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  1. Yup. I had this conversation with coworkers a while ago. My predicting was that we would definitely be closed until end of May, that the state would want to be closed through August, but that finances would permit end of June at most, and around mid may lots of people would start ignoring the order anyway. I was probably wrong on how long the money would hold out for the state.
  2. I've got you beat if you count the ones I was unsuccessfully able to do business with. For those that actually completed a transaction for me, I'm a few short.
  3. I didn't take it that way. If the question is what is his reason for doing so? 1) Rumor has it that some towns were going to start just ignoring the rules and reopening their own stuff. You can't pretend you are the boss if you have people ignoring you. 2) He has to start doing something now to justify doing more later. NJ is basically out of money. Even with freezing everything, this close to the end of the fiscal year most of the pools of money are near empty. And the lock down has basically killed all revenue. NJ will have trouble dealing with the liabilities created by the various aid packages in NJ even if there was full revenue. Expect to see some HUGE bond proposals on the ballot in November and to see Rutgers get the shit kicked out of it in the state budget (RU is basically the only entity that gets state funds that can float bonds without it going on the ballot, so they will force them to go into debt as well). This is all in line with the bullshit hick-shaming of the SE governors. Yeah they will reopen just a hair earlier than the NE governors, but they also have approximately 1 jillion less infected people spread out over more land mass. My $0.02 is the plan will roll out. We will reopen end of may, and finagling will be done to basically end the school year early so that there won't be backlash of not paying teachers or forcing them to be exposed to large groups. Parents won't TECHNICALLY be required to stay home with the kids because of school. They just won't be able to get them daycare or send them to summer camps. And they can go fuck themselves anyway, so long as the NJEA votes dem the machine doesn't need to worry too much.
  4. because he signed an executive order this morning reopening parks? https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/04/coronavirus-in-nj-what-is-reopening-and-when-when-will-golf-courses-parks-reopen-april-29-2020.html
  5. Historically, in my experience, the places that charge outrageous fees also won't try to get you what you want. Also they tend towards having shit taste in firearms, which is a horrible combination. Filling out the paperwork for something you stock vs filling it out for a transfer is the same, but you don't have to sink capital into ordering something for me or doing an internet transfer. I'll give a +1 to Monmouth Arms. They have predictable hours and reasonable transfer fees and will try to get you what you want if you ask. Presumably only current production stuff that distributors might have. The only warning I'd give is don't use the "just pick your FFL from the list" option on gunbroker with them as that will result in the seller trying to ship to their storefront address if the seller is automated. I've done both recently and have been happy with the experience.
  6. Especially given that as of 05-02-2020 8am, parks and golf courses are being reopened.
  7. Take down on the baby eagle/jericho is pretty straight forward. line up the two dimples, pop out the slide stop. take the slide off, take out spring and guide rod, take out barrel. Assembly is reverse. They tend to be accurate guns. They are heavy though.
  8. A fully tested N95 mask isn't guaranteed to protect you either. So I'm guessing no. The virus doesn't just float around the concern is aerosolized spittle, which even a simple barrier like a hom made mask helps with significantly. The other use for home made masks and non-n95 type surgical masks is to cover your better protection underneath an keep it from getting contaminated while letting you reuse it.
  9. That box must be reaching way back there.
  10. Like an extra sentence would have helped clear that up. Was plano ever not an import though?
  11. IBM literally said we won't sell you more mainframes. Then customers kept on trying to buy them and at some point not upholding your fiduciary responsibility as a publicly traded company is bad for you as an individual. So now they sell them again and have spent time room to figure out how to integrate then into a modern environment better. Internally it seems to be converging on simply a specialized version of modern architecture being presented via clustering as a traditional mainframe. Not because it is better but because there is money in enabling the mindset of maximal neglect.
  12. p320 x-compact is the subcompact slide and barrel on the compact x-frame. It won't be more concealable. The slide is shorter but the grip is bigger and has more heel. If you have bigger hands, the x-frame will likely be more comfortable than the standard medium sized compact frame. It has the straight trigger, which you may or may not like. It is not the straight trigger with altered geometry that the x-5 legion has. It will not be able to accept 15 round mags with the standard baseplate as it can't accommodate the side tabs. the x-compact has a removable sight plate so you can install a micro red dot. They have different night sigts. the x-compact comes with only the sig xray up front and a tritium rear. The compact can come with a full set of siglite tritium sites, or just plain 3-dot steel sights. Depends on whcih SKU you are looking at.
