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  1. I don’t think either of them is worth the asking price if they are not matching.
  2. I was thinking about it for awhile but then I found a nice colt with a mismatched numbered slide for $350. So I am going to pass for now. I don’t know if anything I would have gotten would have been as nice or have original finish.
  3. Unfortunately this happens all the time on there. I report a lot of ads on there as scams because they are. I would not buy anything that you don’t do a ftf sale on or buy from a legit business.
  4. A Mitchell’s K98 is probably worth less than a mismatch K98 that was dragged behind a T34.
  5. Yes they are legal and they do make a drum mag that only holds 10 rounds. I have a M1 model that I would consider selling if you are interested. The M1 can not accept a drum mag.
  6. I have a near mint WW2 Commercial rig which is probably worth $1500 with 2 correct mags and a very rare Mauser ink stamped holster. It is not as desirable as some other WW2 pistols though. Any postwar model is probably not worth more than $500-700 currently. They are not really collectible but if it has all the accessories it might be worth more in the future. The only one really worth an investment is the early low grip screw model of WW2.
  7. A nice late war holster with strap included is a $400 minimum eBay item. I never cared about the Jap stuff until recently. It can be picked up for reasonable prices for the most part.
  8. About $1k for rig with extra mismatched mag.
  9. Should be good to go just no handguns in NY
  10. I was able to pick this up for what I would consider to be a very good price. The holster is a correct late war type with shoulder strap intact. The pistol is a matching May 1945 dated Japanese Type 14 with 1 matching mag. It unfortunately has the idiot mark on the left grip. Finding a 1945 dated pistol is not easy due to very low production numbers averaging about 1k a month.
  11. As long as you are not buying a so called “collectible” K98 Mauser from them you are probably good. As far as what to expect? I would expect that the longer that specific surplus weapon has been available expect the quality/condition of what is available to get worse.
  12. This one looks good. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/768614685 you can also try posting on gunboards in the Wtb section I would not recommend not trying to resniper a ex sniper rifle. The mount has to be fitted properly to have an accurate rifle. That is why the scope number and receiver number are electro penciled on the mount.
  13. I have a real one with a discreet import marking.I got it a few years ago for $500 on Gunbroker. I got really lucky because I had no clue if it was legit or not. My rifle is a 1943 Tula made sniper rifle.It was rebuilt at the Izhevsk Arsenal postwar. https://flickr.com/photos/41606242@N06/sets/72157685667237072 Most of the rifles that were imported years ago were put togethers, so finding a good one can be difficult without breaking the bank.You can usually tell a real one by the barrel having a serial number and receiver markings. A Tula is usually easier to authenticate. If you were to find a real one you are probably going to pay $1200+ for one with the large import marking. A rifle like mine would run $1500-2000
  14. The matching rifles with intact mums will always be worth more especially the early ones.If you want one as a collectible I would buy a matching rifle with mum intact.
  15. It is most likely a Walther PP or PPK if it was a WW2 bring back. They were available in .32acp and .380.