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  1. Sorry if I missed it somewhere else, what about if you yourself are NRA certified rifle, pistol and RSO?
  2. Asked on another Board ... "Where can't you carry in your state?" https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/where-cant-you-carry-in-your-state.907335/
  3. I saw a chart recently that compared the dollar in 2000 to now. $1 is now worth .59 cents.
  4. And for the win, 26 cents (1965).
  5. Make sure to clean out the bore and bolt face with soapy water. Enough to get the salts out.
  6. I think he killed his mother before going to the school.
  7. Once you apply for this it would most likely be entered into a database and shared with all other insurers. Would the fact that you own guns be used to rate other policies? Probably. Big dog? Higher homeowners.
  8. No, that was just tiling floor and shower enclosure. Nothing else.
  9. It's locked up, but it has the flaming bomb and either 41 or 43. A two-groove. I'm going to get it out later and take a close look. Possible I can "recalibrate" the peep closer to center. I'll let you know. And yes, nice rifle there!
  10. We just had a local contractor come in and give us an estimate to do a small bathroom with a shower. The pan is old and stained and there's a 4" stepover. We wanted to re-tile the whole floor and have a flush entry like Siderman said, as well as re-tile the shower walls. Nothing else. His number was $16,000!
  11. Hmm, must just be mine. When zeroed I'm a few cranks to the left.
  12. I was looking at the pic and noticed that the rear site wasn't centered. I have a really nice and accurate 03a3, but the rear site is off to the left. Was this common in these rifles?
  13. I'm driving a 2014 F150 STX; last of the steel bodies. Had it since new with zero problems. I looked at the Ridgeline a few years ago and was seriously tempted. They have a lot of nice convenience features. The only problem was the smaller bed. I don't haul a lot of stuff, but I need the room for bikes, kayaks, firewood and the occasional load of 4x8 sheets. The 6 1/2 bed is perfect.
  14. https://www.pistolpetesgunsnj.com/ He's located just off 541 near 206. Hopefully he can help.
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