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  1. Maybe I didn’t explain properly. I meant a range bag that could fit three pistols without removing the hard plastic case that pistols come in.
  2. @voyager9 I am looking for a bag that would accommodate three pistol cases , the hard plastic manufacturer cases. You think this midway bag would accommodate three, with ammo , and eye /ear protection? All the bags I see look like they need you to remove the hard case for the pouch they include
  3. Perhaps my expungement timeline may help you. My began in January 2020 and was finally executed in September 2020. Then after serving all parties of the notice it’s always recommended to still allow some buffer. For them to officially adhere to the order. There is nothing in an expungement order that says when municipalities or state police have to execute the order. Now this was during the pandemic so maybe nine months was long and could be shorter but I think by end of year is best case scenario in your situation good luck
  4. Just wanted to chime in. I know it was mentioned on this topic years ago that Nappen no longer answers or calls back. I wanted to say that I emailed him and he got back to me in 2 days. He spent 15 mins with me on the phone. Even though I told him I wasn’t in need of paid counsel , he was good about hearing my potential issue. Also I would like to say good things about Frank Pisano as well, he also spent time with me on the phone and allowed me to pick his brain. fyi I have been a member since 09 but have been a way for a while. I changed my screen name and it looks like it removed my previous post count and other info. Hopefully I don’t have another hiatus
  5. Congrats on the PPQ, where did you get it? I have 3 permits coming my way, and wanted to add one PPQ
  6. John Stockton called, he wants his shorts back
  7. I've showed my FID at dicks since March, so for me it was always the same policy
  8. Absolute disgrace, unfortunately I'm not surprised
  9. First generation gun owner here as well. Parents are Indian imigrants, and I'm also first generation born in the US, guns were never in family here or India. Althought I am a first generation gun owner, I am not accepting gun control restriction set forth to us. I made the decision to bear arms, in hopes to fight restriction. I hope more law abiding persons like my self will excericse their rights. Maybe this will prove that restrcting law abiding citizens from gun ownership is the wrong objective .
  10. Maybe tell ur local pd what you are telling us and let them dtermine whether u should wait or not
  11. I think it's donut day for me everyday
  12. Prices have been steady at Cheyenne for about a month now
  13. Amazing, is that yours?
  14. So 2$ cheaper than Cheyennes most recent price for 9mm , I guess I'll have to hunt for ammo for actively at Dicks
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