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  1. Haven't been to all of them but I would concur. I would add Diamond Lil''s in Salt Lake. Don't know if they're still in business Also the Old Salt Lake City Jail. Maybe the steak wasn't the best but you ate in a cell!!! Gallaghers in AC is hit or miss. Their signature Manhattan is great if they make it right. Not a steakhouse but I've never been disappointed ordering a filet at Cappricio's in AC. Working for the government I was under different constraints. It used to be you had to itemize breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Made you become creative when you filed your travel voucher. Then they changed to Meals and Incidental expenses. If you wanted to spend it all on dinner that was okay.
  2. As I buyer I expect to pay the transfer fee. Same as when I order a gun online and have it shipped to a FFL. If the seller insists on using an FFL with a ridiculous transfer fee I'd pass.
  3. I have DeSantis holsters I've been using since the 80s. They are still reasonably priced. My favorite is the Speed Scabbard without the thumb break. A good leather holster will last your lifetime with minimal care.
  4. I see no sense in this. If I wanted a magazine fed lever action that shoots 223 I'd get a Browning lever action.
  5. Ok I probably will get there by dessert!!!
  6. I have no time to cook I'll bring plasticware and plates.
  7. @capt14k is spot on. If you claim you were in fear of your life it is on the prosecutor to prove you weren't. Other states are different.
  8. Genuine Irish Bangers are about the same as bratwurst. You can get good bratwurst here but I've never found good bangers. The only really good bangers I've had I brought back from Ireland. However, during my time in Germany I became a bratwurst gourmet. My favorite ways to eat bratwurst are mit brochen (like a hard roll) and mit bratkartollen (home fries) . Although, due to my travels I like a good chorizo or andoullie (sp ?) sausage. Ethnically, good Kielbasa (we always said kielbasi) is high on my list. Don't know what I might bring. Been very busy with travel lately. I'll look forward to brats!!!
  9. FWIW I agree with @Kevin125. I have never heard of anyone being arrested walking or taking a bus to a range with their firearm encased and unloaded. A long gun in a case might set off alarms but it would be legal. If anyone has heard of anyone arrested under such conditions please enlighten me. I've only been shooting for over 50 years.
  10. You were the one who talked about getting together with some "patriots" and mixing it up with the police.
  11. PA has no laws preventing lending a long gun to someone who is not prohibited from possessing firearms. Federal law allows for the same. You figure it out.
  12. Wars aren't won with handguns. Or any small arms that includes rifles and machine guns. Artillery has been the biggest killer on the battlefield since Napolean.
  13. FYI, chlordane is illegal to use in the US since 1988.
  14. I've done belgian blue on a 1911. It's pretty easy and the bluing is available from Midway and Brownell. How glossy it gets depends on how high a sheen you polish. It comes out a deep BLUE!!!
  15. The problem with chlordane was they uses to sell it at Home Depot. People used to buy it and sprinkle it on the ground. That caused problems and only pest control guys can buy it now. Properly injected into the ground chlordane creates no problems. I've had more than one residential construction contractor tell me what to do if you're building a house. When they dig the hole have a pest control guy come in and spray the hole and foundation with chlordane. You will never have termite problems then. You might be able to buy chlordane outside of NJ. Just be sure you have the equipment to inject it in the ground. My house was done before I bought it by a mom and pop. I bought my house in March and I has termite swarming in April. They came back and got rid of them. One word of advice is take the service contract which they all offer. For a couple of hundred a year.they do an annual inspection and kill anything that needs to be killed. If you don't you might have problems that will cost several thousands. Karma?
  16. I usually buy private sales. Look around. I bought 2 very good guard agency model 10s for $100 each a few years ago.
  17. That's way different than, "the guy was going to kill me but I shot him with my boss' gun.
  18. More likely wouldn't be charged. Much better odds than craps. Someone using someone else's gun to save their's or someone else's life is not a case a prosecutor would want to take to trial.
  19. If the owner of the business keeps a firearm there and an employee uses it to legitimately defend themselves they might be charged with a crime. I dont think they would be charged. Exigent circumstances are a defense to breaking the law.
  20. Keep in mind we are more self sufficient now when it comes to oil.
  21. Dri-Slide is black as it's molybdenum disulfide which is black. If you're shooting moly coated bullets you're putting more moly in the gun with each round. That's why it looks gunky and your hands get dirty. You can get the same effect if you kept putting lube down your bore. The melting point of molydendum disulfide is about 2400 degrees fahrenheit. Your gun doesnt get hot enough to burn it off like many other lubes. The military never accepted it because if you lubed a gun with it, it would turn your finger black. I never had any serious problem with carbon buildup and Dri-Slide. There is no problem with Dri-Slide picking up fine grit. Lube a part with just about any other lube and drop it in the sand and see how much sticks to it. Do the same with Dri-Slide, let the carrier evaporate and see what sticks to the Dri-Slide. Little if anything sticks. There was plenty of crap from the environment that could stick to it in Vietnam. I was introduced to Dri-Slide in Vietnam. I wasn't a special operator, sniper or anything like that but there were occasions I had some very high round counts and it worked as a lube on the internals better than LSA which was what the Army provided. The stakes were quite a bit higher than losing a match. Yeah, it was combat tested by me and it works if you apply it properly. It has no protectorant or solvent properties. It just lubes. It's also good for motorcycle chains.
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