  13. The bar for lethal force in NJ is in theory a credible threat of risk death, disfigurement, maiming/crippling, or rape of yourself or another. Outside the home you are obligated to retreat if you can do so safely. If you cannot do so safely, or cannot do so without credibly abandoning another to such a fate, you can use lethal force in self defense. Inside your home in NJ, you have no obligation to retreat. Regardless of what happens, you will likely be prosecuted because NJ views bot you and the dead/injured guy as chattel of the state, and you must answer for harming their property. At which point they may decide they gave you permission to harm their property in the course of their property trying to harm you.
  14. Uhm you don't like plano now, soo... congratulations? Not sure what kind of virtue signaling you are trying to do, but sure.. congratulations.
  15. Because handguns aren't small and concealable. You are a moron. In just my lifetime, the democrats have tried to ban -guns that were too cheap. -guns that shot to fast -guns that shot slower, but still too fast. -guns that were too accurate -guns that were not accurate enough. -guns that look kind of like military guns. The most lethal school shooting is still virginai tech and was done with 10 round mags and a handgun. The #2 mass murder event was done with a gallon of gas an a pack of matches.
  16. BAHAHAHAHAH!! 100s of millions of transactions a day!!!!! Oh my god sooo many transactions. This is the funniest shit I have seen all day. You do realize that it isn't even rounding error on google's volume right? If you don't have coherent work to perform that exceeds the capacity of a server then something bigger is stupid. You can go mainframe, or you can go clustered. One will be IO limited though. Which is why most new mainframes/supercomputers look a heck of a lot like server clusters when you cut them open and look at the guts. As an employee of a business that STILL buys mainframe crap from IBM after they said please stop buying mainframes, I will tell you that it sure as shit isn't outpacing our non mainframes. We've been bottlenecked by them for the last 20 years. Nursing them along has just been cheaper than doing the right thing and replacing them. Until now. Not because replacing them got cheap, but because the cost of the things they could not do well got to expensive. Really big computers don't have much purpose other than trying to undermine encryption or doing really massive simulations. Also, the argument of "what's going to happen when we need language X programmer in 40 years" is the worlds shittiest argument in favor of mainframes and cobol. Whatever happens, it literally can't be worse than what has happened with that combo. Which is having massive amounts of neglected systems running it with nothing but a few boutique shops of legacy developers essentially doing forensic maintenance. At least with current stuff, if people aren't fucktards about data preservation, you will have version control left, and with cheap massive storage, the odds the digital devleoper docs and such won't be tossed in the dumpster. But even if both fail? Right where we are with cobol.
  17. The city can't on its own. The state could permit it. The state could also just enact an executive order and ignore the state. The state would then have to do something about it. They wouldn't other than finding people prosecuted not guilty. The process is the punishment.
  18. If you have the money and someone has the gun, and they will sit on it for you until the permit is fully ripe and ready to eat, then I'd do it. Especially under current circumstances, I would not count on reliable and consistent inventory.
  19. This is really concerning in context of other recent rulings. I don't think there is a more civil meeting of right and left than in the supreme court of the united states. And you can visibly see it falling apart. In all my recreational court watching, I don't think I have ever seen more names on more distinct opinions on decisions. I haven't seen the court tolerate more disrespect of their authority. And you have Thomas blatantly advocating the nuclear option of recognizing the privileges and immunities clause. That's basically saying "Screw it, blow up the courts, lets relitigate everything form the last 50 years it's less bad than letting this continue." I think Roberts has forgotten the point of respecting the law is to protect the constitution. Article III specifically is not meant to repeatedly protect behaviors/disputes that will repeatedly not persist the duration of the legal process. At some point they need to recognize that playing this game of promulgating a clearly infringing law and dragging it throught eh court system relying on time and limited capacity to get away with it for as long as they can it harmful to the law, the constitution, and the people. Roberts likes to think that "go to the ballot box" is a functional retort to him making the jury box fail. He fails to see that it says that the ammo box is the only recourse left. On a side note, OBRPC and world class steel made it into the dissent For example, Colantone registered to participate in the 2012 World Class Steel Northeast Regional Championship in Old Bridge, New Jersey—about 20 miles from his home in the City. Plaintiffs’ Memorandum in Support of CrossMotion for Summary Judgt. in No. 13–cv–2115 (SDNY), Doc. No. 44 (Plaintiffs’ Memo). But after the hosts of that competition alerted him that his premises license did not allow him to transport his handgun to New Jersey—and after Inspector Andrew Lunetta, the commanding officer of the NYPD License Division, confirmed this—Colantone pulled out of the competition. App. 32, 49–50, 55.
