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  1. Any progress on the refund? Edit at 6 am Mar 3: Arrived overnight. Thank you!
  2. So, I have this old Para Ordnance SSP single-stack with the finish in really bad shape. And I'd seen a unique looking cerakote job by the Sons of Liberty Gun Works on an AR. I put them together and went to Legacy Indoor Range and Armory who humored my mental situation and did this for me:
  3. Ditto - I filled out the form fully, received the binoculars on Monday, posted the review that night.
  4. Great day for shooting this past Sunday! Only got an hour in on the handgun side, but very successful. Better half was with me as well shooting her GP100 (accurately too, which keeps me in line.)
  5. Received mine today. These are really nice binos, especially for the price (even before refund ). Thanks for setting this up! I'm going to enjoy these. And I left feedback on their Amazon page.
  6. http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/poll-do-you-agree-laws-allowing-teachers-carry-concealed-weapons
  7. Reward training works very well. We started with hot dogs, but moved to Pet Botanics Training Rewards, which you can get from Petsmart and Amazon. Less messy and easy to carry in pockets.
  8. Asa helped me with my GSD when he was 4 (the dog, not Asa). He did a great job. Lost my GSD last December and am about to adopt another myself. Super intelligent dogs. And they can be trained at any age, truly.
  9. My low end, longish-range AR build. Magpul PRS and MOE grip, Spikes NJGF lower, Daytona Tactical 20" AR upper, NCStar 3-9X Mark III scope. Unfired as of yet.
  10. Thanks for the help! The Birchwood Casey stuff isn't as good I guess?
  11. Not for SD, that's what my 870 is for. Safe queen and plinking. Also, it's close to what I originally qualified on in the USAF, so "sentimental" value if you will. Thanks for the suggestion - I'll give them a call as well.
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