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  1. OOOR simply provide the state with proof of your Merovigian DNA
  2. Hammerhead i totally hear you. I found out about a wife not being able to defend herself with your gun about 3 months ago. So we are working on her getting her own credentials and a dog for early warning. In the meantime the gun is still accessible.
  3. Great news! That rifle was given to him by his wonderful wife as a birthday gift about 19 years ago. has alot of sentimental value and is beautiful gun. "he" will be sooooo happy once i tell "him" the great news. thank you all!
  4. Hello, a friend of mine bought a house and moved to NJ from NY a few years back. Along with his furniture he brought with him an air rifle which he owned for about 10 years (hence no paper work). He just found out that they are illegal in NJ if not registered just like a long gun. He has several long guns and pistols purchased and registered in NJ and would obviously like to comply with the air rifle laws. His question is, what would be the process for registering the air rifle in the state if 1. its already here and 2. he has no paperwork for it? he appreciates and thanks you for your comments.
  5. OGG, he's having a hard time finding it since it's either under his coffee cup or cant make out ur name and address due to the coffee stains. I had to "kindly" badger my officer, and about 3 weeks after he told me "tomorrow" i called and he says, "oh, they've been ready, why havent you picked them up". geeeeez.
  6. Hi guys/gals. I just moved to NJ from NY a little over a year ago. Been shooting on and off for a long time. Love both pistols and long arms. found this forum from THR. Nice to find a forum dedicated specifically to NJ gun owners. thanks!
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