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  1. "Steel case may be okay as range fodder, but I would not bet my life on it in a life or death situation." Couple million Russian and Eastern Bloc servicemen might argue that point.
  2. Ray I shot some steel Wolf 308 through a SA M1A Loaded and a DSA Fal with 18" barrel. Both ate it fine, no issues with ejection, POI was same in SA, wildly different in DSA! Get the SA it will be fine.
  3. Ok.. almost 700 views and no interest How about trades? Looking for AK Variant, G19 +$, 9mm ammo, 12g shotgun shells, 12 Shotgun, Ruger PC Carbine 9mm, what else you got?
  4. I am going to resurrect this and try again as it is just sitting in my locker. Asking $750 for a LNIB ( less than 200rds ) HK! I will meet you at FFL of your choosing to do transfer and we will split cost. Firearm came with 2 8rd mags and I have added to 10rd mags. Get the handgun the SEALs carry! ;.)
  5. Hey there. Would you hold for 30days for me to get PP. Cherry Hill always rund about 28days. Then I will make a trip that way and do the transfer at a FFL of your choosing up your way.. I travel to NY often. Let me know.
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