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  1. Chip McCormick Power Plus choked in my Springfield Armory factory and Custom Shop guns. Springfield factory mags have been on and off, depending on gun/magazine. Tripp Cobra Mags...100%
  2. Wonder if they had 12 lb ny2 glock triggers? But that's secondary to training.
  3. I'll be there. Only question is do I OC the 1911's, or the AR. Will try to get people from work and their families involved too.
  4. http://www.gandrtactical.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=180021 good luck ladies and gentlemen, a great price too. Jim
  5. You can usually pre-order them on budsgunshop.com and just wait for springfield to manufacture them. You might wait half a year......but you won't pay above MSRP.
  6. JTQ911

    Got my new baby

    Just picked up two! Can't wait for them to ship
  7. I hardly ever post here, but I felt compelled to after reading some of these posts...... 1st. You CAN'T compromise on your basic human rights! Someone said it before, but 20 round magazines and yearly training sounds great now (assuming it stops the progressives from demanding more gun control in the present) but what happens after the next school shooting when a deranged family member steals guns with 20 round magazines and shoots 30 people? Then it will be 10 round magazines, 6 months training, etc etc.......With every compromise, we gain NOTHING, and lose more. Gain nothing, lose more. 2nd. I've never been on a two way range and I know very few who have. If it came to confiscation and rebellion, I don't know if I'd have the courage. If they came came to my door maybe I'd surrender what I have to live to fight another day. But I'll be damned if I don't believe there's a single Paul Revere or others of that caliber living in this country right now that would fight the good fight. Calling people out for saying they wouldn't stand up to law enforcement/federal agents/national guard just because its 2013 is naive. How does time change American patriots desire for freedom? Or is it being said there are no American patriots left? I know I don't buy that. It's hard to be the first to stand up for what you believe in, but once one does, mob mentality shows us many others will join. History shows us that it's ignorant to believe the US will live on forever the way as it is now. Between an internal revolution or attempted takeover from the outside, I'll put my money on internal revolution every time. I don't know, there's so much fail going on in this thread right now maybe I'm all wrong. Maybe we are headed the way of England/Australia.
  8. If background checks were available for FTF sales, I probably would do this before a sale, but mandatory...nope.
  9. Background checks could be optional for face to face, but mandatory... it only takes 10 minutes.........well why do you need 30 round mags.......it only takes 5 seconds to change a mag......5-10 rounds is more than enough!
  10. To me, "Shall not be infringed" means, "shall not be infringed." I feel some who lived in New Jersey have become numb to what this really means. Most gun owners I assosciate with are proponents of personal responsibility. Why should I be restricted in selling my personal property? Do we want background checks on knife sales, bat sales, car sales? It's beyond my control what happens to my property once I sell it. If I were to sell a gun to someone and they use it in a crime, it's not the "non background checked gun" causing them to do it, it's their own sick mind. I fully believe they would have found another way, another gun to do it. If you really believe the bill of rights are unalienable, why would you compromise anything on them?
  11. I live a mile or two away now, so I read the whole thing. I"ll have to stop in and see what chaos I can stir up.
  12. I've posted this question on a few different forums and I"ll admit I'm suprised. I thought most people would say go for the EMP (great warranty, new, SA has great customer service, cheaper mags etc) but the overwhelmping majority says P7. Now if CDNN or topgunsupply would just get a new batch in I'd be set.
  13. I'm leaning towards the HK because with the EMP... I'd want to replace the ambi safety with a Wilson Bulletproof, pay for Log Man on 1911 frorum to modify the magazines to be flush mount, and if I was going to send it out to do that, I'd probably 20 lpi the front strap. How does the P7M8 compare in thickness to the M13? If it's insignificant, I'd go with the 13 just for the extra capacity.
  14. Does anyone have any experience with these guns. I prefer metal guns (yet still on the lighter side) that are thin and easy to conceal. I'd most likely leave the P7 stock... maybe refinished by Robar. The EMP I'd probably get a single side safety and checker front strap 20 LPI. Any thoughts, comments, or recommendations? Jim
  15. Also, forgot to mention, Tanner's prices on most guns were +/- $10 to budsgunshop. I was impressed.
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