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  1. Yeah not sure why. The main goal was to create a legal cartridge for a bunch of states for hunting with the ar platform that was more economical than .450 bushmaster. I think we are in the wrong region to judge popularity or success of it.
  2. cz-75, baby eagle, eaa witness and other cz-75 like guns usually work for a lot of hand sizes. If there is going to be an issue it will be reach to the trigger for small handed people. The sig p365 is really quite teeny. As is the beretta nano and other carry oriented small 9mm pistols. For small handed people I know who have had grip size and trigger reach issues, the full size S&W M&P with the small grips seems to work well for them. I'd put all the full size guns with modular grips for ergonomics and metal mags with them set up for the smallest grip size. The reality is that a double stack 9mm magazine is not particularly girthy.
  3. You need an FFL to manufacture ammo for sale. Big federal felony. Don't do it. As for the original topic, you can use small rifle or small pistol magnum primers for ammo that requires small pistol primers. For small pistol vs. small pistol magnum, in general the difference is mostly the cup. It might make a bit bigger of a flash. Usually you'll pick up maybe 25fps at the chrono. I've never experienced issues pressure wise, but I'm usually solidly within SAAMI pressures for the cartridge. Small rifle definitely has a bigger flash. Back off a bit and try it and work back up to your desired velocity. I'd stay away from the CCI 5.56 primers. Just because they are quite hard. Powder substitution is harder. Occasionally you can get ahead of the scrum for scarce powder by working up loads for something with no load data for the cartridge you want powder for. However, this usually requires you to have easy range access and components to spare. For example, last big panic, amongst some of the USPSA type shooters who buy their components 10k at a time, they started using alliant e3, which to date still has no published pistol data from alliant. But most pistol powders are also shotgun powders.
  4. What’s 7.62x39 have to do with 350 legend? 350 legend was designed to comply with hunting laws in the Midwest. 7.62x39 doesn’t.
  5. So they are releasing prisoners from county jails. But there will be consequences for violating the lock down. What will they do? Send you to jail and then let you right back out? Fucking geniuses.
  6. Only if trump wins or SCOTUS publishes a really favorable ruling over the summer.
  7. The 308 will perform better from 200-300 yards even at the lower velocities. However, the projectiles tends to be designed for optimum performance somewhere between 2800-3000 FPS with adequate performance at around 2400fps, and basically bullet diameter expansion sub 2000fps. With the shorter barrel you are looking at peak velocity just over 2400fps. Velocity, drop, and bullet design leave you with a 0-300 yard usable range. Which a .223 gun will stay within the sweet spot of the projectile design 0-400, be much flatter shooting and easier to aim and hit with a dot out to 300 yards. And do it in a smaller, lighter, cheaper package with better mounting options, faster mag changes, higher capacities, and let you carry more ammo in less space. The socom looks cool, but practically it’s functional but sub optimal.
  8. They are close enough. Sectional density and bc are slightly different, but not different enough that once you kill a bunch of velocity you get wildly different results. Go chrono it. Between bleeding gas and the 16" barrel, the ballistics wont be terribly impressive. What it can di that those can't is shoot heavier bullets, but I'm guessing you aren't feeding it 175gr ammo.
  9. .308 was designed for a 24 inch barrel. Based on the dudes with a rifle, a chop saw, and a chrono, with a 147gr load you are down to around 2400-2500 FPS. Which is basically what you get out of a 150gr 30-30, or a mil-spec 7.62x39 cartridge out of an ak. Except in a bigger, heavier rifle.
  10. I like the look of the socom, but in reality it’s just not great from a practical standpoint. By going to 16” you are hitting 30-30 velocities. Or 7.62x39 velocities and doing it in a bigger gun that cost more. Also, rocking the mags to seat them is SLOW. Then there is the amount of muzzle flash, and the not great optic mounting options, and the garand thumb. It looks cool, but it doesn’t add up to good.
  11. The instructor is full of it. If it takes 1000 rounds to break in a gun, there's something wrong with it. Period. Now to trust it as reliable, that's a different matter. IMO ~500 rounds will be enough that anything defective or with metalurgical issues that aren't going to take thousands of rounds to show up will show up. The p320 x5 legion I'd just take it apart, clean and lube per factory instructions. I'd take the ammo you want to use with it and shoot a box or two to see if you get any malfunctions. If you get failure to return to battery fully, check you aren't making contact with the slide catch and if you aren't, swap to the heavier of the two included springs that came with the gun. It ships pretty tight from the factory and may need the extra oomph until it is broken in a bit. Most mass produced guns today will either run out of the box or have issues pretty rapidly. The only real exception to that that I'm familiar with are crappy extractors in modern 1911s. Which is why many big manufacturers went with a more moder spring loaded style extractor rather than the traditional tensioned design. For example Springfield uses a hardened part that is not proper spring steel and is machined in a way to be put under tension when inserted, but it loses some spring aroudn ~2000 rounds, and wills tart having extraction problems with less than full power, full weight loads.
