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  1. I envy you from behind enemy lines here in New Jerky.
  2. Lucky guy! Our son-in-law's job is here so we won't be moving away from our daughter and granddaughter. My philosophy about New Jersey is that what they don't know won't hurt them...... or me.
  3. love handles.webp Well, that didn't work. Anyway,,, shows Horizontal Harris saying that now that she's VP she needs to go to the gym to lose the love handles. Cat says she'll look funny without ears.
  4. You do have to be careful. There are some badged-up a******* out there who will hassle you for an NRA sticker and try to coerce a consent to search. It happened to me twice within one month soon after after Florio was elected. In retrospect, those two walking stool samples were comical. I removed the NRA sticker and wasn't bothered again.
  5. First time in her life she ever said that.
  6. Also, no hunting, RKBA, or political stickers of any kind on your vehicle. Make sure all vehicle lights function. No cammies. Don't speed. Look like a polite little Jersey sheeple. BTDT.
  7. I always did that. Did the cleaning at home where I could take my time.
  8. Walmart.com has several for under $15 with free delivery.
  9. You can't. That was proposed years ago. Other agencies would take on the duties but not the sub-standard ATF personnel.
  10. Years ago there was a letter from the NJ AG's office kicking around stating that for a mag to be considered legally modified it would have to be done in such a way as an attempt to return it to its original capacity would destroy it.
  11. Your question presumes that the police would be called after the incident and that a body would be found on your floor.
  12. Consider the throttle position sensor.
  13. The paint may have been applied without a primer. Unless there is obvious moisture infiltration such as a softening or staining of the drywall, give it a light sanding then apply a dedicated primer, not a paint/primer combo. Skim coat to level if necessary, Prime again then top coat.
  14. If it turns out there is reincarnation, after I die I want to come back as that bicycle seat.
  15. When you remove it that way, it's not called friction, it's called fuction.
  16. A friend lives here in Oakland and has a condo in the Fort Myers area. He took the auto train once. Said it was a giant PITA. Now they drive and allow two days.
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