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  1. hello from shark river hills join central jersey if you want a good and close range. PM me for details if interested
  2. I've wrote so many letters, and so many emails over the last two months. Honestly, I'm lost. Where are we at, and who should I be writing/emailing about what.
  3. Is an SKS with a detachable mag legal? (10 rnd mag) It has no pistol grip No muzzle device at all No collapsing stock The only thing it does have is a bayo lug. No other evil features. Should be legal, right?
  4. 80,000,000 gunowners in america. Come arrest us all. Pack a lunch.
  5. He's good people. No problems, smooth transaction. Cool guy.
  6. Was my pluck to the ear proposal too strict?
  7. My lord. I never thought, on a firearms forum, I'd be in a minority when I'd say: NOT A F***ING INCH. If you need a compromise, here is my proposal: Give us NFA items, open bolt autos, etc.. Get rid of all this AWB bull. Cram the Pistol purchase permit up the nearest liberal's orifice. In return, there can be a fully enforceable 50 state ban on all magazines holding greater than 20,003 rounds. Gun control should be all about breathing. It should be enforced by a pluck to the ear every time you flinch.
  8. So when I do need a gun now, I put on clothes, boots... what the hell, brew a pot of coffee, walk to the garage, open the safe, than defend myself. A good idea to keep my stuff organized.. yes Mandatory.... NO Would I be breaking a law if my .45 stayed in my headboard instead of in the safe?
  9. I just took the course with Cameron today. All I can say is, Take it. After the normal gun safety stuff (which can be somewhat boring, I've done it for my range, for hunter safety, for appleseed, etc..) the course is real good. Bunch of good guys. Real informative. Informal, a bunch of guys. But between the wisecracks, you do learn stuff. I commend you Cameron, and your crew. Thanks
  10. You have to goto the new member meeting, see calendar. (The last Wed of the month I believe) You only pay the $400 initiation fee once. It can be in payments. $200 up front, $50 per quarter until paid. This is independent of your dues, which are $250/year, prorated. It is, without a doubt, the best club in NJ. I've never waited to shoot. Ever. Sometimes on the weekends, an event will take a block of the club, but there is still plenty of room.
  11. I'd start with a single stage press (like the RCBS you have posted). Reloading isn't for everyone. If you don't like it, you're only out a couple hundred. And you can probably sell off and make most your money back. As your addiction, sickness, reloading hobby advances, you can move on to a progressive. Even with a progressive, you will find uses for your single stage, it won't go to waste. Lee, RCBS, hornaday all make a good entry level kit. (Lee is probably the cheapest) As for used, it can be the way to go. You can buy a press, with a set of dies or two for little $. As far as being "used", it's pretty darn hard to wear out a press. With very little exception, a used press is going to be as good as a new press.
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