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  1. simmons

    Motorcycle License, anyone?

    I Learned the basics in the East Brunswick High School Parking lot in the very back that used to be used for Driving tests or classes. I Then took the MSF course at Brookdale. It was nice because the last day the administered the test all you had to do was go to DMV the following day and get your Endorsment. The course is the way to go.
  2. simmons

    P229 SIG Assembly

    If you can't get it to function you can always send it back to Sig. For $56 they will go over it with a fine tooth comb. They will put it back together and function test it. ........Just a suggestion.
  3. simmons

    Some AR ??'s, looking for a CQ setup

    I've used these guys as an FFL for a few things and they are great. Real friendly guys .
  4. simmons

    Hello from Aberdeen

    Aberdeen Here too. I've never waited more then 29 days for a Permit. No complaints about the wait from me. I'm also a member of CJRPC and I will say that the upfront cost is high it is worth it.
  5. simmons

    Sig Sauer P320

    I am under the impression that the .45 is not compatible with the 9,.40,and 357Sig. I was told by the Sig Sauer Customer service that the .45 platform with have its own Frame sizes to change out but not part of the caliber Conversion modularity of the other calibers.
  6. simmons

    Kegerator question

    Reliable Carbonics in New Brunswick fill them cheap. To purchase one try the Brewers Apprentice in Freehold.
  7. simmons

    Greetings From Keyport

    Welcome From Cliffwood Beach.
  8. simmons

    Greetings From Keyport

  9. simmons

    Other hobbies.

    Maybe a cigar meet at the Cigars international infornt of Cabelas ?
  10. simmons

    Home Brewers

    In primary right now is Summer ale (made with Lime not lemone) Double IPA and a Hoegarden Clone. Moving to secondary this sunday. My buddies and I had a brew day 2 weeks ago. If anyone needs c02 theres a place in New Brunswick that caters to Homebrewers its called reliable carbonics. There great there.
  11. simmons

    Bachelor Party ideas

    If you start early enough and dont mind taking a day trip why dont you head down to Maryland or PA and go to a range that allows full Auto Rentals. Most ranges that do full auto calss 3 also take reservations.
  12. simmons

    Hello from EB, NJ

    Welcome. I grew Up in E.B. My parents still live there. How is the Police Department with Permits there ?
  13. simmons

    Shipping pistol to Manufacturer for service

    I dropped my S&W off at a fedex store. You just have to declare it. The only other catch is that you must sign for it on delivery so I actually had it shipped to the hub and I spicked it up from there. It was really easy and they were very good with providing tracking info on the way back.
  14. simmons


    If you want to get the magazines directly through EAA heres the link but be warned there not cheap. http://www.eaacorp.c...roducts_id=9701 I'll keep looking.
  15. simmons


    I have a PAP ond love it. I disagree with opening up the mag well. To open it up for only 5 more rounds seems pointless to me. Plus you then have to find 15rd mags which might be more labor intensive then just buying 10rd mags online. All in all I love it though it never jams and its a ton of fun to shoot.

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