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  1. Buy a complete AR, take it apart, then put it back together for your video.
  2. Apples vs Oranges, but both are reliable.
  3. Easy to sell/send to a dealer.
  4. What's your life worth? That's the answer to your questions.
  5. I'll just leave this here. Not sure how much weight it holds.
  6. Put the longest extension on that you want, then epoxy a wooden dowel in the end to limit the capacity to (6) 2.75" shells (not quite 7), then (6) 3" shells should fit.
  7. "Hello Wheel. Meet the previous Wheel".
  8. PK90

    NICs Question

    Some people say it is easier for ATF to copy one page than two. I'll change mine, if you change yours.
  9. PK90

    NICs Question

    Technically and officially you're not supposed to add any after the check, but we know how that goes. Since 11/1/2020, the new 4473 forms have you put the gun info on the form prior to running the check. So adding info after the check is a no no.
  10. PK90

    What are NICS

    Federal NICS checks are instantly approved as soon as the dealer hits the submit button, only if the name submitted is not flagged. If not instant, the check goes into a RESEARCHING status where the identifiers are compared to the data bases searched. The time for this has recently been taking about 30 minutes. Then result could be APPROVED, DENIED, or DELAYED. The DELAYED has been taking 1 to 2 days before getting an approval. After 3 business days (Brady Law), the DELAYED goes into an OPEN status, where the dealer can transfer the firearm at his discretion. After 30 days, the status goes away. Denials are self explanatory. Of course, in NJ the clock does not start until an NTN is issued to the dealer for a NICS check.
  11. Should be. My sales doubled this week.
  12. PK90

    Walther PDP

    I've transferred a full size, and have a compact in-stock. I like the semi-aggressive grip, but hate the APX type slide serrations. The trigger is not as nice as a PPQ. A little longer take-up, but short reset.
  13. I hope not. You'd be right back where you started.
  14. That ammo is worth more than the rifle right now.
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