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  1. If you need a ballistic calculator, ballistic fte is worth the money IMO.
  2. I'm guessing it's like shooting bullseye. If it is centerfire and rimfire, it's probably a shorter course of fire consisting of only the timed and "rapid" fire segments of a match. Just my guess.
  3. Also, there's the nook app if B&N has it. If you cna find it form another vendor, stanza is a good catch all e-reader app.
  4. Just a tip with any of the cheaper smaller vibratory cleaners. raise them off the surface they sit on. I put min on some scrap pieces of wood, but the better airflow keeps the motor a lot cooler, especially when full.
  5. USPSA matches don't pay for the club. Members do. So we try to leave some facilities open for every monthly match.
  6. We usually get around 90 people one match a year. Usually may or june. To everyone who showed up and helped in the morning, a giant thanks. We were actually done building way earlier than I expected on a number of stages given the complexity of them and the fact we had to make a run for targets. Which let me and a couple others help with squadding after we got done building. Whenever we have to run 7 squads of 10+ with no gaps, things start taking longer. As for starting earlier, we can't start before 9am for shooting. Even doing that, you'd cut down on help a ton. I'm not waking up at 4:30 in the morning to put on a match for anyone, sorry. And that's assuming you only lose about 25% of the helpers to that early a start.
  7. Sort before with mixed pistol, because 9mm fits in .40 fits in .45, and if your media is the right size, it becomes very annoying separating them.
  8. Shh, he's borrowed ammo from me AT LEAST once. And he's not the only one. Which is why I bring 300. I gave everyone the formula for if taking a safe guess for any given match, but nobody seems ot want to learn how to fish.
  9. The ANSI spec SUCKS for shooting. Period. One it is ambiguous. It has a high impact and low impact version. Passing low impact alows the item to be labeled Z87 compliant. High impact tests permit the item to be labeled Z87+. Second, it is SELF CERTIFIED. So when you get into the cheap stuff that came straight form china, good luck. To pass Z87, they have to survive a 1lb pointed metal object dropped 50 inches onto the glasses on a hedform. To pass Z87+, they need to ALSO pass a particle impact test with a 1/4 inch steel ball traveling at 150fps impacting 20 places on the glasses. Oh, and are they frames with removable lenses? Because then if it doesn't say Z87-2 on it some place, it may or may not mean that a high velocity impact can drive the lens out of the frame and into your face or eye. In shooting, with splatter, you may be dealing with objects similar in weight to the 1/4 inch steel ball that are also sharp and angular traveling at a couple hundred feet per second or more. If you shoot at steel plates or at indoor ranges with steel backstops, your odds of having to survive such incidents is much higher. Also to note that I'm not the only one that thinks this I will present "Military Standard 662." Which actually tries to simulate shrapnel. For "spectacles" it uses a fragment simulant that is a .15 caliber cylindrical projectile with an angeled face that will dig into the product, fired at 650 fps. That's WAY more force than z87 glasses (~7 times). Then of course there's what they are made of. Polycarbonate? Have you been using eyeglass wipes on them? Do they contain alcohol? Do you know that alcohol embrittles polycarbonate, and will reduce it's impact protection?
  10. This is actually one of those things I feel sympathy for NJ teachers on. It has to do with no child left behind. A well adjusted kid gets disruptive, they can be disciplined, and will likely respond to such. A kid who is chronically a problem will usually ALSO perform poorly on testing. Because the school gets punished for that, the school has a vested interest in getting the child tagged as having learning issues so their lower scores are less detrimental to the school when it comes to test scores. Once they are tagged as such, teahcers pretty much are required to put up with vast quantities of crap from them so that they are not "left behind." In reality, once tagged, they are given license to drag the entire class down with them.
  11. As a general rule for a USPSA match, you can avoid being screwed by taking the number of stages, adding one to it in case you wind up with a reshoot, and then multiplying by 32 (the max round count for USPSA stages unless taking an exception), and round to the closest 50. So OB is 8*32=256. Not every stage will be 32 rounds, and usually the classifier will be botha lower round count and near zero chance of getting a reshoot. So 250 is usually safe. Dave almost always updates the phone line with the round count in time to call and find out that morning.
