power lies in the Judicial Branch. The shutdown restrictions that have been imposed are by executive orders which, for the most part, have the force of law. However, EOs can be nullified by the Legislative Branch. As far as declaring a law unconstituional, that is a job for the Judicial Branch. Most cases that go to appellate courts don't question the constitutionality of the law but the constitutionality of the procedures used. So yes, you can say a law is unconstituional when it is written. It gets passed by the legislature, signed into law by the chief executive or his veto overriden by the legislature. But until that law is found unconstutional by a court or repealed by the same process that passed it you can be arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced for violating it. Blame the legislature for not nullifying EOs. I've said in this thread cops don't want to be bothered with enforcing all these EO shutdowns. I said that and made the point that's because they they think these EOs are bs. You've tried to turn that around to say it's a lack of sympathy on my part but you're wrong. Instead of blaming someone of a lack of sympathy I've supported relatives and friends during this time. If I get the money back, fine. If not that's fine too. I put my money where my heart is. Do you?I You talk about holding cops accountable for the actions of other cops. So should you be held accountable because your 20 year old commits a heinous crime because you didn't bring them up right? Your way of thinking is how North Korea is run. You want to hold cops accountable for the actions of other cops. America doesn't work that way. Communism and Nazi Germany do or did. As I've already noted you lack an understanding of the COTUS. Now there has been many instances of police over eagerly enforcing these shutdown EOs. I never defended that. You fail to realize when they were making arrests the EO was legal. You want them and all cops held accountable. The COTUS prohibits ex post facto laws. You forgot that part. Yes most cops don't want to be bothered with enforcing shutdown restrictions. I've said that most of these restrictions are bs. This is evident from the lack of hundreds or thousands of arrests for violations. How many can you find? Cops not arresting someone because they took their kids to a playground or not arresting someone for anything doesn't make the news. Why do you applaud Officer Anderson and Sheriff Bianco for not wanting to be bothered with enforcing these bs EOs but when I say the same you show me no respect? That's okay. I don't need or desire respect from you. You blame police for getting paid while others are suffering. Do you have the same attitude about other "essential workers"? Yes, there is a difference between the way police and non-police think just as there are differences between every other profession. The big difference is there are many more people with no knowledge who think they know how cops should do their job
  8. I'm not embarrassed by that. I didn't have any part of it. It is troubling based on what the video shows. Your last paragraph explains why most police don't want to be bothered with enforcing these shutdown mandates. I said that in my last response.
  9. I'm not saying cops don't slam people into sidewalks. Sometimes that's what has to be done. Sometimes the cops are wrong. You're projecting an image that everyone arrested comes along peaceably. That's not real life. A show of force at a peaceable protest helps keep it peaceable. More so when there's a demonstration and a counter-demonstration in the same place. Tactical gear bothers you? I guess you think they should show up with pool noodles and water pistols. There is a lot of talk about unconstitutional laws. The fact is a law doesn't become unconstitutional until a court says it is. Cops or anyone else can't decide that. That's our system. Many of this shutdown due to the virus is bs. Cops don't want to be bothered enforcing mask wearing, social distancing, and most of this other stuff. The PBA in NYC told DeBlassio so. Many mayors and sheriffs have refused to enforce stupid shutdowns mandated by governors.
  10. Contrary to what a lot of people think here, this is the attitude of most police. Cops are pounded with Constitutional Rights in the police academy. Most cops are not out there to screw with you. No matter what you may think. If the law said you were okay with carrying a bazooka in your car they'd be okay with that. Don't blame the cops. Blame the lawmakers.
  11. 108th is KC135s. 177th is F16s.
  12. STOP IT!!! I have full confidence in my Taurus handguns, revolver and semiautos. Whilst one may use them for sport they are effective combat pistols.
  13. One needs to realize. There are two separate supply chains. Consumer and commercial. Commercial has been pretty much shutdown. Example? I saw a commentary and they said 2/3 of the bacon in the US is consumed by restaurants. That's pretty shut down. I assessed my tp consumption a,while back. Found no consumer tp at a normal price. I found those big commercial rolls at a normal price. I bought a case (they equal 4 consumer rolls). I'm set for some time. Commercial can't just switch over to consumer. That's a problem.
  14. Not pure profit. They has to truck it up from Mexico. Thank God for captialism.
  15. Regio is made in Mexico and Colombia. Big producer. Not an off brand.
  16. I have a Taurus 608. 8 shot, N frame, ported, 357 with a 6 1/2 inch made in 2004. Zeke, HE, and Peel have shot it. The weight and porting make it totally manageable with 357s. Trigger is as good as any out of the box S&W. I usually take it when I'm shooting rifles. 50, 100, and even 200 yards. It would be the Raging Hunter without the rail.
  17. Mel Brooks!!! A comic genius!!! "The Producers" is one of the funniest movies ever made. I've seen it at least 20 times. Having seen it is one thing. Then I saw it on Broadway. You have to see the "Dancing Swastika" live!!!
  18. If you read the early Bond novels, Bond went commando before that was a term
  19. It was required in the 70s to my experience. It was required to be filled out but not required to be kept for private purchases. If you bought from a FFL the FFL was required to keep it. I wouldn't worry about it. Too many people have guns they inherited, guns they purchased when they lived out of state before they moved to NJ, and guns acquired legally in other ways that there is no paper trail. Don't worry about it.
  20. According to my research these headstamps were started for export contracts. France for one country. The 033 would be a lot number and 10 would be for 2010. Finding these headstamps here would indicate an over run of ammo or just cases for export.
  21. My cooking skills may leave something to be desired. I know how to sharpen. I learned how from a Texan about 4 0 years ago!!!!
  22. Ask Murphy. He probably needs a bit of stimulus to do this. When he first ordered the lock down my club closed the indoor range and required social distancing on the outdoor ranges then (probably after consultation) shut down the club.
  23. You don't need any "implied sign" to tell an intruder you don't want him or her to break in. If it's not their place and no one is there it's burglary. If someone there it's robbery. You can't shoot someone who broke your window and offers no threat. You are allowed to defend yourself in your home at any time unless the state has a must retreat law. Even then if you have no way to escape you can defend yourself. How you defend yourself is the question. If you encounter the intruder and they turn and run you can't shoot them. You can use deadly force when there is no other alternative to prevent death or serious injury to yourself or another. Everything else is in between and is dependent on the totality of the circumstances. No short answer to your question.
  24. If you feel safer doing that fine. I've never felt the need to do that. Interesting you mention removing the cylinder on a S&W. A lot of people don't know how to do it. Just like a lot of people think the screw holding in the mainspring is a "trigger pull adjustment screw".
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