  12. D. You want a follower you can check unloaded state with by feel. Also, outside of the 870, your follower may be total crap. I like my stoeger m3k, but the follower that came with it isn't even as thick as the standard plastic 870 follower.
  13. I know there are at least a few unquestioning democrat faithful who are finding out what they voted for and that stuff doesn't work like their side claims.
  14. Lots of people finding out why the laws in NJ suck currently.
  15. .40 used to be my go to round. When you are shooting handloads, it is a VERY versatile cartridge. But it's not going to be my primary caliber anymore. 3 gun rewards 9mm, and the peer pressure and component costs finally got to me. A few more 9mm guns will be going into the safe. I don't think .40 will be going away, but with most PDs switching to 9mm, 9mm once fired brass has been getting cheaper, and .40 has not.
  16. Another data point, but a vendor I just ordered from is going into back order because their machines are stopped waiting on copper strip from.... guess where?
  17. The issue came up while waiting for NICS percolate through the NJ quagmire. It's a bunch of smaller increases in demand colliding with the fact that a big lead shipment from china was late. This affected manufacturer's ability to deliver, which affected distributors, etc. Now you will have other covid related measures impacting manufacturing, sales, distribution and delivery. I wonder if we'll have primer supplies impacted. If there's ever been a factory job that has social isolation baked in, it's gotta be booking primers.
  18. Yes if there are lots of non severe cases, the R0 goes up but the mortality rate goes down. My previous numbers are for a simple population sample. No deaths, no getting better, no natural immunity, no measures taken. But the reason why there is great concern is that we can’t mitigate it with a vaccine yet, and the growth rate without intervention is bad.
  19. They took measures fir social distancing and containment on board. That’s not the numbers you get just letting it run its course. You will note that the ratios compared to the flu WHILE taking containment measures are worse.
  20. I really wish they taught math better. Here’s why: The R0 of the flu is ~1.3. With that we got 36 million cases. It has a mortality rate of about 0.095% that we wind up with 22,000 dead. This is not a bad year for the flu. COVID-19 has an R0 between 2.2-3.2 based on estimates to date. We will go with a popular consensus number out there 2.3. Mortality rate has varied between 1.48% (places in China where social distancing, etc were put in place early, after Wuhan showed it was bad) and 5% (Italy). Wuhan, which was an example of belated intervention is rocking a rate of a bit above 4%. Let’s go ten rounds of infection. I just did this math manually but I’ll probably write a script to do better numbers. flu = 42.73 infected covid-19= 7328.50 infected So.... a whole season without intervention you aren’t talking 36 million cases. It’s way bigger. And then it isn’t 22,000 dead. It is a rate 12-40x greater of that much bigger number. it is epically bad. But that 1.48% I mentioned earlier was the result of preventive measures reducing that R0 number and by association allowing for better medical care.
  21. They extend the closure. That’s why the notifications usually say “at least until”.
  22. It’s a solid read. Some fairly technical stuff explained clearly.
  23. The more flavors of flu you build immunity to, the better your odds. If you don't get the vaccine, your body's immune system isn't sampling any more varieties than you naturally encounter. Unless the vaccine comes with significant risk, it's all upside. IMO the worst risk is entering medical facilities because that's where all the sick people and super bugs are. Fortunately the flu vaccine is available without having to visit such places.
  24. Your chart says exactly what I said. 45% is decent, 60 ius about the peak, 29 was last years which wasn't so hot. Which is why they keep seeking >95% vaccination rate for the flu. With effectiveness rates like that, you really need a high rate of uptake to get near the herd immunity levels. The healthcare system takes this seriously. And folks like you say "wargharble... no vaccines!". Your need to post that everyone other than you is wrong somehow, even when you post shit which was exactly what they just said, is baffling.
  25. To AVB's screed. You make gross assumptions about what is going on here. The administration is never going to (and never should), scream panic. THeir job is to say this isn't as bad as the fear mongers are making out. You say that and then do something. The US passed on WHO tests. Perhaps that was charitable saying we can take care of ourselves help out people in worse shape than us. We are getting more tests online, and nobody is going to give a fuck if they are sanctioned or not (hint they will be), they are going to show up. It might reflect the need for a reality check on our own domestic production ability on certain critical items. Just because we can get it for you in short order when things are going well doesn't mean we have functioning domestic production. As for drive through testing, it's already here. Just not on a large universal scale. IT too will be if the infected numbers rise. Quite probably if it doesn't. But that will come when there isn't scarcity of testing supplies for admitted patients. If you think it isn't being taken seriously by the administration, you are an idiot blinded by your own politics. has it been perfect? No. Would it have been perfect with someone else in the oval office? No.
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