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  1. ben

    Ruger SP101 Grip

    Order sent. Thanks for the lead.
  2. ben

    Ruger SP101 Grip

    Although the stock grip on the SP101 is perfectly fine, anyone have recommendations for an aftermarket grip (besides Hogue)?
  3. I was having a discussion with an attorney friend of mine about the new Healthcare Reform, which led to discussion about the 2d Amendment Right. He asked me why I think anyone is entitled to own firearms. I didn't say I own firearms to defend myself from criminals, which that particular use is possible but you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning. When our forefathers incorporated this right into the Constitution, they were not thinking that this country would be rampant with petty thieves and therefore everyone would need to own a gun. I own firearms because we live in a society of checks and balances. The three branches of government check each other. We as citizens check the government as a whole. This is an absolute requirement to maintaining any free society, because absolute power corrupts absolutely. Those that argue against this are either naive or know full well what they are doing. You are NOT paranoid if you own firearms as a way to check the government against any potential tyranny. The 2d Amendment Right is not only one of the freedoms you enjoy from being a U.S. citizen, but it is one of your duties as a U.S. citizen and should never be questioned.
  4. This is normal. Because of the way the AA piston kit is designed, there is always a little force from the spring acting on the carrier. I don't see this harming your rifle in anyway. Everything lines up when the system is enclosed.
  5. Old English 800 and Schlitz
  6. A .40 cal pistol was the first pistol I personally owned. I have the Sig P229 in .40, first pistol I bought in Jersey. I love the caliber. For me, no noticable difference between the .40 and .45. Maybe I'm just a little limp-wristed sometimes.
  7. I have 150 confirmed kills with an E-Tool
  8. Interesting photos. Its kind of depressing to see them.
  9. ben

    laser sighting?

    I think this was discussed already. LBSs are a good thing to have around, but nothing will zero your rifle betterthan actual range time. Look on the internet for a downloadable 36 yard line BZO target.
  10. Yes, you both are right. Everything is sent outside our borders for manufacturing. Tax credits/breaks and non-unionized cheap labor is a bit too attractive to pass up. I understand this is reality and keeps many people in business, and henceforth puts food in the mouths of American families. It's a shame that's the way it is and the way it has to be; how we were the industrial progenesis and innovators but now we're using China to help them with their industrial era.
  11. I gave up driving months ago. No more Jersey traffic, potholes, and road rage. It's a wonderful life.
  12. Yes, this might lower the bottom line for Whirlpool, and they might pass on cost savings to customers, but remember: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Our engineering, manufacturing, and QC may not be the best individually, but we have the best combination of the three, and we keep it affordable compared to foreign products of equal quality. This is another issue I have a huge problem with. Globalization. Keep things in house. Our goal as a nation should be retaining our collective wealth and selling our products to foreign markets to absorb theirs. Anyway, I'm not saying anything that everybody doesn't know already.
  13. Just use the tip of a .223 or 5.56 round
  14. Grip, stance (especially the isosceles), and trigger squeeze are all fundamental shooting principles and you did a good job giving some great tips. When gripping the pistol, I do this: As a rightie, I make a 45 degree angle with my palm (finger pointing downwards) relative to the slide. My left thumb, on the left side of the slide, lines up with my right fore-finger, on the right side of the slide. I don't apply too much pressure with my left hand when firing 9mm. Adjustment in pressure ismade accoring to caliber. I always fire at 25+ yards. I don't agree with the Weaver stance either, but I know plenty of folks who are dead on with that stance and some weird grip techniques. Squaring up your body with the target (isosceles) is ideal for rapid engagement, follow-ups, and moving. Anybody can be trained to shoot a rifle because it is more technique. However, pistol shooting is more of an art form and much of it comes down to learning the basics and finding out what combinations work for you.
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