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  1. I have a mismatch WW2 P38 that was blank adapted but can still shoot live ammo also. It is much cheaper than a matching example.
  2. Legacy collectibles in PA usually has a lot of them in various price ranges. The prices on these have really been going up in the past few years. A decent magazine mismatch is well over $2k now I have a very nice 1936 with 2 correct type but mismatched magazines I would consider letting go for $3k
  3. Looking for .30 Mauser ammo for a Broomhandle Mauser pistol if anyone has some available for sale. Thanks
  4. Still looking for matching non import German WW2 era weapons
  5. Mainly interested in guns. If it is boxed ammo I might be interested in that. Thanks
  6. I am looking for mainly WW2 era German pistols and rifles but will consider weapons from Japan and Russia . I am looking for original matching condition and non import marked weapons only. Weapons with capture paperwork are a plus. Thanks
  7. Looks like Bulgarian surplus ammo. It is safe to shoot but corrosive.
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