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Ray Ray's Feedback

  1. Tunaman left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction. A++

    Ray Ray was The Seller

  2. GunsnFreedom left Positive feedback   

    Easy and quick. Great guy.

    Ray Ray was The Seller

  3. Turboprop21 left Positive feedback   

    Very knowledgeable and great guy! Excellent communication and easy going. Thanks then everything

    Ray Ray was Trading

  4. Krdshrk left Positive feedback   

    Went out of his way to get me the item as discussed.

    Ray Ray was The Seller

  5. the_stranger left Positive feedback   

    Easy transaction

    Ray Ray was Trading

  6. Topshot56 left Positive feedback   

    Great to deal with and quick payment! Thanks!!

    Ray Ray was Trading

  7. Howard left Positive feedback   

    Nice guy, easy to deal with, prompt and reliable.

    Ray Ray was Trading

  8. AlexTheSane left Positive feedback   

    Nice guy. Fast responses. Easy to do business with.

    Ray Ray was The Seller

  9. Krdshrk left Positive feedback   

    Excellent trade - even came to my location.

    Ray Ray was Trading

  10. Moto102 left Positive feedback   

    Smooth transaction!!! Thanks again

    Ray Ray was Trading

  11. brucin left Positive feedback   

    Great price a very good seller. Like someone else said "Trust this Guy"

    Ray Ray was The Seller

  12. Moto102 left Positive feedback   

    Easy transaction!!! Trust this guy

    Ray Ray was Trading

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