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  1. kenw

    NJ Flags will be at Half Staff

    There is a bright side to this. When Obama shuffles off this mortal coil, we won't be so terribly impressed when they lower the flag to half mast for him. After all, if they can lower it for Whitney, they'll lower it for anyone.
  2. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  3. kenw

    NJ Flags will be at Half Staff

    No. Exactly the same.
  4. kenw

    NJ Flags will be at Half Staff

    Well I guess that's reason enough. Pretty much like everyone getting a trophy.
  5. kenw

    NJ Flags will be at Half Staff

    Really???? Why? It isn't the Newark flag, or even the New Jersey flag, it's the symbol of the entire country, and every time it's lowered to honor a national loss, the entire country grieves. But not this time, and it will always mean less from now on.
  6. kenw

    NJ Flags will be at Half Staff

    I wish I could say that, but it's impossible.
  7. kenw

    NJ Flags will be at Half Staff

    This disturbs me greatly. It marginalizes the solemnity of those occasions when it's appropriate to honor a loss by flying the flag at half staff.
  8. kenw

    Private Land

    If you transport your firearms to a non exempted destination, it's illegal transportation. If your buddy hands you his handgun on his property, it's an illegal transfer. YMMV
  9. kenw

    New from Ringwood

  10. kenw

    New from Bedminster

    Welcome to the monkey house.
  11. kenw

    sparta trap questions

    No website, They're open all day Sunday and on Tuesday afternoons (unless that changed). I don't know the phone number, but they're probably listed as Sparta Trap and Skeet Club. It's a membership club, but they allow walk ons. There's trap, wobble trap and skeet. Some of the fields overlap, so they don't run all 3 at the same time. Last year it was 5 bucks a round. The place is off Station Road in Sparta, right alongside Rt. 15 and the train tracks there, and just behind the new PAL building.
  12. kenw

    best first shotgun for a lefty?

    Browning BPS... bottom eject and tang safety. Complety and totally ambidextrous.
  13. If the mods can lock this thread now, maybe we can avoid another us/them bloodbath.
  14. kenw

    what pistols come in pink

    Sorry for confusing you with Ray.
  15. kenw

    what pistols come in pink

    Didn't Ray have a P22 in digi pink camo?

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