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  1. NJChiroDoc

    FN SLP

    Look at the remington 700. I got it at BH and it is great.
  2. That is where I would be teaching it. At Gun for Hire in Belleville.
  3. I have spoken to another member about running an RSO course if you are interested in becoming an NRA RSO please PM me and we can work out some times and dates.
  4. I will be a CRSO in a few weeks so if anyone would like to become an RSO please let me know.
  5. I love mine. You are welcome to meet me at the bullet hole and shoot it if you like. It is a single double.
  6. if you are interested in joining the NRA click here. http://membership.nrahq.org/default.asp ... d=XI022412
  7. I have the CX4 9mm and you are more then welcome to try it. I don't know what your backround is but if you need a lession to help your aim I am round for that too.
  8. I am always avalible to come to the bullet hole for lessions.
  9. How come she did not go to her room and get her glock!
  10. America has been berry berry good to me - sammy sosa
  11. Didn't Tom Green hump a dead moose on MTV.
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