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  1. Sorry... was able to zoom in and see that they are Mecgar.
  2. I have a Tisas BP9 Carry that shoots like a scalded dog. Love that gun. Are you interested in any trades?
  3. Hey all, I have some handguns here that have become extra in my safe and I thought I would sell off for others to enjoy. Give them as gifts to loved ones. They are priced well. CZ P10C comes with 2 10rd mags in original box with all accessories. FDE Talon Grips. Asking $300 Beretta APX A1 SOLD 2 Sig P229 mags Sold Streamlight TLR 7 Sub New in box. Never mounted. $125 Sales require transfer through FFL. I have an excellent dealer located in the Florence, NJ area that transfers handguns for $45. Buyer is responsible for transfer fees. Must have PPP available, I will not hold for longer than 30days. I will meet at other dealers within 1hour or Cherry Hill, but you will pick up all fees once again. PM me here
  4. Hi all... located in Cherry Hill As the title says... Brand new in Box Streamlight TLR-7 Sub for Glock 43X / 48 Rail Guns. Its never been used. Asking $100 or trade for equivalent .. ????? Ammo, mags (VP9, Glock19, CZ p10C, 9mm 1911) throw things my way and see what stick.
  5. All good thoughts, and let me state that I am not bitching about my gun not moving. I know the g45 is an acquired taste so I am not in hurry. I am most suprised by what I see for sale in our forum, and others, that have not moved... the ACOG mentioned above, PWS Mk114.. Colt Python 3", even if it is a new model! Confusing
  6. Paul... any thoughts on that matter? Is it the over-saturation of the market... a never ending stream of ARs manufacturers... or the glut of new models like the plethora of slimline handguns?
  7. And this was the antis intention all along. I have noticed the increased difficulty people have had selling their pre-owned firearms over the last 6 months or so. Transfer fees being raised definitely slowed down the market, yet it appears the bubble was completely busted by the increase in PPP fees. I would imagine most people are looking at an additional $100 approx. to purchase a used handgun and transfer it. I have a handgun up for sale and have had 1 interested party in a firearm package that is at least $200 undervalued. Anyone care to share their thoughts?
  8. Bump with Price Drops. I need to make room in the safe!
  9. Which optic footprint is the slide cut for?
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