  12. Well, .223 is .223 it has less freebore and a tighter leade than 5.56. Also, as far as I can tell, there is a difference between the no-go and field guages for the chamber. Which is mostly a matter of maintenance except where it impacts how many chambers you cna cut off of one reamer before the chamber is out of spec. But that is going ot be a QA issue with a given manufacturer rather than a reliable rule. Wylde plus all the wacky variants thereof are basically somewhere in the middle. They have a little more leade and throat than .223, but not as much as 5.56, and I believe they use no-go and field guages closer to .223 for tolerances. In that mess, you have .223 wylde (JP, ranier), armalite match chambers, noveske's 5.56 Match Mod 0 chamber, USMC SAM-R chamber, compass lake has a 5.56 reamer to their spec out there, and those are just the examples I know of off the top of my head. As to what the specs of any of those ACTUALLY are, who the hell knows. Heck, depending on who's reamer you buy, you get different dimensions for what is supposed to be the same thing. You will also get some variance as the reamer wears before they toss it for a new one. so... http://ar15barrels.com/data/223-556.pdf
  13. Almost got it right. The full answer is "Yes, probably more than one, and too many to list"
  14. Probably. Ammo cans have seals designed to melt before the ammo cooks off, but I don't think they are designed to expel the amount of gas you get from a can full of powder.
  15. Lots of short sharp taps, and you should hav enothing to worry about.
  16. http://www.hodgdon.com/PDF/Hodgdon%20Basic%20Manual.pdf page 15 has the federal info. Local fire code and such can overrule. Short version 25lbs can be transported in private vehicles. 50lbs in private vehicles in an approved magazine. 20lbs stored in a residence in original containers 50lbs in a portable wooden box with walls having a nominal thickness of 1 inch. 100lbs in a fixed wooden box with walls of 1 inch. etc.
  17. Seeing as both failed in the past, I'm not sure why this time would be different. The ACR would be new to the table, but I don't see what would make it win anything this time around either. You also have the colt multi-caliber offering. The AR-15 platform is a pretty solid design. About the only thing it would really benefit from is a better dust cover that keeps things out other than when ejecting brass. Maybe this go round they will abandon the crappy telescoping stock that looks like it was blow molded out of used soda bottles.
  18. OK, that's pretty close. Any idea who makes the blanks they use?
  19. That's also not a medium controur. It's looks like a chubby midweight or strangely cut HBAR variant. closest I ahve found is this http://noveskerifleworks.com/cgi-bin/imcart/display.cgi?item_id=b-18i-556&cat=158&page=1&search=&since=&status=
  20. You would think it would be sexual assault, but reading the statute, the requires sexual touching of sexual areas of the body. 2C:14-9 is about PEEPING. Assaulting someone with bodily fluids is also a crime, but a different statute. I'm sure you could make the "oops" defense when you were not expecting ot be interrupted taking a leak in private. I was referring to the problem kid looking under the stall.
  21. I'm shooting cheap bulk 55gr JSP rounds out of a 16" 1:7 twist chrome lined barrel without a problem. I'm getting a bit over 1 MOA vertically and about 1.5 MOA horizontally with it. The limiting factor being my 3 MOA dot and aiming at a target with a 2 MOA bullseye as well s getting a consistent charge of varget compressed consistently. Barrels like what they like and don't like what they don't like, but in general, 1:7 is fine with 55gr ammo. Under that, and you may have issues. My dream barrel is an 18" medium contour, but 0.75" from the gas block forward with a rifle legnth gas system, MP and HP tested and chrome lined with a 1:8 twist. Nobody appears to make it.
  22. I have a cheap barska 20-60x80. You can definitely see .223 out to 100 pretty easily. THe konus 20-60x100 with angled eyepiece is one of the best deals out there in a scope IMO though.
  23. SO lets see. Multiple cases of.. well I tried to look up what the NJ statute for it would be, but trying to check out other kids genitals throguh force is, I'm suspecting, a crime. It definitely would be if the problem kid whipped it out in front of others. As a rational human being, I'm having a hard time believing forciong another kid to show you theirs isn't a crime, but I'm not finding a statute that covers it clearly. The closest might be criminal restraint, but does that apply to something of short duration. Then you have peeping under the stall. That's a no-no under 2C:14-9. In general, assuming your profile of the problem kid is correct, he's a high risk child. Probably the quickest, most effective thing you could do is get a restraining order, and perhaps have a lawyer contact the school about a potential lawsuit over the kid. Make it clear that keeping the problem kid around is not going to be the most cost effective thing. Private schools understand budget, and most of them have a clause in their contracts regarding behavior. If your kids school does not have language that basically says kids who can't behave forfeit tuition, they should probably be made to consider such language as terms of not suing them.
  24. you might try caling cabelas customer service. It is very good. I ran into a problem where I could order an 10/22 magazine in a one pack to NJ, but not the discounted three pack because they had the capacity in the database as 30 rounds. I actually got them to fix it.
  25. your criticism would be spot on if it weren;t for the fact the damn thing is like a cockroach and out-survives a lot of other knives. It gets 4.5 gifanims form knifetests.com http://knifetests.com/KnifeTestsPage2.html The becker bk9, the closest thing to the TAC tool, gets two. The guy is highly abusive to the knives.
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