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  1. Armello is free for the basic version, has private multiplayer, and the rules aren't too extensive. But it definitely isn't a traditional board game. Along with words with friends, there's also scrabble, and upwords with a similar model of gameplay. I believe UNO is also set up that way. Yahtzee with buddies is as well.
  2. Yeah go through that list and see which ones are still running in business. Ask yourself if they have a surplus of idle manpower right now if they ARE still running. I mean shit. We are WAY short of bus drivers right now, right?
  3. My take on the outcome of this buying spree: Essentially, people don't really change. Just the situation. Group 1. The existing owner who just bought more. They are going to be exactly like they were before. No change, no impact. Group 2. The person who wasn't anti-gun but never actually got around to be a gun owner. Don't expect a lot of 2a support, but they will probably take it personal when a law is passed and someone informs them that they haven't been paying attention and are now a criminal. At that point they will take it really personally IMO as they will view it as an attack on them. They might be useful being backlash at some point in the future. Group 3. Guns are evil, but right now a necessary evil. They will engage in cognitive dissonance after the fact just like they are right now to go buy a gun. They will squawk with rage if it ever comes back on them and makes them a felon because how can this happen to someone with all the right think? But they will vote for all the shit that will lead to that problem in the first place. Outside of those in financial distress because of this trying to get some cash to keep body and soul together, most won't get rid of them. They will be lazy and not pay attention and let it sit in the closet or wherever outside of something intruding into their lives to motivate them otherwise.
  4. You are assuming everything isn't going into hiring freezes due to revenue issues.
  5. They moved it back today. This year is going to be FUBAR fiscally for the state. I bet that clock stays unplugged for a LOOOOOOOOONG time this year.
  6. IF your indoor range is pulling downrange ari to the firing line, they are doing it wrong. You either blow from behind the firing line or suck from down range, or preferably both.
  7. The rail line raised it last year. It's now 12' 4"
  8. Titegroup is pistol powder. 9mm, .40, and.45 all use between 3.5 and 4.7 grains.
  9. Ah yeah. Rifle. I use tac and an 8lb jug gets me about 2300 as well.
  10. Depends on the powder. 8lbs of titegroup makes 12000-15000 rounds of the stuff I typically load.
  11. Roading scarcity tends to trail retail. The other thing is that the component business caters to bulk buyers. The other thing is that while anything can get scarce, usually not all the stuff is scarce at once. So you can buy more ammo in parts. Also the prices never seen to get quite as out of hand. When.223 hit $499 a case as a regular price, components to make a case only cost me about $280 peak.
  12. I believe the 425 and 550 are the same.
  13. I was referring to ammo manufacturers, but gun makers should be exempt as well. Didn't mean they didn't sir down in their own though.
  14. Are they? They are pretty much exempt everywhere. I know the component manufacturers I deal with aren't shut down.
  15. Titegroup isn’t smokey with jackets or plated. But it is hot, and can get smokey with coated bullets. I don’t think anything isn’t smokey with barre lead. Lead needs lube and the lube will smoke.
  16. Dunno about that one, but a workmate 550 was my reloading bench for several years. I made an mdf top for it. New machines maybe not. But they will definitely spin up any capacity they turned down due to the glut.
  17. How is a shitty internet Connection am invalid argument? Real world example: internet goes down every time the wind blows to hard. Persists for months until the cable company finally tracks down the line problem. How does the cloud fix that?
  18. I'm going to bet this turns out to be nothing particularly useful, especially for being more represented in otherwise asymptomatic people. Mainly because loss of taste and smell tends to go along with age. The patients are likely all younger because the old folks don't notice losing what they didn't have or didn't have a lot of. So they self select themselves out of the pile of possible complainers.
  19. Also, it's always useful to check that you don't have a fake. https://www.aimpoint.com/support/counterfeitcopies/how-to-recognize-a-fake-aimpoint-sight/
  20. Oooh wonderful. So that means his cable, DSL, fiber or whatever isn't a single point of failure? The cloud is almost never down. The cloud is also never 100% up. It's always broken for someone. ALWAYS.
  21. Yeah, useless permits if you can even get them. I'm tempted to apply and see if they bill me without delivering a usable permit. Sue them for theft by deception, add in every minute spent dealing with the BS as damages.
  22. Cherry picking? Heck you don't even need ot go to cherry picking. They say a lot withough explaining their number. It rose 5.2 and 6 percent compared to neighboring states without legalized weed. Like did the non weed states see zero increase and they saw 5.1 and 6? That's what they like to imply. Or did every state see an increase, but the weed states saw 5.2 and 6 percent more of an increase. In that case you are talking about 101% in the non weed stated and 101.5% in the weed states. Which is much less dramatic. Either way there's a reason they talk around the methodology without using clear simple language or technically accurate language. Lots of "things were done.. to control things".
  23. That is some nice wood on that top one.
  24. He may also be technically correct in that he doesn't bother having anyone forward any kinds of complaints on to him. I mena is anyone complaining if you stick your fingers in your ears and say "NAH NAH NAH I'M NOT LISTENING" over and over?
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