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  1. I do find some difference in the different systems I have an older M&P15 w/ 16" (no muzzle device) w/ carbine and a Spikes 16" midlenth w/ Dynacomp. I find the carbine system cycles the bolt a little quicker and gets back on target a smidge quicker. However, I do think the Dynacomp is not the greatest. It has some significant flash and also pushes the barrel slightly down and find myself fighting it to get back to line of sight. I would guess a different muzzle device would help that. As far as recoil, I don't see much difference though. Also, the carbine setup will be more tolerant of all kinds of ammo, but it does stress the internals a bit more. Also, gas port size and buffer weight will matter in recoil characteristics
  2. Greetings It's been a while since I've been on this site, but had some questions on an "Other Than" AR. Was at RTSP in Randolph today. Just got me some handgun permits and wanted to see what they had..some Gen 3 G17's, some tricked out Sig P320C's and 1911's. I have a barrel for an AR I've been wanting to build up, so bought a stripped lower they had. But.... They had a Troy A4 Other Than 10.5" barrel. Got to fondle it a little and wow, very cool setup. Can not believe it's NJ legal. In talking to the sales person he mentioned that Troy also makes a 12.5" version with a non pinned muzzle device which is legally removable. This has me now thinking of using that newly purchased lower to build an "Other Than". I tried searching, but can't find anything that spells out specifics on what features make up an Other Than. Was hoping I could get some info on the specifics of that definition and what I can and can't do for a build, or even if I can legally build one. Thanks!
  3. It truly amazes me how the PX4 has become a "cool" pistol after so many years of being looked over. I am among those people that never thought much of the pistol. Started following some threads on it from Ernst Langdon and got the bug. I did a trade with an Inox Vertec 92 for a full size PX4 G worked over by Ernst Langdon with Talon grip tape, small profile levers, and Ameriglo night sights. I couldn't warm to the Vertec grip frame and the trigger was no where near as good as my wife's 1994 92FS, with D spring and Elite II hammer in both pistols. That PX4 pistol rocks. Low recoil, accurate, a DA trigger that's smooth and decent in the weight department (assumes Cougar spring and some polishing), 15rd mags available. Something to consider, the slide is very easy to work on the PX4 guns. I've met some women who had some level of issue with racking a G19. I've also shot the PX4 Compact. I must be the oddball since I didn't really warm up to it. It is a nice pistol, but i prefer the full-size.
  4. I've got Mepros, Trijicon old school 3 dot with white outline and Ameriglo Spartans on 5 9mm Glocks. I by far like the Spartans. I think the front sight is a little thinner than the 1st gen Trij HD's. I wouldn't mind going a little thinner still. For the $, the Spartans work really well.
  5. I REALLY like it. It tackles a bunch of "issues" that advance the platform. Dovetailed rear and FRONT sights Bevelled mag well Extended mag catch Comes with night sights The safety can easily be converted to a G configuration (decocker only) Will come with optional grips that wrap around the backstrap sort of mimicking the standard 92 grip frame I know a lot of people find the platform dated, but I've recently been moving back to my wife's 92FS with D spring, Elite II hammer and Beretta aluminum grips. My biggest gripe with the platform was the trigger being heavy. The D spring and Elite II hammer (less so), really have enhanced the trigger. I still love my Glocks, but I like the challenge of trying to master the Beretta platform. Also, the 92 series pistols are very accurate. I'm looking forward to the M9A3. I just got some permits a couple of weeks ago and will be holding one for this pistol.
  6. I have a variety of pistol including a few Glocks. For me, I find that if I switch to other platforms and then have the Glock mixed in there, I don't do all that well with the Glock. If, when I go to the range, I just bring the Glock, I wind up shooting well with it. Dry fire the snot out of your Glock to get used to the trigger. Use some flavor of snap cap though. I cracked the breach area of my Gen 2 G19 from dry firing A LOT w/out snap caps.
  7. Beautiful. I have 3 permits coming in a week or so. Some flavor of 92 is on my list.
  8. Beautiful pistol, and thanks for the info.
  9. Appreciate the info. Are 15 round mags available for the Phantom? The P-09 looks interesting, but I have a hard time swallowing going from a 19rnd mag to a 10rnd mag.
  10. svt3183 - Yes, I did rack it and I can understand your objections. Being that the slide sits in the frame vs. over the frame as on most other pistols, it makes for small cocking serrations. It didn't bother me too much, and I'm sure with practice it wouldn't be too much of an issue. Mods, any hints as to why I can't quote / multiquote?
  11. Went to RTSP yesterday to sling some lead and help break in my buddy's newly acquired Sig P226 Mk 25 FDE. Being the idiot that I am, I wanted to bring my wife's Beretta 92FS but was running late and forgot to bring it. I only brought my P226 w/ E2 grip. During shooting, I noticed that I'm not really digging the E2 grip and preferring the original style grip that was on my buddy's Mk 25. I had finished up my allotment of ammo and went to the retail section to look at a few pistols. The 1st one was a Beretta 92G. The first thing I noticed was the slightly restyled grip. At least on the 92G, 92A1 and M9A1, Beretta is doing the grip a little differently by machining the area where the web of your hand would sits in a little further, maybe 1-2mm (not positive on the measurement). At least at first feel, it seems to fit my hand much better. My fingers are on the shorter side and it allowed my trigger finger to reach the double action trigger with much better contact. AFAIK, there is no G model with a rail. An M9A1-G or 92A1 G would be my ideal choice. The other pistol I looked at has a 30+ thread on M4carbine.net. It is the CZ P-07. At least dry firing and interacting as much as one can at a gun store, I was very impressed with the pistol. It comes to line of sight very naturally, the controls work for me, the sights sit low on the low bore axis slide, texture felt like it would give some grip, SA trigger was very nice, it was light and was thinner than a G19. DA pull was pretty heavy, but in the thread on M4Carbine.net, there is extensive detail describing fixes to bring the DA pull to as low as 6lb. And it's relatively cheap at $525. Being that I'm very into DA/SA pistols lately, this pistol is resonating with me heavily.
  12. Who is Steve and where do I buy a VP9 through him?
  13. Greetings, Did some researching over the weekend. Some thoughts..... 1911 9mm - While I'm sure it's a nice gun for the range, not interested. I'm done with range only guns and I still read about mags being the weak link on this platform for reliability. Sig Mk 25 / Combat - Still high on desirability list, but if purchased, will add the SRT trigger. Beretta 92A1/M9A1 - Hadn't realized that there some parts on the 92A1 that are not compatible with the older 92FS in our house. The M9A1 has moved up the list due to having no parts compatibility issues, better checkering and beveled mag well. Ruger 9mm - I've shot/handled a few, but they did nothing for me. VP9 - Still high on the purchase list. Gen4 G17 - Also, still high on the purchase list. CZ P07 - Been reading some good stuff on this pistol. Understand this can be made into a great shooter, but out of the box, it's good, but a little raw. I have 3 permits coming. Right now, my top 3 are Beretta M9A1, VP9, Gen4 G17, followed by Sig P226 and CZ offering.
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