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  1. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of it, but my girlfriend loves it and gets it whenever we get Cuban food.
  2. They have plantains that are good too. We eat them. I will be buying more to support them. Unfortunately, greendick’s parent’s failed at raising a decent human being!
  3. Well, I moved out of that sh*thole 5 years ago, but you could still fly up and down the Hudson then at or below 1100’, so don’t know why you said “you can’t do that these days”. Also, JFK jr, if I recall, didn’t have his instrument rating yet, he was working on it. Even for an experienced pilot, flying in haze with no horizon and not using your instruments can be hazardous, especially at night. I remember years ago, when flying a VFR A-Star across LI Sound from LI to Ct on a very hazy day at 2000’, having to get on my instruments constantly to maintain heading and altitude. Flying low, close to the water, you would have a visual reference. At 2000’ with that much haze, even during the day, you have no reference outside the windscreen. Please, stop with the ridiculous conspiracy theories while posting about things you have no clue.
  4. When I lived there, I had my safe in the garage. Had a golden rod & a rechargeable dehumidifier. Never had any issues. I had mine bolted to the floor & wall. Realize if someone breaks in, it will be easier for them to get the safe out of the garage then if it was in your house.
  5. And now for something not so funny. More work of Greendick’s peaceful woke protestors.
  6. All for a fucking TV. No outrage from the left. No moments of silence for him.
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