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  1. Mods please lock, this tool is long gone. @Mrs. Peel, or the new mod. @Zeke
  2. The Proper People, Goonzquad, Paul Harrell
  3. Like I told my ex-wife, "checks in the mail".
  4. People will ask why? Because the heavier the bullet, the slower it moves. So, under recoil the muzzle will rise. Since it's moving slower, the bullet is leaving the barrel at a higher angle. Is that what I remember hearing? Could be gunshop babble.
  5. I knew it! Mark dabbled in the Asian markets.
  6. Because some of use cannot use a short stock but want a compact firearm.
  7. New guy Rick came for knowledge and has since left due to a lack of welcoming of new gun owners to the community. He told me this at breakfast, we had taylor ham and eggs.
  8. Nobody is shooting thousands and thousands of rounds of steel-cased ammo through 9mm guns. The only guns that are seeing that many? AKs, SKSs, Makarovs and Tokarovs. Those are doing just fine on a strict diet of steel-cased crap.
  9. Cost, basically. 115 grain ammo is usually the cheapest. Then 124 grain stuff. Followed by 147 grain stuff. Why? More weight means more metal which means more money.
  10. Man up, dad. Not this again. The only way steel-cased ammo will cause premature wear is if you shoot thousands and thousands of rounds of ammo through the same gun. Aluminum? No.
  11. 45-70 Auto: For absolutely nothing but burning money and having fun, I guess.
  12. And now I know where toilet paper is made. Very educational Mark.
  13. For range ammo? Anything except reloads from unknown sources. Steel cased stuff is fine, aluminum cased stuff is fine too.
  14. Put a round in the cylinder, spin it, close it, cock the hammer and put it to your temple. Let me know what happens Mark.
  15. I like them on snubby revolvers, that's about it.
  16. I forgot how good of a photographer you are, well done sir.
  17. The hammer is cocked. Daddy want that in 357, please.
  18. You know what's funny, I'm finding weird TP too in Shoprite. I guess these no-name brands are making a killing too.
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