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  1. windham upper spf all others withdrawn.
  2. I would like to go second on that HK USP Expert. PM incoming
  3. LaRue Billet Lowers for Sale. I decided to go another path with some rifle builds. These are super high quality, great craftsmanship and the finish is perfect on each. I would like to get what I paid for them, no overcharging. I need the buyer to pick up the transfer fees. Will meet at FFL of your choice within 40 miles of Cherry Hill. If you need a recommendation for FFL I have a great one in Burlington County. I will ship on your dime to FFL of your choice. They must be willing to take a delivery from a non FFL. I will not ship from an FFL to your FFL, that is a scam and not required. First person to post "I will take it" in a reply takes one or both. Please state if you want one or both in reply, since their are two unless initial purchaser dictates, it will go in order of reply. FEATURES . CNC-Machined from 7075 Aluminum . Reinforced in critical areas . Flared magwell for easy magazine changes . Generous trigger guard for operation with gloves . Type-3 hard coat anodized . Reinforced buffer tube area
  4. like the title states.... looking for HK VP9
  5. Jesus... How did I miss that? I will take them both. I live in Cherry Hill. PM for meetup. Thanks
  6. As I said, this issue was of my own making by NOT walking away. Now, is it wrong of me to share the overly expensive fees, prices, non advertised CC fee and snarky attitude? Do you pay full, high or exorbitant prices for everything you purchase?
  7. Not my intention at all. Not sellers fault in any way. He is not responsible and I would prefer he be left out of this.
  8. Right up front, this issue is a result of me not using my purchase power and walking away. But I was not being patient, I wanted my new H&K. Purchased an H&K USPC .40 here on forum. Seller mentions J&J Gunworks and wanted to transfer through there. I agreed, having never used them before or even know of their existence. Its not to far from me in Cherry Hill, about 20 mins. We met up there and did paperwork on Sat morning. First I asked about some .223 ammo he had in boxes, he has about a dozen unopened 1000rd boxes. Told me he would sell me 5 boxes of 20 max and price was $100. That's a little steep, understatement, so I passed. I then asked for his Transfer fee..... $85 plus NICS $15 plus tax.!!!! I left my gun there while I awaited NICS. I should have pulled it. NICS is in, I asked again for his transfer fee... he quotes me $103 again, I again stated that it was too high. I went back today to get the H&K, expressed my displeasure with the price and cited numerous other FFLs within 30 minutes of me that where 50% less. He smirked and said that "I should have gone to them." Then I look at my receipt, 3% Credit Card Fee added. Never again... and I suggest you dont go either. This guy is what is wrong with the firearms community right now.
  9. I will take Lake City XM855 5.56mm 62 grain Green Tip. 500 rounds loose packed in SEALED plastic Ammo case. $350. PM inbound.
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