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  1. Hey Checker, I don't necessarily think "high round count" is any indication of good training because you may or may not be installing bad habits depending upon the course work or drill. However, reps are important for any physical skill set. I would submit that training is where you get the educational component and knowledge and practice is where YOU rep it out and make it your own. Just my take Thanks, Chris
  2. Hi Guys, Couple things: Since the last ammo crunch a couple years ago I have allowed dedicated and conversion .22 carbines and pistols into classes. Some people don't agree with this but some training is better than no training. And, If you look at the recent website updates I have reduced round counts in all classes from 500/day to 300/day in an effort to help all of us conserve what reserve ammo we have. This class is almost full with 1-2 seats still available.,Look forward to shooting with some of you soon. Thanks, Chris
  3. I am reviewing one now and really like it. In the literature that came with my holster they mention that there may be some squeaking and to use saddle soap or baby powder but do not mention anything about oil for break in like on a regular leather holster. I agree with HODGIE and doubt you will need to break it in with any oil.
  4. ChrisFry

    Pocket Holsters

    Tuff Products Pock-a-roo is real affordable and a decent holster http://www.tuffproducts.com/home.php?cat=268 Raven concealment also makes some really nice kydex ones http://www.themalabarfront.com/index.php?cPath=82_97_117
  5. 1) You get what you pay for 2) Try your best to shoot a couple guns with one of each optic first before buying 3) Aimpoint tends to have better battery life as Caine mentions and the mounts are generally better made for proper co-witnessing with your irons in the lower 1/3 of the optic I shot with an Aimpoint Mirco T-1 this last weekend and loved it, that will be my next purchase as soon as I can sell some other gear. Good luck
  6. Hey, thanks guys! Time is catching up with me!
  7. Hope you had a good one! And, my best to you and the wife for the upcoming holiday season. Chris
  8. The second class MDTS did in NJ in 2006 was a Combative Pistol Skills course and the 2 consecutive weekend classes we did at Buckeye earlier this year were combined Carbine and Pistol Skills. I have not done a dedicated pistol course recently because there seems to be more interest whenever the Carbine is involved. Maybe this coming spring we can do a Combative Pistols Skills course if you guys have not drank the koolaide and joined up at FS!
  9. Both imageshack and photobucket have worked for me also... not that I have any pictures of boobies..... :shock:
  10. The Handbooks best quality is its convenient size and can be easily carried to the range in a pocket or in your range bag. Other than that, some of the info is dated IMO and it is also short on details. It is still a worthwhile investment for $16.
  11. It is an excellent reference but I would not label it the bible for all things AR. It is certainly worth the $30 IMO.
  12. Thanks for posting this Lavid. Very helpful. Chris
  13. I have used wolf almost exclusively in my AR, AK and Glocks for going on 3 years now. It functions fine in all weapons. From late 2006-2008 (spring of 08) I ran a test on my off the shelf bushmaster shooting 7300 rounds of wolf .223 through that gun and never fully cleaning it. All I did was a quick and dirty cleaning of the bolt carrier and run a bore snake through. I believe that 90% of the problems people have with the AR is due to poor maintenance and either over lubrication of the bolt carrier or under lube of bolt carrier.
  14. ChrisFry

    WASR 10

    I have just under 4000 rounds through my WASR 10 and have never cleaned it
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