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  1. There was a letter kicking around years ago from the AG stating that for a mag conversion to be legal it has to be done in such a way so "unconverting" it would destroy the mag.
  2. No issues with Fox here, but I get that identical thing with Motor Trend Channel on Optimum 150.
  3. There was a letter from the NJ AG circulating some years ago indicating that modified mags must be done in such a way as to be unable to be "unmodified" without destroying the mag.
  4. Interesting thread and very informative. Some, not me, would suggest that if no body is found on your living room floor, are you actually involved?
  5. There isn't going to be jack squat on 10/15. Who are these people? Nobody. Years ago some shitbird would put a FAX machine on a folding table in his living room and declare himself the International Coalition Against (fill in cause here). They could hold their meetings in a phone booth. Today it's done on the internet and it's still bullshit.
  6. I envy you from behind enemy lines here in New Jerky.
  7. Lucky guy! Our son-in-law's job is here so we won't be moving away from our daughter and granddaughter. My philosophy about New Jersey is that what they don't know won't hurt them...... or me.
  8. love handles.webp Well, that didn't work. Anyway,,, shows Horizontal Harris saying that now that she's VP she needs to go to the gym to lose the love handles. Cat says she'll look funny without ears.
  9. You do have to be careful. There are some badged-up a******* out there who will hassle you for an NRA sticker and try to coerce a consent to search. It happened to me twice within one month soon after after Florio was elected. In retrospect, those two walking stool samples were comical. I removed the NRA sticker and wasn't bothered again.
  10. First time in her life she ever said that.
  11. Also, no hunting, RKBA, or political stickers of any kind on your vehicle. Make sure all vehicle lights function. No cammies. Don't speed. Look like a polite little Jersey sheeple. BTDT.
  12. I always did that. Did the cleaning at home where I could take my time.
  13. Walmart.com has several for under $15 with free delivery.
  14. You can't. That was proposed years ago. Other agencies would take on the duties but not the sub-standard ATF personnel.
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