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  1. Auction.com I went bit higher who ever was bidding bid 5k increments when it went down to 1k increments I guess trying to scare me off.
  2. I lost the auction, ran it up to 115k resale was only 128k made no sense to go any higher. it was grueling to sit and bid, every time you bid 3 minutes get added to auction which allows it to go up.
  3. When I was kid growing up in Parkertown they were all over the place once I had my hunting license and was old enough to hunt by myself they seem to have disappeared. About 15 years ago there was one on the trail every morning on my way to deer seat during black powder season. I was thinking of shooting it one morning but decided not to in hopes there would be more around. Have not seen another one since that year. I have shot some woodcock about 20 years ago pheasant hunting and have not seen any of then either.
  4. I am going to bid on an auction home today, sold some stocks I had to add to the kitty. Hoping to win auction 85K or less. House is rough but has good roof, no holes in walls but very dirty inside will need complete remodel. Has anyone else bid on an auction home ?
  5. if you have any issues that forum is a good go to.
  6. We run two gas carryalls at the marina, not too many issues most common is tires going flat keep spare around they are cheap. my cart went under in sandy and I was not able to get to it to save engine and electrical parts last winter I just refurbished the whole cart. I installed cheap Chinese replica of honda engine 18hp and have been using it this year. I really think an Electric cart would be best way to go for your application as you will not have to fuss around fueling it up. just have to stay on top of keeping it charged. Here is a forum I read and posted my restoration. my thread, http://www.buggiesgonewild.com/gas-club-car/146660-96-carry-all-2-restoration.html
  7. He was not shooting Gangsta, He was Limp wristing
  8. Crock pot chicken pot pie I put on this morning. wind gusts at house right now are 18mph I am 15min from range gusts should be little less since I am on the shore. see you guys around 10 am or so at range will have thrower with me and 10 place rack.
  9. only gas left for me is the blower and I may buy a Ryobi to go with the mower this year. https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-20-in-40-Volt-Brushless-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Self-Propelled-Walk-Behind-Mower-with-5-0-Ah-Battery-Charger-Included-RY40190-Y/304593558?MERCH=REC-_-PIPHorizontal2_rr-_-305966411-_-304593558-_-N
  10. Blue Loctite. medium strength. Easy to find. purple would be better on screw but I don't think you will find it locally will probably have to order VIA the net.
  11. I could not pass up pointing that out, it is funny as Hell, I don't care who you are.
  12. This is going to be interesting thread, Buyer with one post and a seller with 2 posts.
  13. We neve heard back from the machine, Must have broke down.
  14. No F16's only A-10's on occasion helicopters. This is my back yard if I am not overwhelmed with work ill be their. I will make it to campground, bringing crock pot chicken pot pie.
  15. There is a definite delay, when I accelerate it puts you in the seat if it was not already running, you sometimes do not notice it shut down dam vehicle is quiet and smooth.
  16. I took out coverage for tires and rims also was like 200 bucks.. I get one free oil change. I did get 2750. on a rebate. also took out ding and dent coverage on that service contract. Covered bump to bumper 6 years 72k, o deductible.
  17. Purchased a traverse in jan, if you bump the brake twice when you stop at light it will not shut down. just before you stop let up on brake and step on it to stop and it will stay running. The Tahoe and suburban have shut off feature. but the Tahoe is step down from the traverse in cabin space. Did you purchase the extended warranty on electrical, the computer processing ? This vehicle scares the shit out of me it controls the friggin vehicle right down to pushing the button to start it. It starts it for you.
  18. I would personally buy the Kimber, https://www.kimberamerica.com/stainless-target-ii 2nd Springfield RO Target would be my 2nd choice. https://www.springfield-armory.com/products/1911-range-officer-elite-target-45acp/
  19. I have run federal bulk 36gr and golden bullets no issue, also ran federal high shock and Winchester 40gr no issue.
  20. Must have applied for a Nonbinary rifle permit. Folks we have a liberated .308 on our hands.
  21. We had a guy years ago in town we called bull shit Joe, he told stories all the time that were not true. Sounds like you may have run into him.
  22. Ruger 22/45 lite is awesome, the gen 4 even better.
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