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  1. Flywheels are usually nodular cast then machined. Strength? That's the same manufacturing technology Ruger uses for frames and crankshafts in engines.
  2. @AVB-AMG I'm not posting to disagree with you. I have some knowledge of architecture but bow out graciously to your expertise. However, I do have an opinion of what looks like it should look like. The Guggenheim in NY looks like an art museum. I like the way it looks almost as much as The Cloisters which is light years different in appearance. I enjoy seeing these buildings as much as I like seeing what's inside them. Ive probably been in more Federal buildings and courthouses than most people. One only has to go to Newark and look at the Post Office (a classic Federal building) and across the street at the Rodino building. The Rodino building has all the charisma of a quonset hut. Do not despair though. A short walk east down Walnut Street will take you to the Martin Luther King Courthouse which looks like a courthouse. Columns in front and a spacious lobby. If you do go to see this stop at Ward Coffee on Broad St. for an amazing selection of coffee, tea, nuts, and sweets. It's been there 100 years or so. The Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn (Eastern District of New York) looks more like a commercial office building where the focus is on having as much rentable space as possible. Compare that to the Federal Courthouse in Manhattan that looks like a courthouse. A bit off topic but along the same lines were the "Welcome to the USA" signs that were designed by Peter Max. These sat in storage for a few years and in use a few years. Their appearance was garish. Another waste of taxpayer's money "for the arts" IMO. You can read about them here, https://www.cbp.gov/about/history/did-you-know/peter-max
  3. This will work but I feel you shouldn't rely on something extra to get your handgun loaded if you intend to use it for self defense. @Veteran USMC try some different 1911s at a dealer. I know a lot of people who aren't that strong who manage to operate a 1911 well. If you can't find a 1911 that works for you maybe you should be looking at other handguns.
  4. I first would advise you not to swap out springs. The main function of the recoil spring is to return the slide. Springs are timed to one another. You go to a lighter recoil spring and you may create feeding issues. A lighter spring will also beat the slide as it goes back. A heavier spring will beat the frame. Last I looked Colt listed the same part number for all full size 45 1911s. Doesn't make a difference if it's a service pistol or a Gold Cup which is designed to shoot lower powered semiwadcutters. I know I don't know more than the engineers who designed the gun. I've only been shooting 1911s for over 50 years. I've always stayed with stock springs with any semiautomatic. Instead of holding the grip still with your dominant hand try pushing it forward while you're pulling the slide back. It makes it easier. Another solution is build more muscle. Many new shooters avoid DA revolvers because they have a "long and heavy" DA pull. Those who say get an action job and lighter springs for a revolver or only looking for instant success. JMO
  5. Spartina grows along the shore along the entire East Coast. The smell in NJ is nothing like Coastal Georgia. I spent a week or so with some friends on Sea Island, GA last year. Their 4 bedroom house, no garage was worth about $4,000,000. It was one of the least expensive houses on Sea Island. You are surrounded by many square miles of Spartina there.
  6. @robpm Jack will not sell you anything that is not compliant! He also does compliance work if required. You'll be surprised at what Jack charges for a transfer. I know you like the guy you've dealt with in the past. Sometimes you have to make things easy on yourself though. I've only been dealing with NJ firearms laws for over 50 years (with a few years exception when I lived in other states). Jack is one of the best people I've dealt with.
  7. @Slab Sides the response I got from a CBP Supervisor is there is a form on the ATF Website to export and import the guns. You might have to take the guns to an ATF or CBP office to verify the serial numbers. Call them in advance. They'll tell you where to go.
  8. I think the voluntary form of registration is just for handguns. I've been away from this for about 15 years but it may be as simple as getting a registration form from CBP. With the form, they don't keep a copy, it becomes returned US goods. I'll see if I can get more info for you.
  9. Both so true!!! I've been a "certified" firearms instructor for almost 45 years. I'm not relating this to brag. I'm relating this to reinforce what @High Exposure and @Smokin .50 have said. All of it is true. It hasn't changed. I've mentioned before the 4'9, 85 lb agent in my office. She is one tough woman. In addition to her shooting ability she went through Jump School at Ft Benning. Any kind of auto, shotgun, revolver, or M16 she maxed or was only a couple points from max on quals. She preferred the M16 over the M4 Another woman I worked with (acutally more than one) wanted to learn the MP5. After 5 or 6 magazines they demonstrated they could shoot it, they just needed the repetitions to really learn the gun. That's 300-500 to learn the skill and 3000-5000 to become muscle memory. Oh yes, @Mrs. Peel, when she was searching for a centerfire handgun we had a range session and she did remarkably well with handguns she never shot before. That includes a 4" Taurus K frame that is now 35 year's old with a bazillion 357s through it. She asked to shoot it again. She also did a respectable showing with my WWI 1911. I love taking women to the range. Just my experience.
  10. US Military overseas addresses.
  11. I have heard of him but never dealt with him. If you can't get in touch with him get hold of Jack @JT Custom Guns.
  12. I've found muzzle blast bothers people more than recoil. Either one you just have to mentally accept it.
  13. @Smokin .50 really answered your questions.
  14. Although there's not many of them, some people will flinch with a 22. The solution is one has to be mentally convinced recoil is going to happen and just let it happen. A consistent 3" low with a group could also be: Sight Alignment. Dots on the sights? Many mistakes align them. Trigger Control. Mashing the trigger will create a shooting low condition. @High Exposure brought out a very valid point. Using a DA revolver with a smooth pull. Smooth is more important than light. @Zeke if this doesn't work out let me know. I'll show up for your next session with the tools.
  15. Partly your friend's fault as one needs to check and see they're getting what was advertised. Complaining to the manager may help. It's a case of he said, he said so if your friend doesn't win there is little recourse.
  16. Can't say I've ever eaten dog food but I have eaten Milk Bones after seeing Arthur Godfrey do it on tv.
  17. Survival and your mental state are two different things.
  18. You would eat all your survival rations out of boredom due to lack of discipline. One needs to be disciplined to survive. No matter how hungry you may be dogfood might make you vomit. Creates a extra concern for dehydration.
  19. Great series. Watched it from the start.
  20. I have an 89 and a 95. They and the 85 take the same magazines. Mecgar makes 10s at a reasonable price. I bought some from Midway on sale. Search around. You can get them for less than the Mecgar website charges.
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