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  1. A year driving the Weinermobile would look great on anyone's resume!!!!
  2. I don't think Grewal would take this to Federal Courts. The Feds would probably refuse to hear the case as it involves the laws of 2 states.
  3. First there is no entrapment here. You have to have a crime. There is no crime as it's legal to have >10 Rd magazines in Nevada. It is illegal to possess them in NJ, with exceptions. That's why Grewal filed a civil suit. He's grandstanding and I'm sure he'll use his influence to get the "right" judge assigned. As @brucin noted an out of state court order has no bearing with very few exceptions (child custody is one).
  4. I saw it some time ago. Maybe 1980s?
  5. I saw the Weinermobile on the NJTP once.
  6. Yes. Not knocking anyone's modifications to cut the capacity to 10 but a factory 10rd magazine will usually be more reliable. Some magazines can be very expensive and for a few guns out there not made.
  7. 10.5" barrel he's making a SBR if he puts a stock on it. Most likely too heavy to become a pistol. Either way he can get jammed up by state or Feds or both. As far as creating a "firearm" like the Shockwave or TAC14 I'll let the manufacturers hash that out as far as legality. Trying to find a way to skirt around the law without an army of lawyers will usually wind up with you afoul of the law.
  8. If you put any kind of stock on it it doesn't make a difference how much longer than 26" it has a barrel under 16" so you've built a short barreled rifle. That puts you in violation of NJ and Federal law. Even if you were to "try it out" on the AR rifle lower you have you'd be in violation of the law on both levels. I don't think you'd get that upper down to 50 ounces to be a pistol. If you're talking about building an AR version of the Shockwave which is classed as a "firearm", not a rifle and not a handgun there is a manufacturer trying to get that question answered now.
  9. The only incident I encountered was when buying my Ruger PC9 on line. The supplier only had them with the 17rd magazine in stock and on sale. They sent me an email saying they couldn't ship it to NJ because of the magazine. Rather than go back and forth about it can be shipped to a NJ FFL and the fact I was going to use Glock magazines anyway I told them to ship it without the magazine. Even if they did ship it with the magazine I just would have told the FFL to keep it. I agree with what @Maksim said. I'd rather have factory 10rd mags than neutered higher capacity mags. My G26 mags work fine in my Ruger.
  10. Like the line in Crocodile Dundee, "It'll keep you alive but it tastes like shit".
  11. GRIZ

    Recommend handgun

    If you're in a SD shooting situation you are shooting to stop the bad guy from doing what he's doing. It may take one shot or it may take 10. You make it easier to hit the target by meaningful practice and training not by the total number of rounds you shoot at the range. Read @High Exposure's post above. You are looking to solve software problems with hardware. It doesn't work that way. Only about 5% of gunfighting is what gun you're using and your ability to hit the target. Now that 5% is important but 95% of gunfighting is your mental preparation. 95% is between your ears. If you want a more in depth explanation of what I'm saying watch the Jeff Cooper videos in the link below. https://www.google.com/search?q=jeff+cooper+mental+conditioning&oq=jef&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i57j35i39j0.2879j0j7&client=ms-android-att-us&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 As far as what gun to buy any quality handgun will do what you're looking for. Glock, SIG, Beretta, Ruger, S&W, or any of the others. 9mm is the least expensive centerfire pistol ammo now. I also would also like to echo a recommendation @Ray Ray and others have made. A 4" 357 Magnum revolver. You can start shooting 38s and as your skill developes work your way up through wadcutters, std 38s, +P, +P+, to full 357s. Yes, it's a little harder to learn a DA revolver but once you've mastered that everything else is easy.
  12. GRIZ

    Recommend handgun

    Okay. I'll tell you you COULD use a 22 for self defense. However, it would be a stupid decision if anu thing else is available. A 9mm, 38 spl, 357 mag, or 45 acp would be a much better choice to stop a bad guy. Trust me, if you're in any kind of self defense situation muzzle flash and recoil are way down on the list of what will bother you.
  13. A hint of char is good. Burnt is bad :).
  14. The major problem IMO with thin crust pizza is its a fine line between crisp and burnt crust.
  15. Not so in my area. There's at least a dozen pizza places within a few miles of my house. I haven't eaten them all but those I have are at least pretty good. Schiano's the best and one Domino's at the other end of the spectrum. I've actually got a pizza from Domino's once. That's because I got a coupon for a free one.
  16. It was the original Nunzio's on Staten Island that introduced me to Sicilian. That was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away.
  17. GRIZ

    Recommend handgun

    What is your fascination with optics? Don't you think you should learn how to shoot with iron sights first?
  18. You mean hoagie, grinder, sub, torpedo thread?
  19. If you find yourself on St Simons Island in GA and in need of a real pizza go to Sal's. Rocky's in Yuma, AZ. Rocky was from Brooklyn.
  20. I have a friend in Miami who grew up in Jersey City. His kids who've lived there all their lives there think Domino's is good pizza.
  21. For me Nunzio's on Hyland Blvd in Staten island. Spirito's in Elizabeth. Schiano's in Bayville. It's really hard to find find bad pizza in NJ and NY. A place that makes bad pizza is soon out of business.
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