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  1. Where are we at with this? fmtek and Raj please pm me ASAP.
  2. Howdy, former LEH res 97-07.
  3. Yesterday right? He was dealing with cancer for some time. RIP.
  4. I think they come with factory HK sights but can be special ordered with high Novaks. Novak and Heinie make tall sights for the CT, I'm sure there are other aftermarket manufacturers. And yes, that's the idea.
  5. One of the few firearms I regret selling. I will be buying another soon.
  6. Legal and fun! It's a lever gun so the capacity isn't an issue.
  7. Heckler & Koch HK91. I bought it at Jackson sporting goods in the winter of 88-89 for about $600. Damn, it feels so long ago.
  8. Pretty festive guy here, like most things booze related. Whiskey rules the cooler months with Jameson and Jameson 18 year. We don't really bother with anything in between and while we have two bottles of Jameson Vintage, I don't feel that it's worth the price. Summer is owned by blender drinks and gin & tonic. Always been a beer nerd and am loving the IPA renaissance. Love British and Belgian style big flavor ales. Stone Ruination may just be the best beer I've ever had and their Oaked Arrogant bastard is pretty high on the list too. 400 Pound Monkey, Sierra Nevada Tumbler, Dale's in a can, I could go on forever.
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