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  1. Thanks A Tech. Just emailed them.
  2. Looking for an XD armorer in the CNJ area...Somerset, Somerville, Branchburg, Bridgewater etc. Disassembled it a while ago, doesn't seem to be functioning properly. Looking for a detailed strip & reassembled. Dont want the hassle of going back and forth to the range for test firing.
  3. I pulled out al the pins including the grip safety afterwoods. Now its really stuck. Why would you want a piece of shit like an xd? i was looking for help...not insults.
  4. Took my XD 45 apart. Having trouble getting it back together. The slide is stuck open & the trigger doesn't dry fire. Cant release the slide. Any recommendation for a gunsmith. Live in the Bridgewater area, work in the Nutley area if that helps. Glocks are so much easier!
  5. They do have a bar there as well. The other side is the main restaurant with a full bar. Its just as dingy in there and your feet will stick to the original wood floor boards
  6. Those 2 trees have been there for 7+ years that I am aware of. They came with the house. Watering them never seemed to be a problem since we have been here. I did get a lot of snow this winter, did a lot of snow blowing. Perhaps it is possible that calcium chloride got in on the base. I never use salt. Could calcium chloride be the problem? Anything possible to reverse the browning? Before I cut it down, I would like to try what I can.
  7. Hey Guys, Any landscapers in here? Do you think this tree can be saved? Dont know what happened to it, its twin on the other side is fine. It has plenty of leaves on it, just brown. Any suggestions or help?
  8. Cant believe it. My wife was just in there Saturday. She was very friendly with Roy & Angela. Really good people. This basically around the corner from my house & SCFGPA. Freakin scary. Our condolesences to Angela and the DeVoe family. news story
  9. I need to ship one of my rifles to Ruger for repairs. I know I can legally send it via USPS with no firearms label on it.No ammo etc... But can Ruger send it back directly to me or does it have to go to a FFL?
  10. Sorry for the inactivity.Havent been available or around much for the last several months. Originally the post was from August, still interested in a regular meet up there with forum members. FYI -The winter months can be a little cold at the range & they used to have ladies night on thursday's - not sure if they still do...so thursday nights might be out. No problems with "guesting" if needed.
  11. Couldnt you just go to a NJ FFL, order the handgun (with payment from the mom) & have him hold it until the P2P is in...then he can do the paperwork under his (op) name. At the time of order the FFL is just buying a firearm for his "inventory" - no?
  12. Duracoating is actually easy enough to do it yourself. I did my 10/22 reciever & trigger assy a while ago. jm2c
  13. Thinking of getting into F Class shooting. Anyone know of ranges that hold these kind of matches in the NJ, NY or PA areas. Didnt find any match info on the NRA website. I know that there arent too many long range capable ranges around in the first place, but maybe they improvise or something.
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