  20. Stop using plastic where there shouldn't be plastic.
  21. Who would imagine that if you take something apart, you have ot put it back together again correctly for it to work correctly? Youtube has definitely raised the quality of the wily e. coyote school of gunsmithing.
  22. Gun control and crime rates don't correlate. There are states with lots of gun control and low crime rates, and states with little gun control and low crime rate. Also states with lots of gun control and high crime rates, and states with little gun control and high crime rates. And by crime rates, I mean violent crime rates.
  23. These dies are for use on progressive presses. It is in fact relying on the powder drop to either dump it all or dump none of it. It is the suspenders to belt and suspenders. For me, it is something I put in place once I started getting a lot of crimped primer brass in 9mm. It'd hit the priming station, I'd have to deal with it, sometimes I'd overly focus on remediation and wonder if I had re-indexed everything properly, and be both paranoid and delayed dealing with it. IMO, unless dealing with REALLY compact powder in a big cartridge, it'll stop double charges, no charge, and for some cartridge/charge combos catch it if you substantively sling powder out of the case in a progressive. The other reason to go with one is ergonomic. lock out function aside, it and the hornady powder cop let you replace looking into the case with watching a rod move up and down. Because I find the lock out die does not work very well with .223, I use the powder cop there. It's a pain in the ass, even with a good press light, to see the powder and make a determination on how full it is. And with rifle, you have a long powder column. So if it's less than 50% full, it doesn't move. With my powder selection, there's not enough room to overcharge the case without seriously impeding seating. A double charge will make a huge mess. So it's good enough. Prior to using the powder cop, I've gotten a couple of squibs. Since going to it, I've had none, and it has caught a couple. Another benefit, at lest for my LnL-AP, is that it catches it earlier than my eyeball. Due to the shape of the press, without it I go size->prime->powder->nothing->seat->crimp. And you can't apply the old mark 1 eyeball prior to where I seat due to the press support. When it does catch something, there is one less case with powder to deal with, and simpler remediation is always better. It's harder to screw up simpler. Another benefit beyond that, at least to me, is that the mechanism tamps the powder down. With flake powders, I find that depending on how the flakes fell, stack, and bind, there can be significant variation in the visual appearance of a correct charge. The mechanism of the lockout die tamps it down a bit and makes visual presentation much more uniform. Which makes my visual check more effective. No more tapping the occasional outlier that looks overly full to see if it settles or not. Which speeds things up. I've got over 120k rounds reloaded. I've never had powder stick in a drop tube, much less stick and drop free later. I suspect that is because anything that might do that will meter like crap and self-selects itself out of contention as a usable powder. What you can use it to protect against varies greatly with the powder in use. But for me, I always adjust it so that it is just shy of locking out from overcharge with my actual intended load. As a note, adjustment should periodically be verified it can drift a bit over time, especially if you adjusted it to the ragged edge of locking on your expected charge.
  24. In case you hadn't noticed, We have a bit of a thing going on that has folks concerned about governments both failing to keep order and becoming authoritarian monstrosities. So the panic is now. Lots of ammo makers expanded after the 2012 panic and were regretting it in the last year. If you noticed a bunch of new brands of bulk ammo, that's due to manufactures renting out capacity. Right now, they are short materials to feed the machines and people to run them. Until those are solved there will be no more capacity brought on line. Even when the machines are at 100% you won't see more capacity for a bit as they build up the war chest to weather the next storm. 22lr capacity won't be built up because it has high cost to bring on line and low margin and requires more skilled labor.
  25. Just like every time, 9mm and .223/5.56 will be the first to get production volume dedicated. It's pretty damn scarce right now across the board. Nobody who wasn't going to increase capacity before the rush is going to increase capacity unless demand is sustained. With the low ammo prices prior to this, lots of manufacturers were concerned that they had overexpanded. The more resources it takes to make and the more niche it is, the later it will be addresses in producing product.
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