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  1. While my iPhone has a lot of sensitive data stored on it, much more is stored in my head. Should I be compelled to share all that I know?
  2. I ride. Not like those that seem to piss most of you off. As Alan553 said, don't take your frustrations out on those of us that obey the laws. It irks me too when I see jerks on bikes. They ruin it for everyone, as displayed here. Please don't use the broad brush. Hey, we're just like you,...only in spandex
  3. My neck of the woods and I'll be keeping an eye out and fingers crossed.
  4. Hmmm, something to check...thanks.
  5. This makes the most sense. Between the car and the truck, keeping the tanks near filled gives me 35 - 40 gallons of fresh gas on hand in an emergency. All I need is a long length of clear tubing and I'm in business.
  6. I think they were around 75 for front and rear. Front post was just one screw and the rear sight mounts on the rail. The whole thing took me about five minutes to install.
  7. Sorry for the dupl posts. Computer going wacky!
  8. The pistol range is completed, but still needs to get inspected and approved by Delran Twp. Codes. From what I've heard, they plan to have it open in February.
  9. I successfully completed the change today. There was no way I was getting that castle nut off without an AR stock wrench and I picked one up on ebay for $7. The nut was pinned, but I used a small drill bit to remove some of the punch and the wrench did the rest. From that point on it took 2 minutes to make the changeover. It has a much more comfortable cheek weld and I can't wait to check it out this weekend. Thanks again for all the help.
  10. Yes, I've looked at what's available on Youtube. Good tip. Thanks.
  11. Yes, as Jack said. The new buffer tube is significantly longer than the stock one. You definitely can't use the same one. It looks like the Magpul should easily go on, but I'm hung up getting the old stock one off. The castle nut is staked and I don't have an AR tool. Since I won't be using the old stock, will I need to worry about buggering up the Castle nut using regular tools? When doing a search, there is also mention that you have to drill out and unpin the fixed stock to get it off. It would seem that once I get the nut off the whole thing should unscrew from the receiver, shouldn't it?
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