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  1. Smokin 50 what range do you guys meet at? Sounds like fun but I can't compete yet rotator cup issues. TC
  2. Hey folks I have received an original Trapdoor Springfield rifle. I would like to shoot it with the appropriate ammo. Before that I would like to have it gone over by a gunsmith to make sure its safe to shoot. Does anyone have a recommendation. I'm in Middlesex County. TC
  3. I recently acquired a trap door as well, It looked like cowboy action ammo would be the right load since I don't reload yet. I do want it looked over before heading to the range. Any gunsmiths further North? TC
  4. US Army all the way. Tanker from 77 to 2003 active duty and NJARNG. M551s, M60A1s, M48A5s, M60A3 and M1s Crewed them all. Retired as a tank platoon Sgt E-7. TC
  5. I told my son not all Muslims are our enemy, but all our enemies are Muslim. Throw in a North Korean or 2 but i think it sums it up. TC
  6. I've had a NJ compliant model for several years, the serial number is around 1000. I added surplus wood for an older look. I have only good things to say about the rifle, although the trigger is a bit stiff. Also using blocked mags stinks. TC
  7. I have to go with the Greek Persian Wars, If the Greeks lost Western Civilization would not have existed. No rights of the individual, no modern science, no democracy, probably no Christianityas we know it. Rome would probably never have been a great power. Eastern rather then Western philosophy would be the dominant world view. Eastern culture has no problem with slavery. If there had been a United States it would have been a non-issue. As would the Revolutionary War since there was no concept of freedom in Persian culture. That war laid the foundation of our world 2500 years ago. If those 300 Spartans and another few 1000 other Greeks had not made that stand and allowed Athens time to mobilize we would have a very different world. TC
  8. Reading the 3rd book in the Monster Hunter series right now. Would love to have Pitts Abomination. TC
  9. Most of the great movies started as books, or plays. Gone with the Wind, Mr Roberts, Gettysburg, Red Badge of Courage, All Quiet on the Western Front, Maltese Falcon, Das Boot, Lord of the Rings. Bridges at Toko Ri. I'm sure there are original screen plays as well. Red Dawn was a bit cheesy actually but fun to watch if highly improbable. I do not think it was worthy of a remake, I can't sit all the way through the original again. Patrick Swayze is barely cold. TC
  10. It might be interesting as a movie, but does anyone have an original idea anymore. There are hundreds of books that might make good movies why the rehash. TC
  11. Congrats Scott, I have one myself, Need more practice finally got to the range today and got poured on but had a good time. I have a 4 inch barrel on my 686. TC
  12. When I was on duty with the National Guard at Newark Airport after 9/11 a cleaner came up to me with a H&K P-7 what the NJSP used to carry. He found it around the seats by a gate. The trooper had been sleeping at the gates and lost his sidearm and didn't even realize it. In the interests of cooperation I called my CO who called the Troopers boss and got the gun back to them. So this is nothing new. TC
  13. I was on the Air Train last week and heard some passengers complaining about the rude and terrible additude of the flight attendents on a flight from China. I had to ask, "United?" They said yes, alot of the United crew have a very arrogant additude, Know some techs and former Continental folks who were real decent hope they fair well in the new company. TC
  14. well it looks real pretty but can they hit a turret at 2500 meters while moving. It is really some top notch driving considering the limited view of a buttoned up tank driver. I started out as a tank driver back in the day. TC.
  15. Welcome from Woodbridge. TC
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